Sunday, October 20, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Sunday, the second anniversary of the American and NATO murder of a great leader, Muhammar Gadaffi, and it is time for my usual rant...

First, yes.. It is the second anniversary of the murder of a great leader, Muhammar Gadaffi, who's only crime was to defy the criminals in both NATO and the United States, in his valiant attempt to make Libya both prosperous and free of criminal Rothschild Jewish Usury banking.   It is so sad to watch in the two years since that murder the once great nation of Libya now disintegrate into a tyrannical poverty stricken rebellious nation.   The criminals in both the United States and the Rothschild controlled NATO nations of Europe have what they wanted... The nation of Libya left to ruin while they snatch up all of Libya's Gold wealth and its massive Petroleum resources.   It does not matter that thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians died, and continue to die to this day.... It only matters that the supreme lord and masters of the Rothschild dynasty continue to control the world through their criminal Usury banking monopoly....

Just the other day, I was able to talk to my good friend Whitewraithe who has disappeared from the blog radar scope for the last while... I want everyone to know that she is tied up with many personal issues, especially family concerns.... She has not had the time in the last while to post up any new material at Pragmatic Witness, and has in fact not been on the Internet at all for at least the last week....  She has been under a lot of strain and has long considered quitting blogging all together, but I have long urged her to not give up this fight... Her articles and her wealth of knowledge is too valuable in this fight.... I told her to take her time, and that I would help in any way possible if need be....

The American government's fraudulent "shutdown" has apparently ended... I really want my American readers to look at the facts behind this shutdown scam, and how the US government has always used the ploy of shutting down the government to get exactly what it wants..... This last sad episode was absolutely to pass the outrageous US budget that just puts the American nation even deeper into unpayable debt, and servitude to Jewish control.   Yes, surprise surprise the US Government is back "in business" after they had an "11th hour" meeting and decided to raise the sick "debt ceiling" even more.... That "ceiling" has supposedly raised the entire US "debt" to now over 17 TRILLION dollars, but in reality the real US debt is well above the 70+ TRILLION dollar mark.   There is no way in hell that any Americans can now, or in the future pay off this outrageous debt....

The real sick thing about US "debt" is of course the fact that the US Government can immediately cancel all of its debts at the stroke of a pen.   The facts are again that all debts are artificial, and every government can immediately not only cancel all debts, but actually end private central banking issuance of currency at interest.  The printing and distribution of all money can be done directly by government and absolutely debt free.   If both Canada and the United States were to end the Jewish banking monopoly on the issuance of money at debt, our nations could see a miraculous economic recovery in no time at all..... The real problem is the Jewish control over our governments that make sure that their puppets in government never ever change the laws on money to make sure that the criminal Jewish banksters continue their monopoly.   I am truly shocked that most people are not aware of this fact, and that they have not already thrown every single one of these criminals out of office immediately.  But that may never happen due to the Jew control over the media that continues to preach the necessity of private central banking and lies that the government regulates it!

I have again been receiving some comments that I refuse to publish that call me "antisemitic" and a "Jew hater".   Periodically it is essential to clear the air and explain my stance...

When I was young I worked part time for a Jewish firm as a stock clerk.  It was during that time that I saw and became aware of the differences and the REAL hatred in our world that stems from this criminal tribe of Jews themselves.   It was troubling for me to watch and listen to this "tribe" at a young age as they seemed to think of themselves as superior to everyone else.   I do remember clearly how they would congregate and frown upon anyone that was non-Jewish.   It was sick from time to time to hear some of them come up to me and ask me if I was Jewish.  When I would tell them "no", some would turn and walk away.  I really could not understand that type of attitude and how they would look down and frown upon a "Gentile".   Some coworkers constantly warned me to not try to get too "friendly" with any of these tribe members, because they always thought we were "below" them.    For years, I always asked the same question again and again... "How can these people constantly preach that the world was "against them" when they themselves are the worse "haters" imaginable?".    I always knew something was terribly wrong from watching these people from my own perspective, but I only became more "Jew wise" from years of doing my own research into the whole concept of Judaism itself, and how it truly is a most evil and sick "religion".

On the subject of the Holocaust? Again, I am stuck in a nation that would arrest me if I even had "doubts" about its authenticity..... I have long questioned some aspects of these "hate laws" that Canada brought in to purposely curtail any research into that part of our history....The major aspect is of course the reason for these laws to be in place to restrict and disallow research into that period of our history.  To me this is the most puzzling, because as a true student of real history, I want to know exactly what happened and that the truth be told. If research proves the Holocaust to be a fraud, then so be it.   But to claim that fraudulence in Canada would mean jail time!   It is no wonder that I stand behind the old saying: "Truth never needs laws to support itself, only LIES do".

Recently, I received a comment that asked why I could ever doubt the scoundrel, Elie Weisel, and his works on the Holocaust through his fictional story called "La Nuit" or "Night".   I do remember reading that book years ago, and it troubled me.... So many holes in the story, and much of the story did not make any sense at all.... Years later, I discovered through my own research that Elie Weisel was indeed a fraud, and that La Nuit was a fairy tale.   Does this make me a "Holocaust" denier?  No, simply because I have long called on the Jewish community to call out all the scam artists who have been making money off of their fantastic and fictional tales of their involvement during that period of history.   To me, these individuals give those who really suffered a horrible name, and the Jews themselves should be exposing these criminal shysters themselves.   Lets face it... Elie Weisel is bad enough with his lies, but what about the Lady who swallowed, defecated, and reswallowed diamonds?. Or the one who claims that he lived with wolves after escaping a camp?.. Or the ones who claim to have survived as many as 20 (!) death camps? ..... Does anyone else here have a problem with these liars and scam artists as much as I do???  

I therefore leave it to everyone else to study and determine the authenticity of the "Holocaust" for themselves.  I cannot pass judgment on that period of history until the horrific and draconian "Hate crime Laws" of this sick nation are repealed.   To do so now, would have me arrested and thrown in jail and to face criminal charges in the Jewish run Canadian Kangaroo Court system.   We only need to look upon what happened to Ernst Zundel and a few other brave souls to see how the Jews control Canada and will stop at nothing to have the real truths suppressed.

Usually in these rants, I take a look at what is happening in the world around us, and shred the lies to pieces... This will be no exception.... I see the liars have been momentarily unable to get their nice little war against Syria going, so they are again concentrating their efforts on Iran.   The Jew controlled media is again barking out the same old lies about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons, and we see the criminal Israelis continue to push their American slaves to attack Iran immediately.   Thankfully, the world is no longer fooled... Iran has been in full compliance with every aspect of the IAEA demands for full inspection of its nuclear research and power facilities.  Iran has also made the startling concession this last week at the P5+1 meeting to discuss Iran's nuclear program that it would give up all of its Uranium and other nuclear materials to international control and only continue its enrichment for its nuclear power stations. The Iranians in return have only asked that the so called "sanctions" imposed on its nation illegally be lifted.  This would have been a most amazing breakthrough in all negotiations and possibly ended the push for war on Iran, but of course the Israelis and their puppets in the US Government have said no deal unless Iran surrenders all its nuclear material first WITHOUT the sanctions being lifted.   Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here?  How can a nation give up concessions without getting anything in return?   It is no wonder that these P5+1 meetings are breaking down, and they will fail miserably.   The criminal Israelis and their minions in the US want these meetings to fail of course, then they will have their media work overtime in lying to the people that the Iranians refused to budge and that war is now the only option!

One subject that I have not talked about, but I have kept tabs on, is the situation in Greece, where the Jew run Greek government has now said its "austerity" measures have failed (surprise surprise) and that more actions have to be taken against the Greek people to pay off the Jewish criminals responsible for the nation's debt.   There has even been talk about Greece taking the same steps that Cyprus took last year, and basically steal all the private banking assets of the people.   Basically fleece the people to pay off criminal usury.....What is also surprising is that the Greek people are either unaware of this action, or their Jew run media has done its job very well... There has been little protest in Athens or elsewhere about this latest call for theft.....

Someone also asked my opinion about what has happened with the "Golden Dawn" movement in Greece, especially the recent news that much of its membership and its leadership has been "arrested" under false trumped up charges..... I did some research over the last while into this Golden Dawn movement, and in spite of the lies coming out of the Jew media claiming them to be a danger to the Greek nation, I see them as one of Greece's best hopes for the future, and possibly if they would have gained power in Greece, we may have finally seen the end of the Jewish grip over Greece itself, and an end to the private Jewish Usury central banking fraud that has ruined the Greek nation.  It is no wonder Golden Dawn has been vilified by the Jewish media which continues to lie claiming them to be a "criminal" organization.

Recently, I received an interesting comment that asked me to take another look at the Fukushima nuclear disaster under the aspect that it may be a massive "fraud".  I read the information and its links, and I for one am not convinced that it is a fraud.... There have been too many reports coming out about how this radiation has been affecting marine life in the Pacific, especially along both the Canadian and US west coasts.   All that damage cannot come from a "hoax"..... Then we also have the reports from all major and alternative media outlets in Japan itself about high radiation readings and the damage we are now witnessing from this radiation. To claim all these people to be wrong and the information to be false is to me, impossible....Again, the radiation has to be coming from somewhere.... Therefore I ask that those who say that Fukushima is a lie to please explain where does that radiation come from?

 The articles claiming Fukushima to be a fraud also call into question the authenticity of authors such as Jim Stone.   I have read Jim Stone's articles for several years, and even though I do not agree with some of his information at times, the material on Fukushima has been dynamite, and does raise serious concerns..... There has also been a relentless amount of attacks on Jim Stone himself, which has always raised the question.. If Jim is indeed wrong, then why the concerted efforts to destroy him and his character? .... These attacks have always indicated at least to myself that he is right on target!

Well... I guess that is enough for right now.   There are of course hundreds of other topics that I could have covered in great detail, but I leave many for future rants and touch on many with my last minute tidbits.....The Jewish media criminal network CNN says that to save us from the fraud known as "Global Warming", we must "depopulate" the planet, and most Americans don't even bat an eyelash?  And people wonder why I look at America as more and more being a lost cause.....New reports show the Israelis are again accelerating their illegal settlement building in the occupied West Bank.  When will people finally understand that there can never be "peace" in Palestine because the criminal Jews want it all for themselves.... Yes, I did see the article where the Israelis are countering the pictures of the swallowing of Palestine by their own "pictures" that state that the Jews have been losing their "land" since biblical times.  These pictures are both ludicrous and laughable, especially the "1920 picture of the "Jewish homeland"" that is based only on the Zionist Jewish claim to Palestine, and not reality at all.  Do these criminals actually think people are that stupid to not see through this deception?.......I did see the article where some psychiatrists are calling into question the sanity of the US President Barry Soetoro/Davis/Obama, and I wonder what took them this long to see the obvious?  Barry is indeed a lunatic, and a threat to not only the US, but the entire planet!  Sadly, most Americans are still too stupid to see the obvious.......Again, it is "seasonal flu" season, and I see people lined up like zombies to take their "flu shots".  I am no longer trying to stop them, because many are too brainwashed now to save.  It is not worth the effort any more.......I see that my favorite English Premier League team, the Arsenal Gunners, are near the top of the table.  Yes, I love Soccer, and it is probably the only sport I ever watch on the Electric Jew......And finally, and sadly, I have nothing new to say when it comes to America's favorite scumbag family, the Kardashians. Sorry to disappoint many this week, and I will try to get my fill of Kardashian news this week.  That should take a whole 2 minutes of time to waste......

More to come



Anonymous said...

Well, never having seen the K-skanks on TalmudVision, I had a twinge of conscience in referring to them as I do....but it passed very quickly today:
NTS, as usual, you were right. 'Skanks' is too kind! And as for the "Scrotes" they hang out with, don't get me started. These are the role models for American and Canadian kids? They're 'down there' with "16 and Pregnant!" What a damning indictment of the N. American educational system, LOL!

The zio-terrorists have already won.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story for you: JYT treats Herr Hitler fairly!

Enjoy! If 'israel's' (spit!) going to start waving Nazis and holo-somethings at us to justify a war, let's wave them right the proper context! Like St. Agustine of Hyppo said, "The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose, and it will defend itself!"

randy said...

Hi, very helpful post. Would it be okay for me to provide a guest post on your site? Thanks!


Noor al Haqiqa said...

A-flucking-mazing that people think Fluckyoushima is a hoax! I mean... omg that blows me away. I have seen the arguments and cannot respond, the idiocy is too great.

Let them come and eat the running-sore covered herring from the local waters. Or the salmon!

Good rant this week... bang on and a good way to catch up on the news. I have been slacking much like Wraithwrite has been. Sort of beyond overload and more concerned with my own care at this time.

No joke, I come home from 3 hours working in a warmish pool and all I am is a limp noodle for the rest of the day! Sitting at the pc is just not a draw.

I am just so tired of our common enemy that, even though I see their work everywhere, I just have to stop thinking about them all the time.

It is as if, the healthier and happier I feel as a result of my attention to myself (for the first time ever), the less I want to bring myself down with them and their trash.

I am tired of repeating myself ~ saturation point has been reached. For the moment. At this point I feel stagnant to be honest.

What can we really do about the environmental horrors? I find living in the one I do to be emotionally draining enough as it is.

These things are NEVER out of my thoughts, my friend. NEVER. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I never forget and remember them with every visual or verbal stimuli.

It is time to clear my head, shake the zionist cobwebs out and refresh myself. I am just tired of every little thing being ruined by these critters.

Anonymous said...

OMG! It's even worse than I thought. The entire universe has gone crazy. Even Yahoo here in Germany is Ooohing and Cooing about America's best loved skanks!
"Kim Kardashian hatte bei diesem Red Carpet-Auftritt in London mit ihrem klitzekleinen Schwarzen wohl weniger auf Skandalpotenzial als auf Eleganz gesetzt. Trotzdem interessierten sich die Paparazzi weniger für Kims heiße Kurven als für die käseweiße Puder-Panne auf ihrem Rücken."

(Kim Kardashian had been set for this red carpet appearance in London in her tiny black dress, with probably less potential for scandal than elegance. Nevertheless, the paparazzi were less interested in Kim's hot curves and more in the white talcum powder on her back.)

Stop the world, I wanna get off!