Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Upcoming War On Syria: The Lies Of The Chemical Weapon Attack Are Falling Apart- UK Now Says Evidence Has Been Destroyed (!)

Yes, I have continued to tune into the Jew media Talmud-Vision to see what the liars are now saying about Syria.... It is so amazing that these liars and criminals are continuing to harp religiously that an attack on Syria is "necessary" due to Assad using "chemical weapons" on his own people.   In most cases the liars cannot even keep their facts straight and all we see now is pure unadulterated Bull Crap....

Just this morning, I came across a most interesting article that made me do a slap to my own forehead in disgust... And I want to share that information with all of my own readers to view.... It comes from an article from the Reuters online news service, at, and is a real laugher... The article is entitled: "Britain Says Syria Chemical Weapons Evidence May Already Be Destroyed", and is one of the most ridiculous stories that I have seen coming out of the liars over the last week.... I have that  Reuters article right here for everyone to have a good chuckle, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Britain says Syria chemical attack evidence may already be destroyed

LONDON | Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:25pm EDT
(Reuters) - Britain said on Sunday that evidence of a chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus could have already been destroyed ahead of a visit to the site by U.N. inspectors.

Earlier in the day Syria agreed to let experts from the United Nations on Monday visit the site of the reported poisonous gas attack which killed hundreds of people on Wednesday of last week.

"We have to be realistic now about what the U.N. team can achieve," Foreign Secretary William Hague told reporters.

"The fact is that much of the evidence could have been destroyed by that artillery bombardment. Other evidence could have degraded over the last few days and other evidence could have been tampered with," he said, referring to opposition activists' reports that the army has shelled the area in the last few days.

Hague said that all evidence pointed towards the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, and that such attacks demanded a strong international response.

"We cannot in the 21st century allow the idea that chemical weapons can be used with impunity," Hague said. "We believe it's very important that there is a strong response and that dictators ... know that the use of chemical weapons is to cross a line and that the world will respond when that line is crossed."

(Reporting by William James; Editing by Jon Boyle)

NTS Notes:  When I first read this...I thought logically, and said to myself..."Oh come on, now!  How ridiculous does this have to get before everyone sees the truth?".....

The fact is that if chemical weapons were even used, the residue from these chemicals would indeed still be at the crime scene even now.... And WHY would Assad attempt to "tamper" with the evidence, considering that he wants the world to investigate this incident, show his innocence, and show them exactly who is responsible?

It does seem that the criminals are now reaching for the most stupid excuses to continue to prop up their lies and falsehoods about Assad using chemical weapons on his own people.... The fact is that there is no evidence that Assad did the deed at all, so now they are trying this ridiculous and lame excuse that the evidence has already been..."destroyed"?   Do they truly think that everyone with any brains are this gullible????

Lets get the facts straight here... This push for war on Syria is based on nothing but pure lies... The liars want another innocent nation destroyed for the glory of Israel.....And they care not that the world is now aware of their lies, and will only push ahead on their lust for murder and possibly World War III.

Please take this article and show everyone how the liars are now going for the most implausible excuses possible...... This mad rush for war must end immediately.

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Anonymous said...

The politicians think they finally succeeded in making us brain-dead.

Well well, please try again next week..

Jody Paulson said...

I guess that makes as much sense as burying bin Laden at sea ...:/

kerdasi amaq said...

This article should be interesting.

If sarin has indeed been smuggled into Syria by Qaela-linked guerrillas, as claimed by local residents, then the main danger was to their own lives. The handling of sarin is much too complicated for layman, and just by opening a container of liquid or trying to mix a binary formula, the insurgents would kill themselves and nearby civilians. That is a probable cause of why so few deaths, less than 400 fatalities according to doctors, were reported inside a small radius. By comparison, aerial dispersal by rocket would have taken thousands of lives.

Anyway, the Washington regime must believe their own lies. That's all that really matters to them.

Greg Bacon said...

The cruise missiles, then bombs, will start falling on Syria by next week, thanks to a Jew owned Congress caving in and giving Israel what they want.

When America finally collapses financially from waging all those wars for the Jews, will Americans wake up then, or will it take a 'Star of David' shaped mushroom could bursting overhead to wake the dumb fucks up?

Anonymous said...

Do they truly think that everyone with any brains are this gullible????