Sunday, December 15, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Sunday again, and of course time for my weekly rant...

Is it just me?  Or are others just as disgusted by the continuing world wide praise for the mass murdering terrorist known as Nelson Mandela.  I for one cannot see what was so "great" about this man at all.  He was a Communist, a terrorist, and definitely a mass murderer.  He spent years in prison not for his stance against "Apartheid", but for his actions against the South African government.  He called for the violent overthrow of a government, and rightfully should have been hanged for his acts of terrorism against the South African nation. Instead he served some 27 years in jail for his actions.

Will someone please explain to me how much "better" the nation of South Africa has been in the past 22 years since the white Afrikaaner government was replaced with a black majority rule government?  South Africa today is a shadow of its former self, with its main cities such as Johannesburg crumbling into cesspools of ruination.  There is much higher unemployment now than under white rule, and the amount of poverty and  slums in the cities have rocketed....We have also seen the rise of internal gang warfare, with the primary targets of these roving gangs being white people.  It is no wonder that the majority of whites in South Africa are now faced with the choice of either leaving the nation, or risk being killed....It is also a fact that many people in South Africa yearn for the days of white rule when the nation was far more prosperous and stable than today.   Today, more than ever, South Africa faces turmoil and the nation could yet be facing a period of very violent revolution where thousands could be killed.... Basically, South Africa today is a mess and yet the nation praises one of the creators of the present terrible situation, Nelson Mandela?  

I received some great comments, and yet some very disturbing ones for my article about exactly WHO is destroying America.     I have long said that I am not a racist, simply because that false term itself is aimed directly at labeling Caucasian people exclusively.   I do abhor the term "racism" and look at it as just another creation of the Jewish criminals that want their primary target, the Caucasian race, destroyed.   You will never hear the term "racist" ever hurled at Asian or Black people, just whites!

And about the video in that "Who is destroying America" article.... Sadly, everything that man states is absolutely true and very disturbing... It is a sad statement for America itself and shows how the blacks have no one to blame other than themselves for much of the strife they face.   It also shows how "multiculturalism" and "race mixing" are dismal disasters that were created by the Jews to again ruin their primary opposition, the Caucasians.  I stated before that the open door immigration policies in the United States that were created by the Jews in the 1960's have been an unmitigated disaster that has created the racial tensions that we see in American cities today.   I do want someone to please show me how in any way that opening the doors to a flood of illegal immigrants has ever made a country stronger?

OK, the naysayers may not like my last few statements... Well, that is just too bad... I call it as I see it, and I will not pull any punches on telling the truth.... I only need to look here in Canada on how this push by our own criminal government for more "immigration" and "multiculturalism" is rapidly turning this nation into a mess of racial tensions and strife.   These policies do NOT WORK, period!

On to other matters.... I see that the war in Syria is not going too well for the criminals in the US Government, and their masters in Tel Aviv.... The good guys, the Syrian government forces, definitely have the so called "rebels" on the run and many of the murderous rebel groups are now in total disarray.   News came out at the beginning of last week that the US Government was "cutting off" their so called "aid" (weapons) to the rebel groups because there is the fear that they were becoming too "radical" and were becoming Islamic "extremists"... BUT at the end of the week, the US Government seemed to take a 180 degree turn, and is now saying that they will continue to send "aid" to these groups even if they become extremists!  It seems obvious that the criminals in the US Government are so desperate to have Assad defeated, that they will indeed support radical murderous "extremists" to attain that victory.   Am I the only one that sees this as truly sickening?

One other subject that has received little fanfare over the last few weeks is the continuing plight of the 1.5 million people locked up in the open air concentration camp known as the Gaza Strip.... There has been absolutely NO reports in the Jewish controlled media about how the Israelis have cut off many supplies to the impoverished people there, including much needed fuel for electricity and other infrastructure facilities....It got so bad a few weeks back that the sewage treatment facilities failed and raw sewage was running through the streets of Gaza city.  This could easily lead to a massive outbreak of diseases such as cholera and typhoid that could kill thousands of innocent people.   That was bad enough, but just this last week,the Israelis had the audacity to open several dams just outside of the strip and allow that water to flood sections of the strip itself....I really wish that people would understand that the Israelis want every single person in Gaza dead, and they are actually contemplating acts of mass genocide to accomplish that goal.... Cutting off food and fuel supplies and purposely flooding the strip may be just the beginning of attempts to achieve that goal!

Yesterday marked the 1st anniversary of the Sandy Hook "shooting", and in spite of the attacks on myself for my statement that it was a massive operation and nobody died, I am sticking to my guns... I have not seen one shred of evidence yet that shows that 26 people "died" in that operation.  Even the recent release of the Sandy Hook emergency 9-11 tapes shows no evidence of a "mass shooting" and in fact shows clear signs that it was indeed a hoax.  Yet, the naysayers continue their attacks with no substance or shred of evidence to back their attacks.....It is disgusting to see how the vast majority of Americans continue to fall for these obvious false flag attacks, and the criminals behind them will continue their antics until people finally wake the hell up...

There is indeed a serious chance that we could see a shooting war in the Pacific between the Chinese and the American backed Japanese.... Many still state that this fight could be over sovereignty and therefore mineral rights over a small group of islands in the waters between China and Japan.  But I do wonder if there is something much more sinister afoot... The Chinese are no longer trading in US dollars and are no longer buying US debt.  With that the US faces dire economic consequences where the full impact will not be felt until early in 2014.  I do wonder if this "conflict" between Japan and China is actually fueled by the US government as an act of desperation against China for its refusal of the all mighty "US dollar", and being done to somehow "contain" China itself..... War with China to keep the US dollar ponzi scheme going?  I would not put it past the US government to contemplate such an insane measure!

Of course with the ongoing tension between China and Japan, there is still the crisis of the Fukushima disaster in the Pacific that strangely receives very little media attention... Just this last week the Chinese stopped purchasing ALL Pacific seafood imported from the United States due to fallout from Fukushima.  The Chinese are not stupid, and know that seafood caught off the American west coast is highly contaminated by Fukushima radioactive particles, and will not subject their own people to that danger... But if the Chinese know what is going on with Pacific marine life and the fact that much is contaminated, then why the hell is there not a ban on consumption of Pacific Ocean marine food here in Canada and the United States as well?  Our governments continue to preach that food from the Pacific is safe to eat, but I do not think so and everyone should avoid it entirely!

And about the Fukushima disaster itself?  I am still perplexed by the total media blackout about how serious this problem is some 2 1/2 years after the initial March 2011 meltdowns... The failed cores are still failed with no chance in the immediate future of ever being contained.  Their deadly radioactive cargo continues to spew into the atmosphere, and directly into the Pacific Ocean itself.  There are reports that the full brunt of the deadly radioactive "plume" that is slowly creeping across the Pacific Ocean will hit the Canadian/American west coast by early 2014 with dire consequences to marine life and people living along that coast.  But again, we see no reports from our governments that strangely continue to preach the "all is well" attitude. 

I see another nation is now facing the pain of having US/NATO/French forces come to its "aid"!   That nation is of course the Central African Republic, that was primarily peaceful until a few years ago when civil war broke out between Christians and Muslims....Lets get the facts straight right here.... The Central African Republic is natural resource rich, with much of that wealth still untapped.  It is obvious that this tension between Muslims and Christians in that nation was fomented purposely with the goal of having the French, Americans, and other NATO nations coming in to "save" that nation, much the same way that they "saved" Mali for its massive Gold reserves.   These criminal nations are in the Central African Republic for the mineral wealth, period, and care not about the innocent people of that nation at all.   The question becomes...How many more nations in Africa will we see "saved" over the next while?

The Jewish butt kissers in the American government are indeed doing everything possible to stonewall any agreement with Iran over its non-existent nuclear weapons program.  It does seem that the "historic" agreement that was just reached a few weeks ago is now about to die, thanks to the US Congress critters doing everything possible to not only continue with the illegal "sanctions" imposed on the Iranian nation, but to actually increase the severity of those "sanctions"... The Iranians are no fools, and see the US Government for its continuing subservience to the criminally insane nation of Israel.   They have formally "quit" all talks about their "nuclear program" just this last Friday, citing the criminal US Government's want to increase sanctions and absolutely not bargaining under good faith.   THIS is exactly what the sickos in Israel and the US Government want... They will now use their tools in the US media to harp the lie that Iran has "walked out" of the agreements, and that the only choice now is war!   I said for a long time that there would NOT be any agreements with Iran, because the criminal Jew butt kissing fools that run our nations want war to appease their Jewish masters, and they care not that our citizens will go off to fight and die for their cherished nation of Isra-Hell....

Well... I guess that is enough for now.  I will end this rant with my usual last minute tid bits.....That "revolution" in the Ukraine right now is nothing more than a Rothschild attempt to put the Ukraine under their criminal European Union empire. Hopefully the people of the Ukraine wake up and stop that from happening.....I see that the criminal Jewish media still refuses to discuss Iceland, and how the Icelandic people have booted out the criminal Jewish bankers in that nation.  But again, anything that points to Jewish criminality will never been discussed on the "electric jew", right? .....My friend, Noor, over at Snippits and Snappits ( continues to put up an article every week containing some great cartoons.  I hope that she does not quit her efforts, for these cartoons are fabuluous!.... A six year old boy in Colorado, USA, gets charged with sexual harassment for kissing a girl?  Honestly, what has happened to our society that this ridiculous act against a young child happens?.....The Chinese land a probe on the moon just yesterday.  I am still suspicious considering how they faked their space walk years back by using Astronauts in large water tanks......My friend Whitewraithe sent me something else suspicious about NASA last week.  She read that NASA claims that its probes on Mars were unable to take any pictures of the recent ISON comet as it streaked across the Martian "sky" because the sky was too bright? Ummmmmm......I see that Arsenal lost a real bad one just the other day against Manchester City, 6-3.  I do wonder how they will do next against Chelsea, and if they will be able to stay on top of the table.....And finally, my usual love fest (cough cough) for America's sweethearts, the Kardashians.  It seems that skank #2, Khloe Kardashian has finally filed for divorce from Lamar Odom, and all of America is saddened by this heartbreaking news.  People suffering from destitution all over America and this makes headline news across the US?  And people wonder why I look at America now as a failed state...

More to come


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