Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Global Warming Fraud: THIS Is Pathetic - Greenpeace Shows How It Is In Bed With Global Warming Scam Artists By Releasign This Video

I have long been posting up articles at this blog showing definitive proof that all this fear of "Global Warming" is a massive fraud and hoax... All that anyone with any common sense has to do is just step outside these days... It is getting much much colder and absolutely not warmer, and this trend has been going on for the last decade at least.... Even the hucksters behind the fraud cannot explain this planetary cooling trend, and just prefer to ignore it, or hope that people are too ignorant to notice!

I came across a video today that absolutely made me sick... It comes from the Greenpeace group, that most definitely has been in bed with the Global Warming fraud artists from the very beginning of their scam, and is entitled: "An Urgent Message From Santa".   I leave it up to everyone to view that video right here, and see for themselves how the pathetic attempts to push the Global Warming fraud has now reached a new low.... I have that video here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I honestly was aghast when I watched this pathetic video....

Considering how impressionable children are from an early age, and that the majority still have a belief in Santa Claus at an early age, this attempt by Greenpeace to push the Global Warming fraud on THEM by using this false image of Santa Claus being forced to cancel (!) Christmas is beyond disgusting, and actually shows that the Global Warming fraud artists are absolutely now reaching a new low...

I for one want everyone to see this one for themselves.  This proves that we are finally winning this war against the Global Warming scam artists, and they are forced to stoop to the most pathetic disgusting lows to try to convince people that their sick ploy is real.... Again, this video is a new low even for them!

Let us again put these Global Warming fraud artists out of their misery once and for all time.... This planet is absolutely not heating up as these hucksters continue to preach, but is entering a long period of Global cooling... But fear not, for this cooling trend is a natural cycle between periods of warming and cooling on this planet that has been going on for millions of years!

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Penny said...


the greenpeace video makes clear just how far the sycophants will take this psyop for their banker masters
truly sick propaganda
and any parent who exposes their child to that trash should get their head examined

btw Santa can hightail in to Antarctica
where it is colder then ever
bunch of crap