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The Upcoming War On Syria (Momentarily Delayed): Speaking Of Chemical Weapons - What About Israel's Arsenal?

Yes, it does appear that an outright attack by the United States against the innocent nation of Syria has been delayed for the time being... But what is not being told is that in spite of direct military intervention by the cirminals in the United States, their government has now been pouring in massive amounts of supplies to their insurgent criminal mercenaries, also known as the "rebels".    This battle for Syria is not over by a long shot...

With the Syrians agreeing to put their chemical weapons arsenal under international control,  there have been many people that have said that it is fine that Syria's chemical weapons have been removed from any equation for war, but what about the real problem in the region, which is the criminal state of Israel and its massive arsenal of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons?

For this article, I want to bring forward a new article from my friend and fellow Canadian, "Penny" who writes the blog: Penny For Your Thoughts, at www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com   It is entitled: "Speaking Of Chemical Weapons - What About Israel's Arsenal?"  and just as the title suggests, it takes a good look at Israel's massive arsenal that both governments and media absolutely go out of their way to avoid.....  I have that article here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Speaking of chemical weapons.... What about Israel's arsenal?

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Syria deal shines light on Israel's chemical arsenal
Israel signed the landmark international treaty banning the production or use of chemical weapons two decades ago, but it is among a handful of nations that have never ratified the deal. While foreign experts widely believe that Israel likely possesses a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons, Israeli officials refuse to confirm or deny the existence of any such arsenal.
Defense Minister Amir Peretz declined to discuss the country’s chemical weapons capabilities but said the international community’s attitude toward Israel is “different” from Syria.
 Why so secretive Israeli Defense Minister? Hiding something?
As a member of the 'international community' I would like to see Israel equally held to account.

Israel has been similarly vague about foreign reports of a nuclear arsenal, a policy of ambiguity aimed at deterring its enemies. But following the weekend deal between the U.S. and Russia to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons by mid-2014, voices have emerged calling on the government to take similar steps.
 “I do believe that the Israeli government should be open about this issue, should say what arsenal, if any, it does have and should strive for an international agreement to keep all these kinds of weapons outside of the Middle East,” said opposition lawmaker Dov Khenin.
 The liberal daily Haaretz wrote in an editorial Monday that the chemical disarmament of Syria gives Israel an opportunity to finally ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention.
“It would be a pity if in the future Israel finds itself in the position of Syria — forced to sign the convention under international pressure,” the newspaper said.
 Paul Hirschson, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, said Israel could not ratify the treaty in such an uncertain environment.
Well, if Israel can't ratify the treaty due to an uncertain environment why should Syria?
Why should any other nation? Israeli stance = Hypocrisy
Particularly when one considers that Israel has been involved so deeply in creating the 'uncertain environment' present today in Syria.

From earlier today:   Ambassador Oren: Israel has wanted Assad ousted since BEFORE Syria war began

“Israel’s lack of transparency has led to a continued suspicion that a chemical weapons program is in place, although we are unable to confirm this or provide any further details,”

 In a report this month, Foreign Policy magazine published what it said was a secret 1983 CIA document outlining evidence that Israel possessed a chemical weapons stockpile of unknown size, likely developed in the 1970.

  “Several indicators lead us to believe that they have available to them at least persistent and nonpersistent nerve agents, a mustard agent, and several riot-control agents, matched with suitable delivery systems,” the document says.

There will be more info forthcoming! 

NTS Notes:  We have seen for the last month all the Jewish controlled media go absolutely hog wild about Syria's chemical weapons arsenal, and of course the false claims that Assad used them on his own people.. But nowhere have we seen any of these criminals and liars even touch on Israel's massive stockpile right next door to Syria itself!   The hypocrisy is overwhelming...

Israel sits on not only chemical weapons, but a massive stockpile of both biological weapons and even nuclear weapons that it would use in a heartbeat against most of its Arab neighbors, and the entire world as well.....

It is high time that people stop avoiding the reality of Israel's weapons, and with the request that Syria surrender its weapons to international control, then the criminal state of Israel should be asked to do the same...But with the Jewish control over governments and media, Israel will be allowed to keep their weapons, while other nations are asked to surrender theirs.....Again, does anyone else see the hypocrisy here?

More to come


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A leaked draft of a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is understood to concede that the computer predictions for global warming and the effects of carbon emissions have been proved to be inaccurate

The report, to be published later this month, is a six year assessment which is seen as the gospel of climate science and is cited to justify fuel taxes and subsidies for renewable energy.

Other admission in the latest document include that forecast computers may not have taken enough notice of natural variability in the climate, therefore exaggerating the effect of increased carbon emissions on world temperatures.

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