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More Exposure Of The MYTH Of The Jewish "Race": DNA Samples Confirm Ashkenazi Jews Are Of European Descent!

First, I must again reiterate that I have been taking some extra time off now and then to concentrate on personal issues.... I am a very busy individual and it has been tough over the last while to do any articles at this blog.... I am however still keeping abreast of all the latest news and will post material here every chance I get....

Saying that, I came across a most interesting article just yesterday that again reinforces what I have always said about the Jews absolutely NOT being a "distinct" race of mankind.   This article is from the website: "Science World Report" at, and is entitled: "DNA Samples Confirm Ashkenazi Jews Are Of European Descent", and is a must read by everyone... I have this important article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

DNA Samples Confirm Ashkenazi Jews are of European Descent: Study

Benita Matilda

DNA Samples Confirm Ashkenazi Jews are of European Descent: Study
DNA Samples Confirm Ashkenazi Jews are of European Descent: Study (Photo : Flickr/ynse)
A latest DNA study solves the long standing controversy regarding the origin of Europe's Ashkenazi Jews stating that their maternal lineage came from Europe.

The researchers at the University of Huddersfield used archaeogenetics to solve the controversy of the origin of Ashkenazi Jews of whether they migrated from Palestine in the first century AD or  their ancestors were Europeans who converted to Judaism. They analysed the DNA samples to investigate the prehistoric settlements of Europe by migrants from Near East.
Analysis of the mitochondrial DNA samples revealed that the Ashkenazim female line descended from southern and western Europe and not the near East.  DNA analysis claims that most of the Ashkenazi Jews were at least half genetically Europeans debunking the previous assumptions that they were of Middle Eastern region.
"The origins of the Ashkenazim is one of the big questions that people have pursued again and again and never really come to a conclusive view," said Professor Martin Richards, head of the Archaeogenetics Research Group based at the University of Huddersfield and co-author of the study, who has described the new data as "compelling". 
Ashkenazi in Hebrew means 'Germans' and is used for Jews of eastern European origin who historically spoke Yiddish or Judeo-German language. Not much is known about the history of Ashkenazi Jews before they moved out from the Mediterranean and settled in present day Poland around the 12thCentury.  
According to Dr. Harry Ostrer, pathology, pediatrics and genetics professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, on an average, all Ashkenazi Jews are genetically as closely related to each other as fourth or fifth cousins, LiveScience reports. 
In the current study, the researchers found that a majority of Ashkenazi Jewish lineages were closely linked to the Southern and Western Europe and they were residing in Europe for thousands of years.
‌"This suggests that, even though Jewish men may indeed have migrated into Europe from Palestine around 2000 years ago, they seem to have married European women," states Professor Richards. 
By studying the mitochondrial genomes from more than 3,500 people from Europe, the Near East, the Caucasus, including the Ashkenazi Jews, the researchers discovered that they basically originated some 10,000 - 20,000 years ago. They found that four founders were responsible for 40 percent of Ashkenazi mitochondrial DNA. More than 80 percent of the maternal lineages of the Ashkenazi Jews could be traced to Europe, NBC News reports.   
This genetic study confirms that Ashkenazi women were basically converts from local European population.
"....This suggests that, in the early years of the Diaspora, Judaism took in many converts from amongst the European population, but they were mainly recruited from amongst women. Thus, on the female line of descent, the Ashkenazim primarily trace their ancestry neither to Palestine nor to Khazaria in the North Caucasus - as has also been suggested - but to southern and western Europe," according to the press release.
The findings are documented in the journal Nature Communications.

NTS Notes: Now, a reality check.... The Ashkenazi Jews are of course absolutely not a "distinct race" period, no matter how much these criminal psychos try to pass themselves off as such.

I will not get into the ridiculous arguments from those within the CI community that somehow have blinded themselves to the true nature of Judaism as a criminal cult of psychos and instead have continued to argue falsely that Jews are a "separate race of mankind"..... Those in the CI crowd do not realize that they are falling into a trap, simply because the Jews want to have themselves pictured as a distinct race so that they in their twisted logic can somehow (a) claim that because they are "distinct" that they do have the "right" to fight for their "survival" against the rest of mankind that in their twisted logic is "out to annihilate" them...and (b) claim their "ancestral" rights to the land of Palestine, which of course is absolutely not theirs to begin with.

What this article shows is what I and others have been trying to tell everyone for years... These arch criminal psychos are MONGRELS who CONVERTED to the sick religion of Judaism, and are not a distinct race... This religious group contains in fact the DNA of a multitude of races.....  What I interpret from this article is the fact that the Ashkenazi Jews are not only converts to Judaism, but have their DNA markers showing European ancestry through the thousands of years of breeding with Europeans, and converting some, as they migrated across Europe (as well as being sent running from nation to nation as well)!

But this is logical... If the Ashkenazi had kept to themselves exclusively and only bred amongst themselves, their entire DNA pool would have been severely damaged, and most probably collapsed centuries ago.  They, like other human beings require reinforcement of the gene pool through mixing with other people to strengthen their DNA..... Thus the need to have new converts from time to time to their sick twisted cult....

One major part of this article that I do disagree with is the notion that Jewish men were from Palestine and "married European women" in their travels.... To me, that is hogwash, and is there just to somehow still justify the false Jewish claim to Palestine itself... As far as I am concerned, the findings in this article just proves again that ALL Ashkenazi Jews are converts with no ties to the region of Palestine, period....

But many will say that it calls into question the idea that the Ashkenazi are exclusively the descendants of the Khazars that converted to Judaism in the 9th century AD... .On the contrary, to me this shows that the converts to Judaism were quite widespread across all of Europe as well.  This article just reinforces the fact that the Jews are indeed MONGRELS and are a religious group composed of many races of mankind......

Another nail in the coffin of the idea of the Jews being a "distinct race" as far as I am concerned.... I have always said that a religion does not make a "race".

More to come


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