Thursday, January 16, 2014

This Is Pathetic: Canadian Jewish Controlled Prime Minister To Become First Canadian Leader To Address Criminal Israeli Parliament!

As a Canadian, I am more and more disgusted with everything I see happening in this country that at one time truly was probably the most free nation on the planet.   It sickens me to see that this great nation has become subverted by criminal Jewish interests and is now nothing more than another slave to the criminal state of Israel!

I want to present the following article, that comes from the Winnipeg Free Press online news service, at, that absolutely disgusts me... According to this article, the criminal Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, will shortly go in front of the criminal state of Israel's Knesset and pledge his undying love to his Jewish masters!    I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

The Canadian Press - ONLINE EDITION

Harper to become first Canadian leader to address Israeli parliament

Israel President Shimon Peres talks with Canadian Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper before a meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Monday May 7, 2012. Harper will make history in Israel next week when he becomes the first Canadian leader to address the Israeli legislature. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld
Israel President Shimon Peres talks with Canadian Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper before a meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Monday May 7, 2012. Harper will make history in Israel next week when he becomes the first Canadian leader to address the Israeli legislature. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld 

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper will make history in Israel next week when he becomes the first Canadian leader to address the Israeli legislature as he kicks off his inaugural visit to the Middle Eastern nation.

The Knesset speaker, Yuli Edelstein, has said he's happy and proud to welcome Harper to the Knesset, calling him a "brave and true friend of Israel."

"Canada's governmental and public support for Israel has been unwavering and encouraging throughout our history," Edelstein said recently as he announced Harper's upcoming speech to parliament.

"I have no doubt that this important visit is a celebration of fraternity for the two countries and I believe that it will further strengthen the ties between them."

No Canadian prime minister has ever before addressed the Knesset. During a visit to Canada in June 1989, Israeli president Chaim Herzog addressed a joint session of the House of Commons and the Senate, the last Israeli chief of state to do so.

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney assured Herzog of "the unswerving support of Canada for the state of Israel, its security and integrity."

Harper will undoubtedly do much the same in the days to come — during both his visit to Israel's parliament, and throughout his four-day foray to the country before he travels to Jordan and the West Bank.

Details emerging about Harper's trip suggest, not surprisingly, that it will be a mutual love-in between the prime minister and the Israelis. The Conservative government has been a staunch defender of Israel since Harper came to power eight years ago.

Last month, Harper called Israel "the light of freedom and democracy in what is otherwise a region of darkness" as he pledged Canada's eternal friendship.

"We understand that the future of our country and of our shared civilization depends on the survival and thriving of that free and democratic homeland of the Jewish people in the Middle East," he said at a dinner in Toronto hosted by the Jewish National Fund.

The speech to Israeli parliament will shine an international spotlight on Canada's passionate defence of Israel, says one expert on domestic Jewish studies.

"Most people elsewhere in the world don't pay any attention to what Canada does or says, on Israel or anything else," said Henry Srebrnik, a professor of political science at the University of Prince Edward Island.

"This will get international attention, and a lot of people will politically wake up all over the place, from Morocco to Pakistan. We know that he's been by far the most pro-Israel Canadian prime minister ever, but the rest of the world doesn't. It will put it on the map, and he's going to own it from now on.''

Srebrnik wondered, too, about how Harper will be received in the days following his address to the Knesset, when he travels to Jordan and the West Bank.

"I don't know how people like King Abdullah of Jordan or (Palestinian statesman) Mahmoud Abbas will take it," he said.

In recent shows of Israeli support, Ottawa severed diplomatic ties with Iran last year. The Conservatives remain skeptical of Iran's agreement to temporarily freeze its nuclear program, and are leaving their economic sanctions in place until there's proof that the Iranians are keeping their word.

"We think past actions best predict future actions," Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said late last year. "And Iran has defied the United Nations Security Council, it has defied the International Atomic Energy Agency. Simply put Iran has not earned the right to have the benefit of the doubt."

Harper's jam-packed schedule next week will include receiving an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University on Wednesday, according to the institution's website. Harper and his wife, Laureen, will also travel to the picturesque Hula Valley to visit a bird sanctuary recently renamed in his honour.

The prime minister is travelling with a delegation of 200 people, including prominent Jewish Canadians, journalists and cabinet ministers Baird and Jason Kenney. Kenney announced his trip to the "Holy Land" in an email earlier this week.

NTS Notes: Honestly, after reading this drivel, I really wanted to puke!

I am shocked by this criminal calling Israel "the light of freedom and democracy in what is otherwise a region of darkness" as he pledged Canada's eternal friendship.   Is this man actually for real? Does he not understand that the criminal and terrorist state of Israel is absolutely not a democracy at all, and that it has been behind all the death and destruction in that region for almost 3/4's of a century?  

This is the reward this criminal gets for selling out Canada to the criminal whims of the terrorist and criminal state of Israel....  It also shows again how the government here in Canada does not answer at all to the wishes of the people who actually were gullible enough to vote them into office, but instead pledges its undying loyalty to its Jewish masters!

As I have long said.. If this criminal, Stephen Harper, loves Israel so much, then he should immediately give up his Canadian citizenship, surrender his passport, and board the first flight to Tel Aviv to go and live in that most unholy and evil state.... Canadians need leaders that support Canada only, and not a criminal foreign entity!

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Anonymous said...

NTS, I share your contempt. If Harper wants to run for the Knesset he should renounce his citizenship and make aliya to his precious 'israel' (spit!).

Not content with kissing Bibi's ass, he's now being Shylocked into even more ane more.....because the international J*w whines so insistently....remember the holoco$t, as reported in the official Canadian Mossad rag, the National Post, (spit! again).

Check out Shylock here:

I say "F*CK israel, (spit!)"
Any government of Canada should put Canada First, Second and Third! And any Prime Minister that doesn't, or any Cabinet Minister who doesn't should be tried for treason, and shot at dawn.

They've leeched the US to death. Why do Canadians think that Shylock will be any more forgiving with Canada?

Anonymous said...

Check the map: Can Canada be far behind?

Anonymous said...

Oy Vey! It's happening!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My barf bucket needs emptying......

Anonymous said...

Canada is not a free Country.
The "Crown" has created this Colonial Corporation; any attempts to hide the very strings which binds Canada to the Crown are easy to recognize.
Canada is in effect a Vassal to the Crown as represented by the military branch (USA) and the financial (City of London) as well the religious (Rom).
We know that the three main Religions are amply represented through hidden networks of Masons, Jesuits and others.
It is not surprising to see how leaders like Harper pay homage and obedience to their true.
Those powers are far advanced now and do not even try to attempt hiding this fact.

Harper has like many other leaders no backbone and plays ignorant.
It would be fine to respect others in his realm with a certain distance but his behavior is shameful, Other vassal leaders like Willy Brandt, A. Merkel are acting or did in the same manner; disgusting... yes and treasonous too.
Just look at the Tarsand development from which no Canadian get the benefit of a homemade secure fuel supply at a decent cost.
Incorporating of Canada in all its smaller units are designed and completed to be handed over to the Global Elites.

The result will be destroying everything Canadians consider holy and taken for granted.

Political sleepiness Leeds into slavery and destruction.
Harper must know that but he has no guts to speak out; no backbone at all.

brian boru said...

This item might be of interest to the moderator and posters on here.

Anonymous said...

wapleasThiYou know NTS, I'm convinced Harper beats Obama. Harper is a total butt kisser. The gall of ANYONE claiming the future of Canada depends on a healthy thriving Israel goes overboard, EVEN IF IT IS simple and common political rhetoric.

A delegation of 200?! I'm not familiar with your tax structure up there, but are Canadian taxpayers footing the bill for this? Or are most of these slug traitors paying their own way? If it's all tax money, I hope you folks see a hostile rebellion.