Tuesday, October 29, 2013

THIS Is Why I Moderate All Comments: Examples of JIDF/Hasbara "Comments" To My Site

There have been many that say that I should change the format of my comment section and turn it into an "open forum" to discuss some of the material I post here.... I have always refused to take my comment section in that direction, primarily due to the incessant stupid attacks from known TROLLS and JIDF/Hasbara clowns that constantly try to flood my pending for approval comment section with their disgusting language and stupid attacks on myself and others....

I decided that for this article, I would give some recent examples of the so called "comments" that come from these trolls..... I received the following comments just the other day to my Sunday Rant that I have absolutely refused to publish.... I want everyone to see for themselves what I and others are up against these days:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 27th,...":

Well, I'm not surprised in the least the skank kike kaminski and campbell see eye-to-eye about every detail of every issue. And I'm not at all surprised the two are in total agreement as to what EXACTLY should be censored, deleted, and totally left-out, of their historical "narratives".

I'm not at all surprised the two have so very much in common -- really, everything in common -- The 2 have everything in common and see things EXACTLY alike, I'm not at all surprised, as "campbell" is now the slithering kike kaminski's new "name" :

Now that so many know the filthy detestable skankminski snakeminski kike hassled Eustace Mullins and was one the hymie gang members of filthy reprehensible kikes Mullins "Struggled Against". kaminski is going to "keep low" for awhile. Go backstage. Take a breather. "campbell" steps upon the stage in lieu of the kike. The understudy.

So of course, the kike and his other hydra sagiz snake-head--"campbell-- are in total agreement.

It's not that the kike lies in what he does tells us -- it's that the kike lies by omission. Lies of omission -- millions of lies of omission in the kike's historical "narratives". Lies of omission, for example, millions of lies of omission, concerning the connection between Nazism and Islamic jihad -- as the kike subtly leads us to support antifa types and wants us to side with Islam. Never any mention of the Islamic Jihad the filthy atavistic muslims are waging in Europe against White Catholic Europe [whatever is left of it]. How the kike luvs it that The Catholic Church can no longer protect -- or even attempt to protect -- Europe, and by inference, The White Race, from Islam.

Never mentions the Islamic Jihad going on against White Europe -- Let alone tells his readers how much -- how truly how much --Islam, especially Islamic Jihad, serves jew communism and the kike commie New World Order. In fact, the kike wants us to side with islam.

How the snake is drooling for that -- that us White Americans side with islam. Never mind the Islamic Jihad in Europe the muslims are waging against White Europe and White Western Civilization. The kike leaves that out, the kike leaves out how the Nazis introduced Islamic Jihad into Europe, The kike leaves out how the Third Reich was really about destroying Catholic Europe -- the MAIN target of the Third Reich -- as the kike plays on our frustration with the way we're ruled, and points to Hitler/Nazism/islam as somehow being an antidote to jew Communism when in point-of-fact [and the kike fuckin' fully well knows it]Hitler was a mega-Zionist. Hitler's inviting Islam into Europe was about the ultimate aim of destroying Catholic Europe and ultimately Western Civilization. Islam serves jew Communism, esp, the antifa types, the kike subtly tries to get us White Americans to support Islam, esp. the antifa types.

I could on and on -- but there is 4,096 word or something limit.

Go FUCK yourself, U, and go fuck your noor, your lasha, your john "friend", your chechar, your Dublin's "irish"-kike, so many others, and go FUCK your "campbell" and your putrid detestable fuckin' kike snankminski. Go suck bagels outta the kike's snake asshole, you pile of lizard shit posing as a "truth seeker".

~ Salvatore ~

That one was laughable enough... But here is another, and by the way that it is worded, it comes from the same JIDF agent as the previous one:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 27th,...":

"campbell"/rat-snake-shit-kike should really -- if the kaminski-campbell kike is so truly opposed to the kike communist new world order -- the filthy lying kike really ought to write articles about the connection between Islam and kike communism ,and how Islam -- especially the Islamic jihad in Europe -- serves jew communism, and how sHitler and his Third Reich opened Europe up to islam, and simultaneously opened Europe up to communism as well. As islam and communism go hand-in-hand. sharia law and noahide law, the two fit together perfectly well. And Islamic jihad and Nazism have everything in common. Why doesn't the kike ever mention these connections in his historical "narratives" if the kike is so truly opposed to kike communism and the kike communist New World Order?

The kike keeps promoting the idea that sHitler and his Third Reich, that the main target were the jews and judaism -- but that is NOT the case, NOT at all. The real Target of sHitler was Catholicism. That was what sHitler really wanted destroyed. Catholicism, which is also the foundational ontology of Western Civilization and WHITE culture and heritage. Islam has the same goal as the Nazis did[do] and the same goal as the kike communists. the kike never mentions any of this.

The putrid kike Never mentions how the Polish Catholics were ANTI-COMMUNIST. sHitler -- the so-called greatest anti-communist of all time - as per the filthy mendacious "narrative" -- ordered the very same ANTI-COMMUNIST Polish Catholics to be killed en-masse and ordered Catholic Poland be destroyed. The Catholic Church always historically protected Europe from islam and it's inevitable and consequent Islamic Jihad ; The EXACT reason Hitler hated Catholicism to the very core of his being, because the Church always historically protected Europe from Islamic Jihad : THE EXCAT REASON U, the kike, and all your buddy-buddies online LOVE HITLER TO NO END. How you all LOVE IT the Church can no longer protect Europe from Islam. Wherever sharia law goes, jew communism is soon to follow. How you all love the kike Commie New World Order as you all feign otherwise.

Hitler was a fuckin donmeh kike at-heart, in his blood. A noir-juif Zionist -- a Zionist to the fuckin core. How much hitler truly served the jew Zionist-communist New World Order. The "honest" kike kaminski-campbell [ and not even U, "honest truth seeker" ] ever mention any of the above.

Go fuck yourselves, all the fuckin filthy dirty liars. How kaminski incessantly, so incessantly, so very subtly, so very incessantly subtly, tries to get us to support the kike agenda by trying to get to side with the antifa islam. The kike knows fuckin fully well Nazism and islam serve kike communism. The kike constantly reminds us he's opposed to the jews and their communist New World Order, yet simultaneously encourages us to support the two very most important buttresses of the jew commie new world order -- Nazism and islam, especially antifa type islam. Detestable rat-kike-snake.

I notice U also abridge all the very same connections from your "narrative" of history as the fuckin kike campbell-kaminski does, "Mr. Truth Seeker". Truth seeker my wop butt.

Go to fuckin' Turkey, U and all of your "honest truth loving, Truth Seeking, truth telling" "alternative" snake friends and go fuck one another in the Turkish bathhouses in donmeh Istanbul.

~ Salvatore ~ 

Then there is this one..... I hope by now everyone gets the idea as to why I refuse to publish these:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 27th,...":

Concerned about the Palestinians?Get off your "Truth Seeking" butt and go hop a flight to somewhere in the Middle East, wherever, and go get righteous and appalled about the Pal. issue with the jew habiru-sagiz and the arab muslim habiru-sagiz. The muslims are just culpable -- if not more culpable - as the Jews are for the what's happening to the Palestinians.

The muslims willingly sacrificed Palestine to the Jew Zionists sometime during the World War period. Probably sometime in the early 1930's. The Arab/Muslim leaders fully well knew Hitler's Zionist agenda of rounding up the European jews en-masse would some day result in very same rounded-up Jews immigrating to Palestine and turning Palestine into Jew Israel. The Muslims fully well knew this. They supported IT. They actively supported the Nazi-Zionist agenda.

ALL, and I mean ALL, The Palestinian advocates, by the way, FULLY support the Islamic Jihad in Europe. Why are U so concerned about them? And why do U spend so much energy to encourage us, your readers, to support them? When they are actively and fully SUPPORTING Islamic Jihad in Europe against WHITE EUROPEANS.

The agreement was the muslims sacrifice Palestine to the jews, in exchange, the muslims get unlimited Immigration "rights" to Europe. The muslims are WAGING JIHAD AGAINST WHITE EUROPEANS. Never any articles about that. A million mentions of the Palestinians though.

The Palestinians are getting attacked by both habiru-sagiz jews and habiru-sagiz muslims both. The muslims, including the antifas, never mention how much they're killing Palestinians and pushing the Pals around [in Syria the Palestinians are getting attacked by the Sunnis]. The muslims are just as culpabe as the Jews, if not more so, as it was muslims who put the Pals in the lousy position in the very first place. They fully supported Hitler's Zionist agenda of sending the European Jews en-masse to Palaestine. They knew it would result in Palestine turning into Jew Israel. And they knew it in real time, during WW2 days. Still, they supported The Agenda.

Why are you so concerned about the Palestinians when even the great majority of muslims don't give a shit about the Pals? When even the Palestinians themselves Support the Islamic Jihad against WHITE Europe. When the Pal. issue is strictly a habiru-sagiz jew/arab issue, and a very great number of muslims take the side of the jews anyway.

The muslims know what The Deal was/is. They like The Deal. Very much so. That's why so many take the jew side, however underhandedly and habiru-sagiz way they do so -- so they can have Europe. They rather have Europe than Palestine. The muslims don't give a shit about Palestine - it's all hot air , a smoke screen. Why do you care so much about Palestine and NOT Europe? Why don't you tell your White Canadian, and White Americans,readers about The Deal? Complete silence about IT.

Why the incredible Silence about the jew inspired Islamic Jihad in Europe against WHITE Europeans -- if you are so concerned for the White Race? Why ALL the emphasis and righteousness about the Palestinians and NONE for WHITE Europe? Why NEVER ANY mention about THE Deal and how much the muslims Luv The Deal, including the Palestinians, especially the antifa types?

I feel horrible for the Christian arabs. The only half-way decent arabs around. They're getting the worse of it from all sides. They don't deserve it. Why NO articles about the Christians in Syria and the WHITE Christians in Europe are both under ATTACK by Jihadists, including Palestinian antifa types? There is very much a connection between the Jihad in Syria and the Jihad in Europe. U remain silent about the connection. Why?

~ Salvatore ~

It is obvious these are all written by the same individual.  I want everyone to be weary of this clown... He goes by the name "Salvatore", but he has several other aliases, such as "Joe" and even "Giuseppe".... But it is obvious they are one and the same, and should not be given our time of day....Be aware of this individual, everyone and do not give them a platform by publishing their ridiculous slurs......

Again, I will not publish any comments that slur myself or attack others that I support.... It is astounding that these trolls continue to send these type of comments my way constantly.... Do they not understand that they are wasting their own time because I will NOT publish them?   To me that makes them laughing stocks, and shows the stupidity of the "Jewish Internet Defense Forces"..... To me, they are nothing but fools and definitely trolls....

As someone said to me recently, these agents of Isra-Hell are getting desperate, because obviously I and others are right "over the target"......The evidence speaks for itself...

More to come



Dublinmick said...

Funny I just happened to see this on the side show.

I have been getting spam from this guy .... well those guys for months under Joe, Gueseppe, Gueseppe Bo Beppe, Salvatore, foghornleghorn, white eagle snake hunter and several more.

The last message I received was pretty close to this one. They all have the same email address and IP number. It could be just a sofware program. The modus operandi seems to make all excuses in the world for the catholic religion.

Why they put up with this for so long at darkmoon is beyond me, I think they finally banned him/them.

Anonymous said...

Good choice, NTS. The JIDF has lots of time and lots of money to spend on these kinds of time-wasting activities. It's like OBL saying that his goal was to bankrupt the USA. You've obviously learned from the USA's mistakes, and refuse to give these wankers the time of day. Let them run faster and faster in their little kosher hamster wheels.....all for naught. The world IS waking up to their stupidity, and 'israel' IS in self-destruct mode....just stand aside and let them wreak havoc upon themselves. It couldn't happen to worse people! The don't call him "Bibi The Bungler!" for nothing.

Greg Bacon said...

Whew, if their Mommies knew what kind of bad words they were posting online, they'd probably get grounded from their computer and sent to bed w/o supper.

Anonymous said...

truth beckons like a feast to a beggar...


don't eat the yellow snow...


steady as she goes...

Anonymous said...

They're so obvious, are they not? They make me want to puke. Good post! It's about time someone talks about these despicable zio-trolls!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they're paid well for their trolling "in Israel's defense".

It's your right to moderate comments NTS. Keep up the good work!

Franklin Ryckaert said...

I know this character "Joe". He has commented on numerous other websites and has been banned by many. I don't think he is a Jew or works for any Jewish organization. He has once himself said that he is an American of Catholic Italian descent and that seems plausible to me. He is however clearly mentally deranged. On Lasha Darkmoon's website he used to send in a hundred comments a day(!), a selection of which still were published by Lasha, who has a liberal comment policy. Staple ideas of his are that Hitler was a Jew, was financed by Jews and persecuted Catholics. Furthermore he connects all kinds of ideologies and movements, all intended to "destroy Catholicism". The term "habiru-sagiz" is also typical of him. The best thing to do is to ignore him. He is probably schizophrene.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I must apologize.. I was busy yesterday, and unable to moderate any comments until today...

As for you, "Salvatore" and your continuing assault on myself and others... Your comments will never be published, and you will be banned from putting any comments on this site.