Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another Great Video Narrated By "Snordelhans" Aka.."Snordster": Game Over! Dollar Dead! Gold $7000 (Part 1)

I have been a bit under the weather the last few days... This year, I was hoping that I could get past my annual attack of Sinusitis... But this year, in spite of my preparations, it came on over the last few days, and I have been laid up trying to fight it.  Luckily, this year I have been overloading my body with both Vitamin C and Vitamin D and the effects have been much diminished over what I have experienced over the last few years.    I also absolutely REFUSE to go and get any "antibiotics" to fight this attack, because I do know the truth that "antibiotics" do more harm than good.... I finally have been feeling a bit better today, and I am back surfing the Internet this evening catching up on what I have been missing...

One major topic that I have covered in this blog, but have not put up any major articles over the last while, is the serious financial crisis that we are facing.   Lets face the facts... The Jew media whores are lying their butts off with the false rhetoric that the "economy is slowly recovering".   The facts are crystal clear that the economy is on a slippery slope to full collapse.  I have always equated it to "a train wreck in slow motion".... I have yet to find any information anywhere that points to a "recovery", and all I see is a major crisis happening very soon....

I came across a fabulous video that is narrated by none other than Patrick Willis, aka "Snordelhans" or "Snordster", that is a must see by everyone.  It is based upon a recent work by Jim Willie and is entitled: "Game Over! Dollar Dead! Gold $7000 (Part 1) and gives a very truthful but very gloomy look at what we are indeed in store for in the very near future with the impending destruction of the US dollar as the world's exchange currency..... I have that video right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have the link to the article that this video is based upon right here.

Yes, this video does end abruptly, and I would assume that it will continue in "Part II" which I will bring here when it does become available...

It is truly shocking that most of the people that I have talked to over the last while have not a clue that their entire world is about to change drastically WHEN the US dollar finally collapses.   I know it will be a disaster to the people living in the United States, but the people here in Canada will be deeply affected as well since Canada does the vast majority of its trade with its southern neighbour.

I have always said that the United States could easily get itself out of this mess by simply ending their crushing debt instantly, ending the printing of its money by a Jewish criminal Usury central bank, and printing its own currency absolutely debt free.  The problem is that the US government itself is completely controlled by these Jewish criminals, and there is no way these criminals want to end their ponzi scheme.  Therefore, when the dollar finally implodes, the results will be catastrophic to the American nation.

What most people are also not aware of is that the US is desperate to keep its fraud US dollar as the world's currency of trade, and they will even go to war to keep the scheme alive for a bit longer.  THIS is exactly why the criminal US government is first trying to fleece more money out of its citizens through the criminal "Obamacare" and at the same time trying desperately to get a war going anywhere on the planet.  The criminal Jewish banksters care little for human life, just as long as they can continue to profit and keep their Usury debt system going.....

And what about when the dollar finally fails, and there are demands that we have a Gold based currency?  I have long said that this is exactly what these criminals have planned, for the simple fact that THEY also control the vast majority of all the physical Gold on the planet!  Their "Gold based" currency will finally make these criminals the masters of the world, with us their slaves, permanently!

It is time that people wake the hell up, face this reality, and finally take these criminals out of our lives forever!

More to come


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