Sunday, October 27, 2013

Once Again, Back To My Roots: Truth Hertz Radio Exposes The NASA Apollo Moon Hoax

As someone who has long known some basic truths about our sick world, and the scoundrels behind our demise... I am deeply troubled from time to time by those who call themselves "truth seekers" and cannot even see that one of the biggest "achievements" of mankind, the NASA Apollo Moon missions, were nothing more than complete frauds....

It puzzles me that many can see that the official story behind the Israeli Mossad 9-11 attack on American is a complete lie and sham, and that all of our history is nothing more than a complete lie brought to us by our Jewish criminals.... But for some strange reason, many still say that "Yes indeed... We absolutely landed man on the moon" when everything that the US Government does now, and has done in the past, is now revealed to be absolutely untrustworthy, and done for very evil and criminal intentions!  How then can the organization called NASA, which was and probably always has been an arm of the US military, be any different with its space missions?

Many are well aware that the Oracle Broadcasting Network shut itself down some 6 months ago, and one of the best hosts on that network, Charles Giuliani, has now moved over to the Waking America Radio Network, to now resume his show during the 7-9am CST timeslot.... But for years on Oracle, Charles did some fantastic shows through his "Truth Hertz" morning show, including many that revealed the truth about the NASA Apollo space missions to be nothing more than frauds and scams..... Many of those shows are still available through archives, and through Youtube for listening...

For this article, I want to bring forward for everyone the very FIRST "Truth Hertz" broadcast where Charles speaks openly about the Nasa Apollo Moon Hoax, for everyone to listen and enjoy for themselves.... I have the Youtube video of that broadcast right here... And I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: There are some points in this broadcast that I want to elaborate on....

All of Charles' points that he brings forward in this broadcast are absolutely correct.... The fact is that even today,  all manned space missions do NOT go any higher than approximately 300 miles.  This is due to the fact that the lower extreme of the Van Allen Radiation Belts, called the South Atlantic Anomaly begins some 500 miles up above the Earth's surface.  The space shuttle flew one mission in 1998 where it went some 350 miles for what was to be the highest shuttle altitude ever.  At that point, some 350 miles up, the astronauts on board started to experience the effect of cosmic rays as it penetrated the shielding of the shuttle, then their space suits, and then their bodies.... Their retinas started seeing flashes of light that they claimed was like watching shooting stars.... What was happening was the cosmic rays penetrating their skulls and reacting with their retinas causing the flashes of light.... NASA never ever attempted another shuttle mission to that altitude ever again....

After my exposure to the fraud of Apollo years back, I began to look at other missions, and became homed on the Mars missions... Lo and behold, I found many of them to be fraudulent as well.... The major culprit with the Mars missions has always been the Viking missions of 1976 and 1977, where NASA claims that these robotic probes used parachutes to land on Mars..... Years ago, I had my "eureka" moment when I did some research and found out that parachutes like the kind on the Viking missions, could only deploy in an atmosphere of some 0.35BAR, or at an altitude of some 15,000 feet above Earth's surface.... The problem is of course that the Martian SURFACE atmospheric pressure (what NASA says) is no more than 0.004BAR, or the same pressure that one would experience at about 125,000 feet above the Earth!.... Parachutes cannot deploy at such a low pressure......Therefore, since NO parachute could ever deploy even at the pressure of the Martian atmosphere at its surface, how in the HELL did Viking I and Viking II deploy chutes to have it land at all on Mars????

The impossibility of parachute deployment on Mars is bad enough.... But in the last few years, I began to realize that NASA has been lying about other aspects about Mars as well.... I have already put up many articles in this blog concerning the impossibility of 'aerobraking' of landing probes in an almost non-existent atmosphere, and most recently had another "Eureka" moment with the discovery that the Martian sky should not have any color at all due to its extremely thin atmosphere.....These articles can be found in this blog's archives for your viewing....

But back to Apollo..... As I have stated many times.... It is hard for me as a man of science to fathom that so many in this so called "truth movement" cannot understand that the US Government is entirely a criminal operation, and that they have been LYING about almost everything in our history, including "mankind's greatest achievement" the Apollo missions....  We have seen so many lies already about our history, so why would Apollo be any different?

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steve button said...

Totally agree there. How do people reconcile the fact that there hasn't been a man on the moon mission since the 60's despite the obvious improvements in CT and Aerospace tech?? How dumb can one be?

Apparently there's only three nations who have successfully put a man in orbit -and it's 240 000 miles further to the moon! The biggest concern has to be the agenda to continue to insist something that clearly did NOT happen-happened! The fact that it's a fairly small circle that continues to actively promote these lies...and that the constant variable in this equation is Jewish involvement ...demonstrates why these games continue despite these crooks being caught cold..

Frank Fredenburg said...

The Lunar Landings

Did Americans Land On The Moon?

By Michael Shrimpton

I found this article today. The one thing he said that jumps out at me is that the Europeans built a telescope in Chile and the first thing they did with it was look at the Apollo landing sites. He claims they were looking to prove we didn't land on the moon. They supposedly were disappointed when they seen our flag and landers. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think our telescopes are powerful enough to see objects that small on the moon.

There is a picture of Shrimpton above the article and I'm wondering if he is a jew. Like Steve said in his comment, the constant variable in this equation is jewish involvement. I'm not familiar with Shrimpton.

mary sullivan said...



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