Sunday, December 22, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Sunday, and honestly I did want to skip doing this rant for one week while I am trying to get some rest and relaxation, but what I found this last week has made me decide to absolutely not miss this one at all...

First I do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.... And yes, it is still CHRISTMAS.. Not that garbage of "Happy Holidays" that the Jewish scumbags want to permanently put in its place...I have spent enough time over the last few weeks going shopping, and everywhere I go I have been wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas"... It is so amazing the dirty looks I have received from time to time from people for that statement... I have also had many say in return "Happy Holidays", to which I have corrected them and stated that it is still Christmas, and that they should not ever forget that fact....

Second... Again I have been perturbed by the media still portraying this bout of extreme cold weather across both Canada and the United States as being due to the fraud of "Global Warming" or even their newest catch-phrase: "Climate Change".... I am sick and tired of people not being able to wake the hell up to the fact that is a complete scam and a fraud on our society.   I have spent many instances of stating clearly to people that Global Warming is a complete lie and that this planet is entering a bout of Global Cooling due to fluctuating solar radiation output from our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol.....Again, just like with saying "Merry Christmas" to them, you get almost just as many dirty looks when you try to tell people that Global Warming is a lie!  It is amazing how badly people have been brainwashed by the propaganda over the Electric Jew....

OK, NOW onto the subject that has really irked me this past week... The continuing attacks by some individuals against those who are calling the Sandy Hook "shootings" for what they really are... A massive fraud and hoax!  I have indeed listened to the audio between two individuals who I will call "Mr. G" and Mr. P" that the good people over at the Grizzom website ( posted up, and I was absolutely not impressed... These two individuals are still to this day doing their best to try to discredit anyone that has investigated Sandy Hook and is not afraid to call it a fraud and a hoax. These two individuals come across in this audio show as bellicose, arrogant, egotistical, and absolutely ludicrous in their attacks on Sandy Hook researchers... It is amazing that very little is stated in the audio pertaining to the strong evidence that shows Sandy Hook to be a massive fraud, and instead they do their worse at vain attempts at "shooting the messengers"...

After listening to the entire audio interview between Mr G. and Mr P.(with great difficulty) I absolutely was shocked that these two do not touch on ANY of the incriminating evidence that shows Sandy Hook to be a scam such as:

(1)  The famous (or rather infamous) video that shows actor "Robbie Parker" getting into his "role" of coming across as a grieving father who had lost his daughter, Emilie, in the "shooting"... The video shows him laughing and joking with the camera crews and reporters (again...THIS is a grieving father???), and then working up to changing his persona and trying his best to make himself look like a tearful and distraught parent.... OK, Mr. G and Mr P... Lets start with a good explanation for that one?

(2) Gene Rosen.... The "kindly" JEWISH (imagine my shock) man who out of the "goodness" of his heart took 6 children that supposedly escaped the "shooting" and were dropped off by a school bus driver (who cares about the Fire Station right across the street from this Rosen character's house.. Right?)... Rosen then forgot to call authorities immediately and instead took these children in and gave them some snacks and told them "stories".... EVERYTHING about this Rosen character stinks to high heaven, and it does make me wonder if.... The planners of this masquerade decided to bring in this "kindly Jewish" man to try to make a JEW look like a "hero" in this fraud and hoax... However, as the Rosen tale unfolded, more and more people had big questions about his actions, and the media instead after a bit of time tried to bury the Rosen story! Again, why the hell, Mr. G and Mr P, would a school bus driver drop 6 children off at this man's house instead of to the FIRE STATION located almost right across the street?

(3) The "shooter" known as "Adam Lanza".... A complete mystery and more and more showing as being an invention..... HOW could this short and  supposedly mentally challenged young man do the "shootings" at all?  First we are talking about a young man that supposedly stood at most 5 foot 5 inches and weighed some 130-140 lbs soaking wet... Now we have this slim not muscular little boy carrying multiple assault rifles, kevlar body armor, and multiple rounds of ammunition (some 40-50 lbs worth of ordinance) and was able to wield his weapons like an absolute professional shooter!  This "shooter" was able to break into the "Sandy Hook elementary" school (amazing feat considering most modern schools have meshed glass doors and windows that are almost impossible to break into) and then proceeded to go on a "shooting" rampage that "killed" 26 victims BUT LEFT ONLY 2 WOUNDED (!)....Mr. G and Mr. P, I really have to ask you two WHY there are not more wounded?  The best sharpshooters in the US military admit that in any fire fight there are always more wounded than killed, and we are talking about an inexperienced non-professional shooter here in the name of "Adam Lanza" that does the impossible in killing 26 with only 2 left as wounded?  Is it just me that sees the impossibility here???   Another good one for Mr G. and Mr P. to answer...

(4)  The Sandy Hook townspeople were supposedly mostly professionals and executives... And yet in the aftermath of the "shooting" we see many pictures of "grieving parents" who supposedly rushed from their jobs to be on site to look for their "children"... And yet, we see NONE of them even remotely dressed in business or professional attire!   WHY NOT?   We are talking about professional people here... Where the hell are the men and women dressed up in business suits????  Instead we see people milling around in blue jeans, sweats, sweaters,and light jackets... Not one business suit or professional attire anywhere!  Did someone forget to have the actors actually dressed properly for this fraud?   This is another good question for Mr. G. and Mr. P......

(5) The strange picture of some of the "surviving" children being led away in a single file.... This at first did not catch my attention, but thanks to some true researchers, it shows some very glaring inconsistencies.... The day of the "shooting" December 14th, 2012, was supposedly a cold day... Temperature in the morning on that day in Sandy Hook was about 28F (-2C), and YET we see in that photo the children absolutely not dressed for that temperature at all... Ok, some may say that the children "escaped" and were unable to be dressed properly (possible) BUT there is also one factor that few have thought of... At 28F, you would see the BREATHS of the children clearly in the photo as they expelled air from their lungs... BUT in the photo, and in many other "outside" photos, we do not see anyone's breaths in the cold air of that frigid December morning!!!!   This is an impossibility, unless those photos were done elsewhere and at an EARLIER date in preparation for this "shooting".... Again, Mr. G and Mr. P... Something to contemplate before you go and attack real truth seekers....

(6) Kelley in Tulsa showed in a recent audio another glaring inconsistency and shows clear evidence that this "shooting" was planned well in advance.... There are rows of porta-potties off on the side in some of the overhead photos taken the day of the shooting.... This one I also had never thought about.... It takes time to order these portable toilets from a rental company, and yet we find them already in place the day of the "shooting"???   THIS is such a glaring inconsistency and shows clearly that someone was planning well in advance for this operation and made sure that this convenience was already in place for the actors involved.... HOW in the HELL can this not prove that this Sandy Hook operation was a set up, Mr. G and Mr. P?????

(7)  The actions of the actors at the Fire Station shows definitive proof that this was an operation... I wonder how Mr. G and Mr P will go about explaining the video that shows the actors going out of one door in the Fire station, and then circling around to the back of the firehouse, and re-entering through a rear door?   This shows clearly that they were assigned to walk around in circles around and through the fire station!   For what purpose still puzzles even me, but I do wonder if it was to create the "illusion" of there being far more people at this event for the media......This video does not lie, Mr. G and Mr. P, and I surely would love to hear your explanation for this one as well!!!

(8) The Sofia Smallstorm video presentation shows all the evidence of the fraud of Sandy Hook in a fabulous 1.5 hour show, and does point to the obvious conclusion that Sandy Hook was indeed an operation in which nobody was killed, period.... However, Mr. G and Mr. P have avoided this presentation and the facts presented (I really wonder why?), which calls into question their tactics and motives......

I could put up many more inconsistencies that fly in the face of Mr. G and Mr. P' s ridiculous arguments and attacks on those who are looking for the truth about Sandy Hook....I will not go as low as these two individuals and attack them for their stance in calling this operation real.... Instead, I do ask them why they are even refusing to discuss the inconsistencies?   If they do say that 'TRUTH" is indeed on "their side", then they should be open to answering all the skeptical questions.... I was indeed shocked by their attitude and their childish belittlement of those who have questions about Sandy Hook, as shown in their latest audio show that bashes those who call Sandy Hook a fraud.   I do wonder if they are afraid that their egos would take a massive hit if they have to admit that something is indeed wrong with the "official" Sandy Hook story, and therefore have to admit fault?  To err is only human, gentlemen, and we all make mistakes!

Ok, Enough of Sandy Hook... It is one year after this fraud and we see that Americans still have not waken the hell up to these false flags that their own government continues to pull off.... Until people do wake up, the criminals involved will continue these operations with the long term goal of removing the personal freedoms and liberties of the American people.

Well, I have put in my two cents about the recent hit piece by Mr. G and Mr. P about Sandy Hook, and with that, I will close this rant with my usual last minute "tidbits" that will cover much of what else has been happening in our world for the last week.....The criminals invaded Mali last year for its gold, recently the Central African Republic for its mineral wealth, and now we see them wanting into Southern Sudan for its oil wealth.  How many more African nations will have to be destroyed before people wake the hell up?.....The South Koreans recently went out of their way to antagonize the North Koreans by insulting their leadership.  The US desperately wants war, and is now trying to get a war with China going by having their proxy, South Korea and China's proxy, North Korea go at it on the Korean peninsula?  I hope the American public stops this one before it is too late....And speaking of China, I am still waiting for the Chinese to slip up somewhere with their "Probe" on the moon.  It was bad enough they faked their "space walk" a few years back by having it conducted in a large water tank, and I am still not sold on them having landed a robotic probe on the moon as well. Lets face it, America faked project Apollo and the fraud man on the moon missions, so are the Chinese now any different?.....The so called "revolution" happening right now in Ukraine is definitely being fueled by the criminal Rothschild led European Union that wants to enslave Ukraine to their fraud monetary system.  I sure hope the Ukrainians wake up and realize this as the truth and puts down this fraud "revolution" and its antagonistic bought and paid for "revolutionaries" immediately......People have again asked me about John Friend, and I will state again that I actually have no problems with John, period.  He did accuse me of being "condescending" (me???) in a recent article comment, and I tried to explain myself to him, which he ignored.  But he is still a fine writer and I am not in the business of making enemies with anyone, unless they attack me personally.  The real bad guys want to create as many rifts in our efforts and to have us divided, but I will not stoop to that level.......Fukushima radiation playing havoc with life on the American and Canadian west coast and still much of the media ignores it.  They will not be able to ignore it much longer once the larger part of the radioactive plume traveling slowly across the Pacific finally reaches the west coast early in 2014!.....Arsenal lost a real heart-breaker last week to Manchester City, and it does not get any easier with their game tomorrow against Chelsea.  It will finally tell everyone if they are for real, or just an illusion.......Nothing much to say about what is happening up here in Canada with our own corrupt government.  Harper and his cronies continue to suck Jew dick and kiss Jew butts, so there is nothing new here.....And finally, I have nothing to say this week about the Kardashians.  One thing nice about trying to be on vacation is to avoid all of this kind of crap coming out of the Jew media and the Electric Jew.  But 2014 is fast approaching, and America's favorite skanks and trollops will definitely be back in the news in the new year!

Again, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone....

More to come



John Friend said...

Cheers NTS, no hard feelings at all man. Merry Christmas to you and yours, enjoy the break!

BTW, you're spot on regarding Mr. G and Mr. P!

Anonymous said...


You're a class act.

As for John Friend, he appears to be calling 'em as he see's 'em. The "condescending" comment seems to have been in connection with the broad brushing of all people who have come to a common realization that perhaps "Churchianity" has been corrupted by jewish interests.

Not everyone who has read the Bible thinks that it's teachings are "Universalist". In fact, many have come to the conclusion that "Universalist" thinking is essentially "Communist"...and, therefore Bolshevik in nature.

If you subscribe to "Universalism" - that is your own business. Perhaps as you become more and more overrun by Somali immigrants - you may change your tune on the issue. But that is your business.

In the US, we are experiencing the fruits of "Universalism" and "Diversity". Has "The Knockout Game" visited you up there yet?

Obviously, Mrs. P and Mrs. G. are doing their paid jobs of injecting a little "Cognitive Diversity" into the Sandy Hook debate. This is designed to avoid the much feared "Social Cascade" that will sweep the jews into the toilet bowl of history once that tipping point of awareness is reached.

That tipping point is getting near, which is why we're seeing the usual jew media whores calling for another war. They did the exact same thing just prior to WW1 and again just prior to WW2.

The fact that people do not learn is part of the human condition. Most people are literally sheeple. They are followers. Not independent thinkers. This is demonstrated by their actions and lack of actions in the face of "contradictions".

Everyone knows that contradictions do not exist in nature. Contradiction only exist in the minds of men. If a contradiction exists, it is evidence of one of two things. Either a lie or a mistake. There is no third option.

Most of the sheeple are not able to deal with contradictions that don't fit neatly within their fairy tale world view. So they simply reject the contradiction. They ignore the contradiction. They deny the contradiction. When pressed, they become angry. Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining, and finally Acceptance of the Truth. All in accordance with the Kubler-Ross Model.

Are we doomed? Probably.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Wow.. Nice to hear from you, John..

And a Merry Christmas of course to yourself and your little girl..

I am thankful for the vote of confidence....

Keep up the fine work, and hope to hear from you again soon..

Northerntruthseeker said...

And "anonymous" I have never thought of myself as a class act. I will never toot my own horn and put credit where credit is due if it comes from others..

I look at Mr G and Mr P as lost in their own world.. Two individuals who are too egotistical to admit when they make mistakes.. With that, everyone will finally see exactly what they are and they will lose all of their credibility.

Anonymous said...

Hell, just the fact that they plan to demolish the entire school at Sandy Hook so that there's no trace of anything left is all you need to figure out it was a hoax.

Notice how this is the MO for all of these types of events? OKC, Waco, Pentagon, etc. Make sure that nobody outside of "government" sees any "evidence," there is never any due process, and everything is destroyed, buried and surrounded by armed guards, or sold off overseas. How obvious does it all have to get?

Anonymous said...

It is not just the parents who are incorrectly dressed. It must be casual Friday for a lot of the cops.

Jeans? Sneakers? No government issue shoes?

Here is how real police look - same shoes, pants, etc. They wear UNIFORMS, not khakis and running shoes.

There are always people toting water bottles at these events.

Inside the firehall (second pic) - let's keep everyone as hydrated as possible.

A bunch of them are wearing ID tags around their necks.

A Greenberg playing school psychologist named Mary Sherlach who is said to have been one of the first killed in the rampage –

Soto’s ‘brother” is a Greenberg.

Here he is on Leon Greenberg’s Facebook page.

More fake parents.

Kaitlin Roig is a Harmon, part of the Greenberg clan.

She is very versatile. She also played Rebecca Roche at Boston Marathon.

More Greenbergs. The right shot is at a memorial service for Sandy Hook.

“Noah Posner victim” with Greenberg kids.