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International Red Cross (IRC) Official Records Reveal That Only 271301 People Died In German Work Camps During World War II. OK, WHY Has The IRC NOT Been Charged With "Holocaust Denial"?

For decades now, I and others living here in Canada have been constantly bombarded with the "fact" that "6 Million" Jews died by the hands of the Germans during the second World War… Primarily through the action of being put to death by "gassing".  This has been rammed into our brains in this nation and many others, and now to deny this "fact" can have many in over a dozen nations in Europe, and here in Canada, charged with "Holocaust denial".  To deny this information can spell years in a prison cell and basically destroy a person forever….

I do need to ask therefore WHY the International Red Cross (IRC) has therefore never been brought up in front of any court on charges of "Holocaust Denial"?   For according to this report, that comes from the website: True Democracy Party, at, it appears that the IRC released its official report over a year ago that states that the official death toll in all of the German camps was only 271,301 and not the 6 Million that has been long stated as fact!   I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sealed and guarded since the end of WWII at Arolsen, Germany, the Official IRC records reveal the actual Concentration Camp total death toll was 271,301
For years, people around the world – “the West” in particular – have been told that “six million Jews were systematically murdered by Germans in ‘Concentration Camps’ during World War 2.”
Thousands of honest people disputing this claim have been viciously smeared as a hateful anti-Semite. Several countries around the world have jailed and heavily fined people for disputing the claim that “6 Million” Jews were killed.

NTS Notes:  I really want to see the governments of Canada and nations such as Germany that would call this report "Heresy" and "Holocaust Denial" to bring the IRC to court and charge them officially with Holocaust denial…. It would make sense that these records would become open to the court and the public…And a full investigation into these official IRC reports would be demanded and performed to find out the real truth…. So, I need to ask, where is the condemnation from these nations for this IRC report?  And why have they not brought the IRC to court on these charges?

Something is wrong here… I live in a country where denying the most holy "6 million" number means jail time, and here is the IRC doing it blatantly with their official report?   But… How can this be?   The IRC kept meticulous records, and would not lie, would they?   Am I missing something here?

I guess an investigation to prove the IRC report's validity is happening right?  No, wait… That's right…. Investigation into the Holocaust is taboo…..And why is it taboo?  Is it just me, or does something not seem right here?  Do we not deserve the truths about our history?  Again, am I missing something here?

Again, if denying the 6 million number means jail time, then why has the IRC not been charged with the horrendous crime of "Holocaust Denial"?   I really want to see those nations that have Holocaust Denial laws in place take the IRC up on those charges, and therefore have a full investigation into these findings take place….So why is there so much silence from these nations?  Again… Am I missing something here?

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They can bring charges against me. The holocaust didn't happen.