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Pearl Harbor Day Of Infamy - December 7th, 1941 - Remembrance, And The Real Circumstances Behind That Fateful Day

It is hard to believe that it is now 72 years since that fateful day in 1941 when the Japanese strike force, known as "Kido Butai" comprising 6 fleet carriers (Akagi, Kaga, Shokaku, Zuikaku, Soryu, Hiryu) approached the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, and launched two strikes of some 351 aircraft against the US naval facility at Pearl Harbor and airfields on Oahu itself…. It has always been claimed that this was a "surprise attack" but true history and the findings of modern researchers shows definitely otherwise…

There is so much that still is not known to the general public at large about this attack and exactly WHY the Japanese decided to launch themselves into a desperate war against the United States…. A war against an enemy that had by the time of the Pearl Harbor attack at least 5 times the economic and industrial might of tiny Japan… This is why it falls upon many in the alternative media to expose the real truths about Pearl Harbor, and to make it known that this attack was not a surprise at all… The criminal President of the United States of America at that time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wanted WAR against  Germany, but knew that he could not provoke the Germans directly or declare war against Germany without any such provocation… But sneakily, this murderous SOB was able to put all the pieces into place that forced the Japanese to launch their attack on Pearl Harbor…. Because of the "Tripartate Agreement" with both Germany and Italy, the Japanese attack would force Germany's hand, and 4 days after the Pearl Harbor attack, Germany did indeed declare war on the United States…. Roosevelt therefore had America involved in the bloody conflict in Europe through the "backdoor" of Japan!

Right now, I want to present a pretty good video that was first released back in 1989… It is a documentary by the BBC entitled: "Sacrifice At Pearl Harbor", and gives some amazing facts about how the United States did indeed provoke the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.. It does provide some interesting facts about how the American commanders at Pearl Harbor did not know the whereabouts of the Japanese fleet…And that American intelligence (conveniently) failed to alert Pearl Harbor as to the exact position of the Kido Butai strike force as it moved steadily across the north Pacific to its launch point north of Oahu on December 7th, 1941……I have that video right here:

Just last summer, I finally made it to Oahu on vacation, and I spent almost an entire day touring the facilities at Pearl Harbor, including making the trip to the Arizona Memorial to pay my respects to those men that were sacrificed by the US Government…. It was quite moving, and something that I will always remember…

I did spend some time that afternoon at many of the tables that had some of the survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack present… And I discussed the attack with several of these fine gentlemen…. One subject that I did bring forward that I found NOBODY was talking about, was of course the infamous "McCollum Report" that has always been the so called "smoking gun" of the Pearl Harbor attack…A few years ago, I did a report on the Arthur McCollum Report that I have the link to right here.  I was truly shocked that afternoon in July this year that few of these veterans had even heard of the "McCollum Report", and I proceeded at several tables to fill them in on its context… Many looked in disbelief and several actually got very angry at my assertion that Pearl Harbor was a set up by their own government….. It does seem that we all still have our work cut out for us in getting the real truth out!

The facts are readers that the US Government after receiving the McCollum Report, decided to follow the 8 points laid out in that report to the letter…. They purposely froze all of Japan's assets and cut off the Japanese from their much needed raw material and petroleum supplies… The Japanese were left with no alternative than to attack or face critical shortages that would have brought their entire nation to its knees….Then the US moved ALL of their more modern ships including all 3 of the Pacific Fleet's modern aircraft carriers (Lexington, Saratoga, and Enterprise) out to sea once their intelligence definitely showed the Japanese Kido Butai strike force on the move towards Hawaii…. They left their useless and outdated scrap heap World War I vintage battleships in Pearl Harbor as the "bait" for the Japanese attack….It was the perfect trap for the Japanese, and they fell for it exactly as the Americans had planned!

I have known for many years now in my own research on Pearl Harbor that the ultra-criminal Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was behind the entire scheme, and is responsible for the 2400 brave men and women that died that fateful day….. It is hard for America, and much of the world, to still fathom how diabolical people can be in their lust for war!…. To show further evidence of how the criminal mastermind, FDR, was fully responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor, I want to present the following very important video entitled: "FDR Provoked The Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor" right here for everyone to view for themselves… My closing thoughts and comments are to follow:

NTS Notes:  I too grew up under the illusion that the Japanese launched the attack on Pearl Harbor as "criminal murderers that lusted for war and conquest"… But after years of careful research and discovering the truth, we can see clear evidence that this attack was entirely formulated and conceived by criminals within the US Government who wanted war primarily against Germany….

These criminals in the US Government made sure that Pearl Harbor was left blind and that fine men such as Admiral Husband Kimmel, commander of the US Pacific Fleet on December 7th, 1941, would take the fall for their evil plans….. It is only now that people can see the real truths that Pearl Harbor was indeed a setup and that FDR was a mass murdering maniac who would sacrifice fine men and women for his lust for war!

True history must be told, and I for one am sickened by the constant lies perpetrated in our so called "history books"about this attack…. I look at this as a day of remembrance for those fine soldiers, sailors, and airmen that had their lives tragically sacrificed at Pearl Harbor for greedy selfish maniacs…..

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Gerald said...

War is a fascinating subject. Despite the dubious morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims. It remains that conflict has been used to do just that throughout recorded history.

Your article is very well done, a good read.