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The Upcoming War On Syria: I Was Wondering When The Criminals Would Finally Scream "Holocaust" Or "Hitler", And John Kohn Is Right On Cue.....

I have been keeping up with all of the information coming out fast and furiously in both the blogosphere and the lying scumbag mainstream media, and I have long wondered... When will the criminals who want war on Syria, finally either scream "Holocaust" or even better, try to somehow link Bashar al-Assad with "Adolf Hitler"?  From what we know about the Jewish criminality, if in doubt wave the "Holocaust" or "Hitler" to get their brainwashed Gentile slaves back on a war footing....

Well, it seems that since nothing else has worked to get American public support for an attack on Syria, the criminal US Secretary of State is finally playing the "Hitler" card.. For according to the following article from the Guardian online news service out of the United Kingdom, at, John Kohn (Kerry) is ridiculously comparing Bashar al-Assad to "Adolf Hitler"!  

Here is that Guardian news article for all of my own readers to read in disgust... And I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

When in doubt, say 'Hitler'

Faced with sparse support for launching cruise missiles into a civil war, John Kerry compared Bashar al-Assad to Adolf Hitler

JP Sottile, 

Thursday 5 September 2013 19.30 BST

Adolf Hitler
John Kerry compared Bashar al-Assad to Adolf Hitler. Photograph: Roger Viollet Collection/Getty Images
Poor Pol Pot.
He just can't get any respect. Despite a solid resume as a crazed, brutal dictator responsible for killing approximately 1.7 million of his own people, his name never comes up when the caretakers of American empire set their sights on an enemy du jour.
The same goes for Josef Stalin, Chairman Mao, General Franco, Idi Amin, Attila the Hun, Caligula and Vlad the Impaler.
No, when it's time to fire up the Great American Fear Factory for another "lobbying blitz" and bellicose "product launch", America's policymakers conjure up the darkest star of human history. They say "Hitler".
Saddam Hussein? Say "Hitler".
Slobodan Milosevic? Say "Hitler".
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Say "Hitler".
And now, as if on cue, Secretary of State John Kerry said "Hitler".
Faced with sparse domestic and international support for launching expensive cruise missiles into the middle of a civil war, Kerry re-booted the Hitler franchise by comparing Syria's Bashar al-Assad to history's first name in unchecked evil. In fact, he compared Assad to Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Looks like Saddam is now in an elite class of evildoer.
Evoking Hitler is the foreign policy equivalent of yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. Comparisons to Hitler are meant to spark an immediate, visceral reaction and designed to "clear out the building". Once the dissent leaves the room, the debate has effectively ended. It also demarcates a rhetorical red line. If you cross it, you are siding with Hitler.
And no one wants to be on the side of Hitler.
At least, that's what Team Obama is banking on with its next "lite" war. The peace prize president likes bombs and missiles and drones, and that means war without American body bags and graves and, therefore, much domestic fallout.
Team Obama is also banking on ignorance – of historical context and basic historical facts – on the part of the media, members of Congress and the American people. Adolf Hitler started the second world war. He invaded Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. More than 20 million Russians died. So did 2.5% of the world's entire population. Hitler declared war on the United States without direct provocation and, when coupled with casualties fighting Hitler's Japanese allies in the Pacific,some 400,000 Americans (pdf) died. And then there is the Holocaust. Six million European Jews died in a systematic genocidal pogrom.
Bashar al-Assad, on the other hand, is fighting a complicated civil war with competing ethnic, religious and proxy factions. He has invaded no one. Declared war on no one. But he is a dictator. Some 100,000 people have died. And, according to Team Obama and their French partners, he used chemical weapons on his "own people".
That fact does make him comparable to another Baathist bad guy – Saddam Hussein. According to Kerry, Saddam's use of gas on his "own people" and on Iranian people sets him apart from guys like Stalin and Mao who, history has shown, are responsible for the deaths of millions of people. But does that make him Hitler?
Rather, was Saddam, like Bashar, more comparable to other dictators and despots of the 20th century? How about the Shah of Iran, General Suharto, General Pinochet or Colonel Qaddafi?
They all ruled with iron-fisted brutality – as evidenced by the Shah's infamous SAVAK, Suharto's purges of communists and political opponents, and Pinochet's bloody, neo-fascist repression. They all subverted democracy. They all killed their "own people".
Perhaps the problem with those far more rational comparisons is that those dictators were all supported by the United States. Even Qaddafi had his day in the sun after 9/11 "changed everything" and he traded his WMDs and access to his oil for a free pass from Washington. In fact, the 20th century saw both tacit and explicit US support of various repressions, dictatorships, mass killings and, in a particularly woeful period during the 1980s, Central American death squads. So far – from Egypt to Saudi Arabia and across Central Asia – the 21st century isn't much better.
But the problem is even deeper than that litany of compromised values.
If chemical weapons are sui generis – thus, uniquely abhorrent – then it is truly unfortunate that Kerry lumped Assad with Saddam the very same week that documents confirmed US implicit and active support for Saddam's use of chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War. What's more, the US did nothing when he used them on his "own people". Maybe that was because Saddam was gassing the Kurds, which was quietly welcomed by America's steadfast allies in Turkey who, like US client Saddam, were also fighting an internal war against Kurdish rebels.
Apparently, Kerry and his pals don't read Foreign Policy magazine or, for that matter, much actual history. Or, if they do, they must hope that Congress and the media don't dust off books or search the web. They might find that it was just a short time ago that a "rendition-obsessed" US government apparently sent "suspects" to be tortured by Assad's regime.
However, Kerry's knack for revisionism is nothing new. Remember that classic line from the 2004 election about funding for the Iraq War? While choking on some pretzel logic, Kerry said, "I actually did vote for the $87bn before I voted against it."
Well, he may also have been for Bashar before he was against him. Until the Arab Spring came along, Assad was a darling of Washington'sforeign policy and media establishment. Now, also as if on cue, the Daily Mail publishes a cozy picture of then-Senator Kerry and his wife sharing dinner with the Assads in 2009 to discuss, perhaps, regional peace efforts. Although we don't know what was said, the picture is reminiscent of Don Rumsfeld's famous, grainy handshake picture with then-dictator Saddam Hussein in 1983.
And that's history. No matter how much Team Obama refuses to acknowledge it, it does have a nasty habit of repeating itself – like those incessant Nazi documentaries on the History Channel. Hopefully, enough people have watched enough Nazivision to see that this sad, belligerent effort to protect Obama's credibility strains the bounds of credulity.
Who knows, if he keeps on keeping on ... maybe he'll join a long line of people and presidents who've also been compared to Hitler.
If nothing else, he won't be compared to Pol Pot.
This column originally appeared on Newsvandal.

NTS Notes:  It should be obvious to everyone by now that the criminal Jews are absolutely desperate in their attempts to get the US public to go to war on Syria.... I knew it would be only a matter of time before they tried this sickening ploy.... THIS is desperation indeed...

The problem is that from what we are rapidly discovering about our true history, Adolf Hitler was absolutely not the horrendous monster that the Jews have always tried to promote... His only crime it seems was to defy these criminals and try to free his nation of Germany from the shackles of criminal Usury banking.... It took a world war and three major Jewish controlled nations to finally defeat him.   Many people today upon re-examining the truth about the second World War and about Hitler himself are finally realizing that we fought World War II on the wrong side!

But thanks to the constant brainwashing and vilification of Adolf Hitler in our fraudulent history books,  associating any world leader with Hitler these days automatically has everyone falsely thinking that leader to be somehow "evil" and that he must be stopped.....

The criminal Kohn and his Jewish cohorts are still hoping that the Hitler card can be played on a gullible public, and sadly many will still fall for this lie......

Let us all get past this stupid ploy being used by the Jews and stick to the facts... Assad did not gas his own people, and this call to war on Syria is just another war for the insane state of Israel itself.   It must be stopped immediately.

More to come



Anonymous said...

"Jewish" anything belongs in the OVENS of Truth...

No one on Earth HAS to live in the stool sculpture deity cult compound..

there were never any so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament...speaking "Yiddish" with a "JEW" York city nasal whine...

Jesus said put the "TARES"...
workers of iniquity in the OVENS....of Truth.

slap a braindeadgoy with truth UPSIDE THE HEAD...for Jesus.

Anonymous said...

NTS...this is the week to be very, very afraid. It is the the week of the Days of Awe, leading up to Yom Kippur. The evening of Yom Kippur is when the 'chosennites' lie to G'd's face, telling that they renounce all their promises and oaths until Yom Kippur next year. It also seems to coincide with their murderous military misadventures.
Obongo has reserved time on the networks to address the nation on Tuesday Sept. 10....coincidence? I don't think so! I smell a very large rat.

More on these high holidays here:

As always NTS, great work. You KNOW 'they're' up to something when they start wagging the Hitler and the 'holocaust' at us!

Anonymous said...

Great hypothesis by insiam:

"Doesn't Russia produce the most grand masters.

I once worked with a guy that fought Ali. He was working as a scaffolder on a north sea oil rig back in the eighties after being robbed of his earnings by his management. He never stood a chance with Ali. it was purely business. Anyhow he told me that after 2 or 3 rounds of Ali playing with him, Ali leaned towards him and whispered 'count to ten Joe'. He told me that he only ever got to 3 before Ali put him to sleep.

It is a common thing in the world of boxing to put 'chumps' up against the real masters as the big prize lay later in the game.

Obama is the chump in this game."

I'd like to expand on this meme.

I recall a story from way back stating Saddam contacted the White House for a green light to attack Kuwait who he had proof was slant drilling into Iraquian oil. He got the D.C. OK to invade, and when he did the US and its allies immediately condemned him for a war of aggression, and invaded and defeated Iraq in 1993.

Suppose Russia remembers full well the 66 million Russians killed by the zionist Bolsheviks from 1917-1952 and they have been biding their time for revenge. The chump puppet Obama is playing directly into their hands to give them a casus belli to turn the so called zionist state of israel into a glass parking lot. Nitwityahoo gets to be the 2013 Saddam Hussein and Russia gets a long deserved meal served best cold.

Checkmate and match.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Good article but the comparison to Hitler is actually pretty old hat if you do an internet search for assad/hitler.

Stole the article!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes, Noor... But the point is that the crypto Jew, Kohn, has brought it up as a repetitive ploy always used by these criminals...