Monday, November 11, 2013

France Is Now Officially Israel's Bitch: French Obey Their Jewish Masters, Derail Iranian Nuclear Talks, And Get Rewarded For Obeying Their Masters' Wishes!

I really do not like being proven right again… I have said time and time again that these "talks" between the innocent and peaceful nation of Iran, and the so called "P5+1" states over Iran's non-existent "nuclear weapons" program were doomed from their onset…. Israel and the Jews would never allow their minion states to sign off on any agreement with Iran, simply because these psychotic criminals have always wanted Iran destroyed, and to have their minions do all the fighting and dying in a war for that nation's destruction.   That is why I have looked at these "talks" as nothing more than a sick joke and a laughable show for the gullible people on this planet…

Well, it does appear (surprise, surprise) that these "talks" have indeed "failed" (imagine my shock).   Yes, I have read many articles over the last few days that show how the sick Jews have got what they desired by having their puppet state, France, step forward and wreck any agreement.  That was bad enough, but according to this article, from the website:, it appears that France, for its "heroic stance" against Iran (gag) has now had its criminal President, Hollande, "rewarded" with an upcoming address in front of these criminal monsters in their Knesset!   I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves…. And I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

France Torpedoes Iran Nuclear Deal, Hollande Rewarded with Knesset Address

France’s foreign minister single-handedly torpedoed a nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 nations in Geneva this weekend.  A deal was in place.  The American and Russian foreign ministers had flown in in order to sign it.  But Laurent Fabius announced that the terms weren’t punitive enough and didn’t satisfy France.  So everyone went home and no deal was announced.  The parties will meet again and attempt to nail things down then.
As a result of France’s heroic actions in standing up to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Francois Hollande, who will visit Israel this week, has had his visit officially upgraded.  He will get the unusual honor of addressing the Knesset (without being heckled by the far-right settler MKs).
There are several ways of reading this.  Either France has, after originally helping Israel become a nuclear state in the 1950s, returned to its former role of being Israel’s enabler; or there’s a Kabuki performance going on in which the U.S. is playing the good-cop to France’s bad cop.  This enables the U.S. to be seen positively by the Iranians and France to be seen positively by Israel.  In that sense, the hardliners in both countries are somewhat soothed, while everyone lives to meet another day and come to an agreement then.
On a related matter, every year there’s a meeting of the American Jewish communal élite called the General Assembly.  Bibi Netanyahu invariably travels to lecture the assembled multitude on proper pro-Israel etiquette on some issue of moment.  The audience obediently gives him a standing ovation and then returns to whatever they were doing beforehand.  Then they return home and the leadership changes nothing in the Jewish heartland (except that Jews there grow increasingly disenchanted with their leaders as the Pew Center poll shows).
Bibi’s lecture today was especially insulting and virulent:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did his utmost to rally North American Jewry behind his uncompromising stand on Iran, calling on them Sunday night to stand with him in opposition to the deal under discussion in the Geneva forum.
It is a “bad and dangerous deal” that threatens Israel’s survival and “on matters of Jewish survival, I will not be silenced,” Netanyahu said.
…He reminded them that the purpose of the “crippling” international sanctions that “brought Iran to its knees” had been “to get Iran to dismantle – dismantle – its nuclear enrichment capabilities, which are used for atomic bombs, and its heavy water plutonium reactor, which is also used for atomic bombs.”
…The premier said it was obvious why Iran was seeking a nuclear deal with the six world powers. “Because the sanctions are biting, crippling their regime…What is being proposed now is a deal where Iran retains all of its capacity, not one centrifuge is dismantled, not one.”
Iran, he noted, would “get to keep tons of enriched uranium and they can take these centrifuges which are not dismantled underground … and, within a few weeks or months and at the time of their choosing, the fissile material can be used for a bomb,” Netanyahu said.
He added that “Iran does not give up anything of that. It makes a minor concession that is meaningless with today’s technology and with current capacities. In other words, none of the Security Council resolution which the P5+1 powers passed are met. But what is being given to them is the beginning of the rollback of sanctions.”
Netanyahu, who was greeted by a standing ovation when he stood to speak, said he would not rest until Iran’s nukes were “dismantled” and challenged the assembled GA participants to “speak up” – not only for Israel’s security but for their own. It won’t be long before Iran builds missiles with the capability to reach the United States, he noted, and they could carry nuclear weapons, should it achieve that capacity.
“Do you want that?” he asked the crowd, which responded, with an emphatic “No!”
“So do something about it,” he shot back.
There is at least one positive result of the Pew poll I referred to above.  Those thousands of Jewish leaders who cheered Bibi on represent an increasingly isolated element of American Jews.  The majority of our community actually opposes Bibi on this and supports the deal being brokered by the Obama administration.  The farther Bibi and the pro-Israel lobby goes out on a limb on this subject, the less credibility they all have among us.
So I say to Howard Kohr, David Harris, Abe Foxman and the rest of ‘em–keep it up.  Support Bibi to the hilt.  The more enthusiastic you are, the shorter the lives of your organizations and your leadership of them will be.
Bibi told his audience that stopping Iran was a matter of “Jewish survival.”  This is one of my pet bugaboos and I’m glad he brought it up.  While he may be the elected prime minister of the State of Israel, that does not equal ‘the Jewish people.’  Bibi leads the 6 million Jews of Israel, but he doesn’t lead a single Jew outside that country and has no right to speak for me or any other Diaspora Jew.  Allowing him to speak for all Jews in the world only furthers the notion advanced by some anti-Zionists and anti-Semites that there is no difference between the two.  Isn’t it interesting that Bibi Netanyahu, in this, makes common cause with such an unsavory lot?

NTS Notes: OK, When can I finish throwing up!   This is so disgusting, and shows how these psychotic criminals have now got the French to do their bidding and to basically be their new bitch!

I really do love the excuse that these agreements were not "punitive enough and didn't satisfy France"  This is such a laugher, and shows exactly how the Jews demanded that the French do the job that they could not get their American slaves to do!

To call Hollande's stance "heroic" is such a slap in the face to anyone who knows the truth about the psychotic state of Israel and its desire to have Iran destroyed…..

The rest of this article contains a wealth of lies, and fraudulent excuses for France's obedience to its Jewish masters…. The words sad and pathetic do come to mind….

When will the truth finally be known to everyone that Iran is absolutely NOT building any nuclear weapons period… It has been only building nuclear POWER stations and has every right to enrich Uranium for such power needs as per its IAEA obligations….. To continue to vilify that nation, while the criminal and psychotic state of Israel continues to be armed to the teeth with hundreds of nuclear weapons and continues its push to have Iran destroyed based on lies, is to me the ultimate level of hypocrisy today!

So… We will see Israel's slave,  Hollande, gleefully go in front of the criminal Knesset very shortly, and spew his undying love and loyalty to the Jewish state….. How does it feel, France, to now be Israel's newest bitch?

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Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me at all, cone head skulls discovered in France.

Unknown said...

Iranians are shiites with religion called Shiism. They are not muslims. Their slogan "Death to Israel/America" but ironically cooperative with Americans to kill muslims that they call "terrorists" in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nuri Almaliki of Iraq and Hamid Karzai of Afghanistant are both Shiites. Cant you see how they fool you? The jews knew Iran is an ally to eliminate muslims. They will never let America attacks Iran or other shiites nations such as Iran and Syria. The jews also knew that shiites are barbaric and not to be given oppurtunity to handle nuclear bomb. But at the same time can be used to kill muslims in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. So what the jews have to do is ; Dont attack them(Iran) and dont let them have it (nuc bomb facilities).

Unknown said...

If Iran to be "brought to her knees", it'll be only nuc bomb facilities involved. The jews wont attack Iran as they did to Iraq or Afghanistant. They jews need shiites of Iran and Syria to combat muslims (they call terrorists). They also need Hamid Karzai(Afghanistant) and Nouri Almaliki (Iraq) to kill muslims in that area.

Unknown said...

I spent a lot of time in France in the 90's. Unknown to most Americans, the French people do not go along with the Israel-firster mentality that many Americans have.
Holland will end up like Sarkozy.
The French are not asleep.

kerdasi amaq said...

France did America a favour. Also, it makes it seem that France stuck it to the US and they hope that it will ,maybe, make a really hated French government a little more popular.

Did you see the story of he 12 year old girl, who got into trouble because she was waved a bunch of bananas at a black simian who was appointed a Minister in the Government?