Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Global Warming Fraud: Criminal CNN Says The Only "Affordable" Way To Stop "Global Warming" Is To Depopulate The Planet!

I have not put up any articles concerning the Global Warming fraud for a while now.  But by now most intelligent people must know that it is a massive fraud and swindle....Even the recent IPCC report that states fraudulently that they have "95% certainty" that Global Warming is "man made" has been exposed as a massive lie... It shows clearly that the IPCC has indeed sold out to criminal interests that only want to use the scam of man made "Global Warming" to bring in more taxation against the public, and as a method of introducing their long desired "One World Government".

I was alerted the other day to the following very interesting video, that I want to definitely share with all of my own readers... It contains a recent clip from the criminal Jewish controlled media outlet, CNN, where several CNN reporters are using fear mongering courtesy of the fraudulent IPCC Global Warming report to scare its viewers into the false belief that the findings in the IPCC report are true.....The real shocker in this video is when CNN puts forward the false notion that the only "affordable" way to stop "Global Warming: is to DEPOPULATE the entire planet!   I have that video right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: THIS video is proof positive that everyone should immediately turn off their Talmud-Visions, or what I am now calling the "Electric Jew".   It shows definitely how these criminals are indeed using the idiot box, and other media devices, for pure propaganda and fear mongering.... Especially to continue the lies of Global Warming by using fear tactics on the general public.
The facts are clear that this planet is absolutely not warming at all, but is in fact about to enter a very long period of massive cooling due to reduced solar output from our Yellow Dwarf Star, Sol, or the "Sun".  This is a natural cycle that has been going on for billions of years, and is absolutely not influenced by mankind at all.

People must also understand the facts that Carbon Dioxide is absolutely NOT a "Greenhouse Gas" as the criminals behind the Global Warming scam continue to promote.... Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is in fact a coolant, and an essential gas necessary for all life on this planet!   Therefore the promotion of "Carbon Taxation" as a method used by these criminals for "saving the planet" is a complete fraud.

As I have always stated... Do not fall for the lies promoted by these swindlers, especially now that they will try to promote the fraudulent report released recently by the criminal IPCC.... Man made "Global Warming" is a complete hoax, and it is time to call out the hucksters behind the scam for their crimes against humanity...

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Anonymous said...

I can think of two government houses, a court and a 'people's' house with No. 1600 on the door, which can be vacated first. Then, a SLC at the East end of the Med. Let's start with them, shall we? Then stop and re-assess!

Anonymous said...

And it looks like Harper and his sodomite friends Baird and Kenney are doing the same to Canada: Snipers used against the people? WTF?!

Dan Pangburn said...

There is only one significant driver of the average global temperature trend since 1610. It is disclosed at

After about 1895, accurate temperature measurements were made world wide and revealed the natural oscillations above and below the sunspot-number-time-integral-trajectory. The oscillations are caused by the net effect of ocean cycles (which are dominated by the PDO). The resulting graph and physics-based equation that accurately (R2=0.9) calculates the measured anomaly trend are shown at