Sunday, October 6, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Sunday.. A day of rest for most people.... But to me, my day when I take a look at what ails this world and take shots at the criminals behind it....

I did take the last few days off for some much needed rest and relaxation.... Honestly, I have been suffering from a bit of burn out due to the strain from my job, and other personal issues.... I did make a quick call earlier this week to my friend, Whitewraithe, and even she noticed that I was overtired, exhausted, and said I was not taking better care of myself.... It was shortly after that I decided to just say "Screw This" and take a step back for a few days to just let my body recharge..... The rest was much required, and I figure that I will be taking more of them in the near future... Heck, I am now 53 years old and I do need to take better care of my mind and body if I want to be around for the next 30 years at least....

I did keep tabs of what has been going on over the last 5 days, and what I saw is not pretty.  There are so many things screwed up, especially with the world financial crisis unfolding right before our very eyes.  And of course we have the screwed up situation in America with this "Government Shutdown" bullcrap.   So... Again, time to take a close look at these and other issues..... Here goes nothing...

Am I the only one that sees this "Government Shutdown" as completely bogus and nothing more than a massive distraction?   WHY has there been such a panic in the Jewish run American media over the consequences of this "shutdown" when truth must be told that the US government shut down a total of 17 times since the Gerald Ford administration of 1976?   Yes, the US government shut itself down 17 times since 1976 and in each and every time, nothing changed in America.   Americans still went about their daily business and most government offices were open for business.   And essential government services did not close at all.   

It does seem that this latest "shutdown" is indeed a sick ploy by the criminals running the Soetoro/Davis/Obama administration just to force the American people to accept their latest tax grab known as "Obamacare".  These criminals have gone as far as to threaten the closure of Government offices, and even National Parks, to somehow threaten the people that they must accept the latest budget requests including Obamacare.... Or else!    Honestly, if I was living in America right now, I would say for the Government to be permanently shut down, and that I would call for a complete change in the way that the US government is run; Including the scrapping of the US government "borrowing" money from the Jew run Federal Reserve System at interest. That, and the calling of the end of the $17 Trillion owed to this Private Central bank immediately.  Those moves would do wonders in getting America back on the right track.

What has bugged me since this US government "shutdown" is of course the way the Jewish media in America has been falsely promoting this "the sky is falling" crap to brainwash the American people.  Again, I would say to the American people to absolutely not panic, and to understand that this is just another sick ploy by the criminals in your government to force you to accept the newest US government money grabs.  

OK... While this crap of the US government shutdown has been going on, there have been real issues happening elsewhere in the world.... One is of course the latest speech made in front of the UN General Assembly by that ultra criminal and mass murdering thug known as Benyamin Miliewkowsky (Netanyahu).  I did take the time on Tuesday to look closely at the context of this latest speech full of lies and tear it to shreds, but now I will take a close look at some of the falsehoods spewed by this maniac...

What really made me sick in this latest speech by Benny the murderer to the UN was how he went absolutely out of his way to both vilify the peaceful nation of Iran and also attempt (though laughingly) a character assassination of the Iranian President, Rohani.    This psychotic Tay-Sachs syndrome suffering maniac tried again to pull out the false specter of Iranian "nuclear weapons" again and again in his revolting speech, and gave the General Assembly nothing more than false data about Iran's non-existent program.

One massive lie promoted by Benny "Nut And Yahoo" was the lie of Iran building Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles that would be able to hit the United States in a few years.   When I saw that in the speech transcript, I gave myself a head slap and I honestly could not believe what I was seeing..... Iran has not even started a nuclear weapons program, and already this Khazar lunatic is saying they have ICBM's?  

What people need to understand is that developing, building, and deploying ICBM's is absolutely not an easy task.   The United States and Russia took decades to develop and build their own ICBM's and yet Nut And Yahoo says that Iran will have them in just a few years?  WOW!..... Then besides developing the rockets, any nation would have to figure out how to build nuclear bombs to fit within these rockets, and also the components for the rocket to navigate to its target.   What people need to know is that Iran is some 9 thousand miles away from most American cities (via the usual Polar route of most ICBM's), and even the most modern and more sophisticated US ICBM's could barely reach targets within Iran themselves....Therefore, the size of the rockets (considering the distance and need for fuel), navigation components, and guidance systems for such Iranian "ICBM's" are therefore still many years away from actually being build and deployed.    This is why I see this part of the lunatic Nut And Yahoo's speech to be such a laugher and should have everyone actually questioning this maniac's sanity!

What was also missing in this lunatic's speech about ICBM's is of course the FACT that his criminal nation of Israel itself is indeed building ICBM's for its own nuclear arsenal.   As I stated before, there is no purpose for the criminal and lunatic asylum known as Israel to possess ICBM's other than to project its own nuclear power to a global scale and hold the entire world at its mercy.... But of course we are to overlook this horrific development and concentrate on Iran's non-existent ICBM's instead.

The insane idea of Iran building ICBM's from this lunatic was bad enough... But again, he went off on his usual ludicrous tirades about the Iranians developing nuclear POWER and how their research stations were "secret" nuclear weapons development labs... But again, in spite of the IAEA again and again inspecting these facilities, we are supposed to believe that they are somehow being used for nuclear weapons.  And the real hypocrisy here is of course the fact that the criminal and lunatic asylum called Israel has never allowed inspection of its NUCLEAR WEAPONS facility known as Dimona.   I am surprised that few have challenged this lunatic on that fact....

There was nothing truthful at all in Nut And Yahoo's speech to the UN General Assembly.... He had the audacity of bringing up the Palestinian question and even lied to everyone by saying that he has been making peaceful overtures to the Palestinians.   This of course was an outright lie considering that his plans all along have been for the eventual swallowing up of all of the West Bank and leaving the Palestinians with absolutely no chance for a nation of their own....

But enough of the insane Israeli Prime Minister's spews to the UN.... I just read the other day that the US is now conducting operations into Kenya's neighboring nations, especially Somalia, to "go after" the "perpetrators" behind the fraudulent Kenyan Mall "massacre".... I hope that others now see the bigger picture here, where the criminals in the US are using the Kenyan Mall operation as their excuse to put American forces back into the horn of Africa and attack nations for their resources.   It all makes sense now, and shows beyond any doubt that the entire "mall massacre" was indeed a set up and a false flag operation.

Of course we have new evidence that came forward this week where upon further inspection, there is no evidence of Sarin gas at that supposed Assad "chemical weapons" attack in Syria.   But how could there?  It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that this was a set up from the get go, with the murderous mercenary rebels and their American/Israeli handlers doing the "chemical attack" and even putting up very phony videos of "victims" of this attack.   All evidence now shows clearly that this was indeed a false flag attack for the absolute sole purpose of giving the Americans their long needed excuse to invade Syria outright.  When will people learn?

The situation in Syria is not looking good for the murderous mercenary rebels these days... More and more we are seeing the reports of these criminals fighting amongst each other, and losing battle after battle to the good guys, Assad's government forces..... The result now is that these rebels are again crying out for direct US intervention to save their sorry asses.... I do wonder if we will see yet another "false flag" attack in Syria that again the criminals in the US and Israel will try to pin on Assad, just so they can get their long cherished attack on Syria itself off and running.... I said before that the US and Israel are sore losers, and will not quit in their attempts to have Assad either removed or dead....

While again the world is focused on the situation in the Middle East, we have more bad news about the continuing disaster at Fukushima Japan.   Yes, I did read the alarming report earlier this week about how the majority of Blue Fin Tuna now caught off the coast of California in the Pacific Ocean has been found to be radioactive and unsafe for human consumption.   This shows that I and others have been right all along in calling this nuclear disaster in Japan probably the greatest disaster in human history.    The entire north Pacific Ocean fisheries is now destroyed and an entire ecosystem has been poisoned by radio-nucleotides.  The long term damage to the entire planet is still unknown, but now part of our food chain has indeed been contaminated...... We have yet to see the long term affect on human health, but I can guarantee that we will be seeing a very large increase in Cancer cases and other radiation caused sicknesses shortly....

I am still shocked that little has been done by the world's nations in coming up with long term solutions to the Fukushima disaster.  It is also shocking that little has been done to help alleviate the situation immediately to help prevent an even bigger disaster from occuring.... The spent fuel rod pools still have not been emptied, and their dangerous cargo could still collapse and release their deadly radiation into the environment unless a solution is found quickly.   But as I have already stated many times, the world must do as Israel demands and keep their attention on the Middle East and "protecting" the criminal Jewish state above all other matters.   Again, does anyone else see the hypocrisy here?

Well... I guess that is enough for now..... I will close this rant with my usual last minute "tidbits"......  I saw the other day a new Russia Today video where former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney came out and stated clearly that EVERY US congress-critter and rat Senator has to sign a pledge of allegiance to Israel before they can sit in government.   But is anyone actually surprised by this?  The Israelis have long controlled the US government and its about time EVERYONE in America woke up to this horrific fact.......As I warned everyone for the last year at least, the ultra blood thirsty criminal Hillary Rodham Clinton is now making more public appearances in the "run up" for her run for the US Presidency in 2016.   I sure hope the American people are smart enough to not have this murderous psychopath as their next Jewish stooge in the oval office.   I have long called her "Killery the Kackling Kanckled Killer Kommie Khaotic K*ike K*unt Klinton", and I stand behind that assertion......The shooting in Washington DC last week of that woman driver stinks to high heaven, and I see is more "distraction" while America goes to hell.  So many questions, and the "official" narrative does not make any sense at all, especially the fact that the woman's child was pulled from her vehicle BEFORE they shot her to death!  And people cannot see the obvious here?.......Influenza season is beginning to start up, and I see the customary calls for people to go out and get their "seasonal flu shots".   Lets hope more people are finally awake and do not allow their bodies to be injected by poisons......What else is there to say about the lies of Global Warming that have not already been said?  If people are really that stupid that they will fall for the scam and surrender their money to fraudulent carbon taxation, there is little I and others can do.  Some of the dumb ass sheep that continue to believe in this fraud are now beyond hope.... And finally, what everyone always wants to see in this rant, my weekly shot at America's #1 family, the Kardashians.  The Lamar Odom/Khloe "marriage" is finally dissolving, but what else is new?  This entire "marriage" was a farce to begin with.  But honestly, most of these "celebrity" marriages are all farces as well as the fraud  "celebrities" themselves.  It is shocking that this "news" continues to make up most of the crap entertainment news and garbage tabloid news in America while more important economic and political issues abound world wide.  Again, this shows how America is now on the road to its demise.....

More to come



Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right about the phony shutdown. The purpose is to inflict as much misery and inconvenience as possible on the people at the bottom of the heap, to get them to scream to turn the goodies faucet back on, even if it means they have to swallow OsamaCare(R).

The other thing that is worrying me is that I have heard absolutely nothing about the gold and silver markets for going on about 3 weeks now. That tells me that something nasty is being brewed backstage.

Anonymous said...

If the majority of Blue Fin Tuna fish off the coast of California are contaminated with radioactivity, I would imagine the majority all sea life off the coast of California is also contaminated with radioactivity now. It follows the majority of all sea food caught off the coast of California is unsafe for human consumption, as radioactivity is not just going to effect one type or species of fish, the radioactivity will effect all sea life.

Some say Usrael hit Fukushima. A nuke set-off under water off the coast and/or via the Stuxnet virus, or both in-conjunction. It struck me as very odd the Israelis were in charge of security at Fukushima. They seem to be everywhere there is a war, a false-flag, and everywhere there is a disaster.

If true Fukushima was an intentional man-made disaster, it will be one greatest crimes in human history -- which is saying a hell of a lot -- as Fukushima truly will turn out to be the one of the greatest disasters in human history, if not The greatest disaster. I agree with your assessment.

In addition to an increase in cancer, soon there will be an increase in severe birth defects also. Much of the cancer and the birth defects in the USA since 1945is because of all the nuclear testing that went on in the Western USA since 1945. Above ground tests ended in 1961. Yet, the radioactivity still remains above-ground with us. It's in the water, the soil, in the air we breathe.[ I don't trust the underground tests either]. The cancer rate and the rate of birth defects went sky-high after 1945. The rates remain sky-high.

The big brouhaha over cigarettes/cancer is a giant cover up for the fact the nuclear tests in the Western US from 1945-1961 is the real reason for the high cancer rates in the States. The US has the lowest percentage of smokers, per capita, than any other country, yet the US has the highest cancer rates in the world. While smoking isn't healthy, it's not the real reason for so much cancer, not really. It's because of all the radioactivity dumped on the USA from 1945 to 1961.

People smoked a lot more, per capita, before WW2, yet cancer was hardly heard of. It was rare. [smoking definitely causes emphysema, so I'm not promoting cigarettes]. Marijuana is very harsh on the lungs too, by the way. It's not the health panacea so many claim.

If the UN was for real, if the UN was really all about peace and what's best for humankind, the UN would be focusing on Fukushima and encouraging all the countries in the world to gather as many scientific/technological resources and tools as possible to stop the flood-tide of radioactivity. Yet, the UN is silent, as if the Fukushima disaster doesn't even exist. I don't trust the UN either.

If Fukushima is not stopped, eventually all the oceans and seas in the world will be radioactive, as all the oceans and seas in the world are very much connected. There's really just one ocean on our planet. We give different sections of this one ocean different names, but it's really just one ocean.

And yes, Fukushima will prove to be one of the greatest disasters in human history -- if not The greatest disaster.

Whoever wins the up-coming World War Three will be winning a destroyed, radioactive, and uninhabitable world, so what exactly is the point?

~ Tony ~