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The Upcoming (Illegal And Very Criminal) War On Syria: "Coalition" Of Nations That The US Has Counted On For Attacking Syria Is Collapsing - France Has Backed Out!

The rush to war is on... Right now, the US has moved large naval forces into the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and has placed its operatives in and around Syria for the planned assault on that innocent nation that could happen as early as this coming Tuesday!   It is sickening to see that the absolutely brainwashed and ignorant American public are still not doing enough to stop this insane rush to war based on lies.....

But today there is some good news... The United States has been banking on a "coalition" of many allied nations to support it when it launches its attack on Syria.   But that coalition has been disintegrating slowly, with first Britain backing out of the attack last week when the criminal Jewish Prime Minister, David Cameron, lost the crucial vote in the British Parliament for war.... And now comes some equally good news, for according to this article from the Military News online, at, it appears that France has now also backed out of support for a strike on Syria as well!   First, here is that Military news article for everyone to see for themselves.....And I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

France Backs off Support for Syrian Strike

Sep 07, 2013

hollande and obama
France backed away Friday from joining the U.S. in swift military action against Syria, isolating President Obama even more as he threatens limited strikes on the Damascus regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons.
France had been the only nation to agree to the joint use of force with the U.S. against Syria, but French President Francois Hollande said he is now waiting for a report from United Nations weapons inspectors on whether chemical weapons were used in the Aug. 21 rocket attacks on the Damascus suburbs.
"We shall await the report of the inspectors just as we will await [the U.S.] Congress," Hollande said at a news conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he was attending an economic summit with Obama and other world leaders.

UN officials have said the report of the weapons inspectors may not be ready until October, and they have stressed that the findings will only show whether chemical weapons were used, and not who was responsible. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly charged that rebel forces may have been to blame, and not the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Before President Obama's surprise announcement last Saturday that he would seek Congressional authorization for strikes on Syria, Hollande said that the French military would support U.S. action. France has Rafale and French Mirage 2000 fighters armed with SCALP cruise missiles that could have been used as standoff weapons in an attack coordinated with U.S. air and naval assets.
At a meeting with Hollande, Obama did not directly address the French change of course. Instead, Obama thanked Hollande for his general agreement "that the chemical weapons ban is a critical international norm, and that it needs to be enforced."
At his own news conference before leaving St. Petersburg, Obama said that he would address the nation on Tuesday night on his judgment that that the U.S. must act against Syria, even if traditional allies such as Britain and France have chosen to stay on the sidelines.
"What I've been emphasizing, and will continue to stress, is that the Assad regime's brazen use of chemical weapons isn't just a Syrian tragedy, it's a threat to global peace and security," Obama said.
"Failing to respond to this breach of this international norm would send a signal to rogue nations, authoritarian regimes, and terrorist organizations that they can develop and use weapons of mass destruction and not pay a consequence," Obama said. "And that's not the world that we want to live in."
Obama also gave his most detailed explanation for taking the issue to Congress, while claiming that he was not legally required to get authorization for strikes on Syria.
"I did not put this before Congress just as a political ploy or as symbolism," Obama said. "I put it before Congress because I could not honestly claim that the threat posed by Assad's use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians and women and children posed an imminent, direct threat to the United States."
"In that situation, obviously, I don't worry about Congress," Obama said. "We do what we have to do to keep the American people safe."
In the case of Syria, Obama said his generals have assured him that the U.S. military "could act today, tomorrow, a month from now."

NTS Notes:  This is indeed great news... For the criminals in the US and Israel were indeed counting on the French for support, and have the French push the EU for support as well for an attack on Syria.....

With France now backing out in supporting the US and Israel in their blood thirsty rush to war on another innocent nation... Who is left in this "coalition" of nations to attack Syria?   The answer is... Nobody now, other than the criminal nations of the US and Israel!

The facts are now becoming crystal clear...In spite of all the fraudulent rhetoric put out by the criminals in the US Government, the World is no longer fooled by the lies of Assad launching chemical weapons on his own people, and with that all support for the United States in its insane rush to war on an innocent Syria has almost totally collapsed...

What we are witnessing is the onset of a new world war that could very well see the United States and Israel versus almost everyone else on the planet.... This insanity will cost the lives of thousands, if not millions of Americans alone, and possibly billions of innocent people world wide....

I am truly hoping that the American people do something between now and this Tuesday, and very quickly... A new revolution is desperately required in the American republic by the American people that will not only restore order, but finally remove all the criminals and pro-Israel critters occupying the federal government that lust for war.....

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