Sunday, November 17, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 17th, 2013

It is indeed Sunday again, and time for my weekly rant….

First, I really wonder myself why I am always apologizing for not putting up articles daily at this blog.  I absolutely have no reason for any apology as far as I am concerned… I do have a life and I do have requirements in my daily life that have shown to be increasingly hectic over the last while.  Family and personal issues have always come first for me, and it does take me away from doing this blog.   Most readers that have followed my work here for a while understand where I stand….

In recent weeks the attacks by the JIDF trolls and their outrageous comments here have actually increased in spite of my telling them clearly that their laughable comments will never be published!  I do wonder if I am dealing with a group of highly unstable and mentally retarded individuals who cannot get the hint…. They are wasting their time in sending me their ridiculous comments…. As far as I am concerned, if this type of behaviour is the actual mindset of the criminal Jewish internet defense forces, then they are definitely starting to lose this war for our minds!

I talked with my good friend, Whitewraithe, a while back and our conversation steered into the realm of trying to figure out the actual mentality of these criminal Jews who want world control.   She said that I should take one rant and just spew my guts on what I interpret as exactly what is wrong with this tribe, and I figure this would be that time….

First, I honestly never got into the belief that we are dealing with a truly evil psychotic group of human beings… I was raised with the belief that all people are actually good inside, and that outside forces have "led them astray"… But from what I see with the psychopathic Jewish tribe members bent on world domination and the enslavement of the rest of mankind, this is not the case… So how is it that a tribe member has such deep set hatred for all of mankind while believing themselves to be somehow superior?

I have talked with many that have had personal dealings with Jewish children from an early age, and what they have told me has been appalling… .These impressionable children are raised almost from birth on the teachings of both the criminal Torah, and the absolutely disgusting and deplorable Talmud. They are told from an early age that they are special, and "God's chosen people", and taught to have an intense hatred of the rest of mankind…. From their youth they are bombarded and brainwashed with a sense of "us versus them" mentality and that we, the rest of mankind, are nothing but subhuman and basically "dirty"…. We are labeled at an early age by this group as being the "Goyim" and nothing better than cattle, and to be their slaves not if, but WHEN, their tribe achieves its goal of total world domination….

I never would have believed in my wildest dreams that such an intense form of brainwashing is possible, but the evidence speaks for itself in our dealings with this "tribe"…. They are taught to lie, cheat, and steal from the "Gentiles" or the "Goyim", and their own teachings in their most evil Talmud states that to lie cheat and steal from a Gentile is perfectly legal….. The fact that this type of intense hatred is drilled into their children's heads from an early age should tell everyone and anyone that the saying that you can never ever trust a Jew is absolutely true….

I personally have read much of both the Torah and the Talmud, and what I have seen is something that is not only revolting, but leads me to think.. "Who in the hell would write such garbage and filth?"…. It is so obvious that we are dealing with a group of psychopaths that care little for others, but for their own selfish and greedy selves….. Do I honestly have to go over some of the horrible and disgusting writings in these books?  I only need to point out where the Talmud states that it is "ok to have sex with children under the age of 9" as a prime example of what kind of sick mentality we are dealing with!

OK, Some may say that "not ALL Jews are evil" and that some have been fighting the evil machinations of their tribe… But I say to them to name those few that have stood up against their own tribe's criminality?   Oh yes, there are a few, but that few could be easily counted on just a few hands…. The absolute majority of this "tribe" is therefore either directly involved in the evil actions against the rest of us, or sit quietly and silently cheer on the actions of their evil compadres…..The fact that there are so few that dare stand up to the evils of their tribe should show everyone what kind of sick mental freaks we are really dealing with!

But what about the psychotic beliefs and absolute paranoia that seems to be prevalent in this tribe?  I have long said for people to take the time and read up on the severe mental disorders associated with this "tribe"… Especially the mental disorder known as "Tay Sachs Syndrome" that is very prevalent in the Khazar and Ashkenazi wing of this tribe… Tay Sachs Syndrome would account for much of the xenophobia, paranoia, and megalomaniacal behaviour of many members of this tribe.. Especially the psychotic behaviour of much of the leadership of the criminal state of Israel itself…. This disease has been linked to severe brain damage associated with inbreeding, which is also very prevalent within this "tribe"….

I really cannot understand why more people cannot see the truth about this "tribe" and have not alerted others to the evil goals that they are so close now to attaining… Much of the lack of action against such evil I associate with the constant calls of "racism" and the fraud "antisemitism" that has been rammed into our brains for the last century at least…. It is a known fact that these evil characters invented both concepts of "racism" and "antisemitism" as weapons against us to nullify our efforts against them….Our own ignorance of the truth about these false terms has basically kept most of us silent while they go about their evil business of destroying our societies….

OK.. Having said all that, I can guarantee that there will be those out there that will read the last few paragraphs, gasp, and scream that "Northerntruthseeker guy is nothing but a "racist" and an "anti-Semite"" without actually looking into the facts…. This plays right into this tribe's evil hands and again shows how they are able to use those false terms to silence criticism….  I am only stating facts in what I have already said, and just a simple amount of research would show all critics that what I am saying is absolutely true….. If you do not like it, you can leave this blog anytime now….

Now, to answer a few questions…. Someone asked me for how I believe this tribe originated…. I have studied ancient history, and find it amazing that there is no mention of this tribe anywhere in any archeological diggings in all of Egypt… The only "historical" evidence that this tribe was ever in Egypt stems from their own teachings in their Old Testament or Torah, which I really find suspect… However, there is some archeological evidence of a tribe of invaders known as the Hyksos that came into Egypt sometime around the 15th century BC, and basically enslaved that nation via their usage of a primitive form of "usury"….. It is a fact that sometime towards the beginning of the 14th century BC, these Hyksos were overthrown in Egypt and sent fleeing for their very lives across the desert towards the region of Palestine… Much of what happened to the Hyksos was lost from that point on, but I would assume that with their settling into Palestine, some may have assimilated into the cultures of the tribes that occupied the region at that time, while others would have tried to stay somewhat pure, and continue their ways of Usury on the populace there….. It was around the 8th century BC that some of the descendants of these  Hyksos most probably sat down and decided to write out their manuscript for their tribe and created the fiction of the "Exodus" and "Passover" from Egypt, as well as creating their own "God" and claiming themselves as the "chosen people" of Earth…. This was done, like most tribes at that time, to bring some sense of unity and purpose to the surviving descendants of the original Hyksos…..From that point on, the religion of Judaism was born, and has survived to this date…. But to claim that the Torah is a true history for a people? Forget it, because all I see is a fictional book for a fictional people!

And what about all this talk to this date about the Jews being a distinctive race?   That idea of being distinct and a separate "race" of mankind is so full of holes, and does not account for the widespread differences in many who call themselves "Jews"…. Many in this tribe have tried to point to "distinct" DNA markers that show that they are different, but all I see is DNA that contains markers from many different races… I have long said that the majority of Jews are mongrels, composed of many different races, and only tied together by religion… A religion definitely does not make a race!   But so many have fallen for the lie of the Jewish race, and do not understand that this tribe needs to keep the false aspect of them being a distinct race to continue to preach the need for unity amongst their "people", as well as to give the rest of the world the sick notion that they are entitled to the land of Palestine because the ancestors of their "race" originated from there!   Simply put, anyone that sticks to the idea of a Jewish race gives these criminals the green light to continue their evil ways against the true people of Palestine, the Palestinians themselves…

So, the bottom line is.. We have a fraud people with a fraud religion, that continues with the fraud notion of being a chosen people and better than everyone else… Out to steal land that is not theirs while at the same time attempt to subject the rest of the world to their will as written in their fraud religious books…..Is it just me, or is there something seriously wrong here????

Whew.. That took up most of my Sunday rant… There is still the matter of what is going on in the world right now… I can sum much of it up right here…

I see Israel is still lying about Iran and its non existent nuclear weapons program while continuing the push to sucker their slaves in the United States and Europe into a new war.   Anyone willing to fight and die for the glory of Israel?

TEPCO is planning the removal of fuel rods from Reactor #4 at Fukushima, and they had better hurry up.  The spent fuel rod pool at reactor #4 is very badly damaged and could collapse even before the rod extraction begins.  If a collapse happens, a world wide catastrophe could ensue…

The good guys, the Syrian government forces, have won major battles around Aleppo and Damascus against the murderous mercenary rebels, and have many of them now on the run.  Is it not amazing that there are few reports in the Jewish controlled media about what is really happening in Syria?

The Global Warming scam artists are still saying that this was the "warmest" year on record.  Many still cannot answer for the fact that their "hockey stick" of temperature rises in the last few decades is indeed a fraud, but they are still pushing the lies that the planet is warming at a record pace?  Am I missing something here?

Obamacare has failed, plain and simple… But President Barry "Whats His Name" has again lied to the American people saying that they can keep their old insurance, but not telling them that he will try his Obamacare fraud one year from now!   Are the American people really this gullible?

Have not gone into any detail in any article about this "Trans Pacific Partnership" (TPP) agreement that has suddenly much of the alternative media buzzing…. Is it not amazing that most Americans are not even aware that their own criminal government has passed this agreement in almost total secrecy?   I have been reading some of the leaked details on this TPP agreement, and from what I see, this "agreement"  is not good for the majority of Americans, and again only benefits the corporations, and of course benefits the Jewish scumbag elite!   I will be covering the TPP in future posts….

Well, I could go on and on.. And on and on…. But by this point, rather than put people to sleep, I figure it is time to close with my usual last minute tidbits…. The American economy is a disaster.  Enough said……Alex Jones is still an idiot in trying to push his "Globalists" as being the cause of our troubles.  Give it a rest, Alex.  You are such a bought and paid for disinformation clown….Many ask why I follow Soccer, when Hockey is Canada's "national sport"?   Hey, I don't mind a good hockey game from time to time, but give me a good soccer match any time!……Speaking of Soccer, a bit of a disappointment last week with Arsenal losing to Man U thanks to a van Persie header.  Oh well……. I am still waiting to hear from Charles Giuliani if and when he gets back to taking guests on his Waking America show.  If he wants me on as a guest, he knows where to reach me….. A "shooting" in Pittsburgh  last week that has already been shown to be a fraud and a hoax?  Is it not amazing that the Jewish media never went hog wild with this one? Will wonders never cease…The 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination coming this week, and most people are still stuck on the idea of a "lone gunman"?  Shows again how gullible the average American can be even after 50 years of BS…….And finally, for those wanting something new on the Kardashians, there is nothing newsworthy to report.  Just the usual crap about these skanks and trollops running around trying to be media hogs.  Honestly, I do have better things to write about, but they do make for some good laughter from time to time…..

More to come



Odin's Raven said...

Regarding the Hyksos and their associations, see David Rohl's The Lords of Avaris.

Anonymous said...

Eustace Mullins is smiling
over this one!
I knew the man very well.

Anonymous said...

Why 'israel' and the powers that were at the time just couldn't stomach JFK: He negotiated peace.

Anonymous said...

Yoiu're dead on with this rant.
I like it!