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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Cover Up: "The Levels Of Radiation At The Crippled Fukushima Site Are Through The F***ing Roof!

It is indeed good to be back... I have had to take a bit of additional time to allow my right arm to heal properly from the Angiogram, and to get some strength back..... I really have a lot of catching up to do, and I figure I would start off by tackling the REAL situation with the Fukushima disaster, and not the absolute bullcrap that the Jewish controlled media and our criminal Jewish controlled governments continue to spew...

I came across this most interesting article today that I want to share with all of my readers right here... It comes from the "SHTFplan.com" website, at www.shtfplan.com, and is entitled: "Cover Up: "The Levels Of Radiation In The Place Are Through The F**king Roof!", and is definitely a must read by everyone... The facts presented are indeed disturbing, and I have the article right here for everyone to view for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Cover Up: “The Levels of Radiation In the Place Are Through the F*cking Roof”

Mac Slavo
January 7th, 2014
It’d be humorous if it weren’t such a tragedy.

In the spirit of saving money Japan’s power company Tepco has resorted to the ultimate jerry-rigging technique for stopping leaks in the pipes holding radioactive water at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
A Japanese worker who spent six months at the Fukushima nuclear power plant says that he isn’t surprised about the latest radioactive leaks from the plant because of its shoddy construction and repair work, including the use of duct tape to “fix” key equipment.
Yoshitatsu Uechi, 48, told the Asahi Shimbun newspaper that he and his fellow workers were under such intense pressure to perform repairs as quickly as possible on the devastated plant that adhesive tape was used to “repair” critical equipment and that they even neglected to apply rust inhibitor on the radioactive water tanks.
“I couldn’t believe that such slipshod work was being done,” he said. “Even if it was part of stopgap measures.”
Back in Oct. 2012, Uechi and another worker climbed to the top of a storage tank holding radioactive water in order to bolt a steel lid over its opening.
When they reached the top, he noticed that the opening, one foot in diameter, was only covered with white adhesive tape and that the water level was less than two feet from below the opening.
He was given only four bolts to fasten the lid even though there were eight bolt holes in total.
Source: Infowars
While hundreds of Japanese citizens have died from radiation poisoning thus far and thousands more are likely suffering from radiation induced life threatening conditions, Tepco’s primary concern is the bottom line.

When this disaster first happened we noted, to the vehement disagreement and calls of sensationalism from experts in the field, that Fukushima would be worse than Chernobyl.

We noted how radioactive plumes would make their way to the United States and increase radiation levels nationwide, as well as the adverse maritime effects to wildlife.

The media, of course, dismissed such notions as an overreaction and the U.S. government remained completely quiet, other than to suggest Americans stock up on Potassium Iodide (KI) as a protective measure to limit radioactive absorption in the human body. This sent the price of KI skyrocketing to over $200 per pack, an overnight rise of nearly 2000%.

Then the story just… disappeared.

If you were following mainstream news reports you’d think they fixed the problem. But the reality is that it has gotten much worse and three years on we are now seeing the effects manifest all over the country.

Sea life along the west coast is dying en masse. Radiation levels have risen and been detected in snow and rain across the midwestern United States and the Northeast. In San Francisco, Geiger counters go nuts as you move from the beach towards the water.

Watch Geiger Counter readings “go into alarm” as researcher approaches the beach. Health officials say they are “befuddled” as to the cause:

We’re even seeing higher radiations levels in Tuna fish and other seafood that’s being served up at local restaurants. And just recently 71 sailors who were sent to respond to the disaster in its early days have been diagnosed with cancer and radiation poisoning.

Here’s the scary version: They have no idea how to fix the problem, so the radiation leaks and water dumps will continue unabated. This could literally go on for decades.

Tepco is trying to save as much money as possible with no regard for human life. The Japanese government is pretending like everything is just fine and dandy. And the international community, including the U.S. government, has taken no steps whatsoever to involve themselves in the repair efforts.

It’s as if they don’t really care that millions of people are being exposed to significantly higher than normal radiation doses across our entire planet.

Meanwhile, as CEO Shane Smith of documentary firm and magazine VICE noted in a recent interview, “The levels of radiation in the place are through the f*cking roof.”
If you look at Fukushima, it’s an perfect example of the issue with nuclear power.

The levels of radiation have not f*cking gone down. We have a team there shooting right now. The levels of radiation in the place are through the f*cking roof.

There’re a lot of stories now coming out that the Japanese government kept it under wraps, didn’t want to tell anybody. The food around the whole region was irradiated. People in Tokyo were showing increased signs, etc. etc. It’s going to be bad for quite some time. What do you expect?
Global Research Via Steve Quayle
In the interview Chef and restaurant owner Eddie Huang responded to a question about the clean up and why there’s been no progress.

His answer pretty much sums it up.

“I’m guessing they can’t [clean it up] — that’s why they don’t talk about it.”

NTS Notes:  WHY am I not surprised by these findings?   I have stated for almost 3 years now since the original March 2011 disaster that everything our governments and the officials at TEPCO have been stating have been nothing but complete and utter lies!

The facts are simple... The vast majority of radioactive water that TEPCO has claimed to have "stored" in makeshift facilities near the crippled facility is actually not contained there at all...I suspect that this "storage" was done for show, and to hide the reality that TEPCO has been lying from almost day one and has actually been dumping the vast majority of this Cesium 137, Iodine 131, Strontium 90, and even Plutonium 240 laced water DIRECTLY into the Pacific Ocean.   The results have finally shown themselves by elevated radiation levels in Pacific Ocean water detected right across the ocean as far as North America, and the catastrophic effect of watching Pacific Ocean marine life die turning that vast ocean into a "dead ocean" as many who have now crossed its expanse have noted....

The recent video enclosed in this article, and that I put up in a previous article, showing the elevated radiation levels measured along a northern California beach should be going absolutely viral... It shows the definitive proof that Fukushima radiation is now bathing the North American Pacific coast.... The effect of this radiation will be seen very soon with rising deaths from Cancer and radiation poisoning by those who live along that coast....

The other fact is that the Fukushima nuclear disaster is far from being under control, and there are signs now that it may indeed become much much worse as the "corium" melted cores may have finally breached the final containment in the bottom of the reactor vessels and may indeed be boring into the Earth itself.  Once these super hot cores hit ground water, the resultant blast WILL mean the end of Japan itself and have dire consequences for much of the northern hemisphere of this planet....We may be seeing the buildup to this "China Syndrome" disaster beginning right now with recent reports of mysterious "steam" rising from the crippled #3 reactor.....

I am truly shocked that there is little outcry from the public demanding that our negligent governments quit their lust for their masters in Israel and instead turn their full attention to actually saving this planet from this nuclear ticking time bomb....

The truth about Fukushima is best laid out in the last line of this important article... "I'm guessing they can't (clean it up)....That's why they don't talk about it."   To me, the silence is now defeaning, and people had better wake the hell up and finally put a stop to the silence!

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Glad you are back after your scare may you continue to have good health.

The truth is the Nuclear Industry is to big to fail ,,, just like the banks. The Nuclear industry is deciding on silence is the best option hoping the problem will go away, (which it wont, only bet bigger) because they want to build new Nuclear Power Plants locking us into more of the poison that lasts 1/4 a millennium as a toxic reminder of how lucky we are to have this clean power (sic).

Say No to Nuclear Power Now and forever more, stop the rot from the bottom (us) up to the top (the nuclear industry)