Saturday, November 23, 2013

Censorship At Its Worse… Video: "Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told" Under Attack By JEWISH Interest Groups To Prevent True History From Being Seen!

I will make this short and sweet… The fantastic video by Dennis Wise, called "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told" is presently being yanked from Jewish controlled Youtube due to a "copyright claim by AdRev for a "third party"".  This is nothing more than pure censorship at its worse...

The copy of this fabulous video that I have in my left hand column of this blog is right now showing that message of being yanked due to this fraudulent and laughable "copyright claim" by this "mysterious third party"… I can guarantee that this so called "third party" is none other than our friends in the criminal tribe of psychotic Jews wanting all truths about our real history suppressed…

This is astounding and shows how truly criminal this tribe can be when it comes to keeping the real truths about our history purposely suppressed to further their diabolical goals, and to make sure that the brainwashing by our false history is kept up…..

If anyone has a great copy of this fabulous video, and a link to that copy….Please let me know, and forward that information via a comment to this article….. I really want everyone to see the truths about our history and especially concerning what really happened during World War II and of course Adolf Hitler…..

Thank you… And as usual…

More to come


*Update: The video can still be seen (at least for now) at its website:

Please take and copy this video into your own files as soon as possible, before these scumbags try to eliminate it forever!  The truth must be told….

*Update #2:  Video is still available via VIMEO… I have reposted it at the left hand column of this blog… To hell with Youtube and their unwarranted censorship!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How typical of these Jews to try and bury the truth. Their actions have begun a chain reaction; people are waking up and seeking out the truth. As they (the National Socialists said), the truth cannot be buried forever.

Aside from VIMEO, there's a copy on Liveleak. Multiple copies, even.

These spawns of Satan will not be able to keep the truth from the people.

Greg Bacon said...

The JEW needs the lies about Hitler to protect their world-wide racket of debt based currency, which is robbing the world of massive amounts of wealth.

The JEW also needs the lies about the holocau$t to protect their world-wide racket that has imposed the gangster hideout of Israel on humanity, which is holding the world hostage with weekly threats of Armageddon.

There's bits and pieces of the video on JEWtube, but not the entire video, nor is it all there.

Truth does have a way of getting a certain group of people scared shitless, which they try to kill by calling people names, getting them fired from jobs, or arrested, or filing frivolous lawsuits or by assassinating people or having their GOY lackey's invade nations.

Anonymous said...

Good to see others points of view re Hitler finally coming out of the closet.
David Irvine was the first to be really vilified by the J.E. (Jewish Establishment)
Link to Davids site here.

As always Thanks for your time and effort in writing this blog. I do enjoy the reading and your take on issues, mostly similar to mine, sometimes not.
Saying. "When truth needs laws you know its lies" .



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Thanks for letting us know about this video, I have only watched about half of it so far and I am trying to spread it around, I always had a problem with the questions I asked in class about WWII (they would never answer them) and this helps me understand what they were running from - I find people don't want to face the truth or even look at stuff like this because they don't think it is relevant to their lives - oh how wrong they are! Thanks for your whole blog - I know it cannot be easy but you have helped to open my eyes - the hardest part is getting over the anger of being manipulated and lied to for my entire life.

30.06 said...

The lies will not always hide the truth .