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Remembering 9-11: Article From Whitewraithe - 9/11: 3000 Innocent Victims, And Other Random Thoughts 12 Years Later

It is now the 12th anniversary of the Israeli Mossad attack on America known forever as "9-11".   It is so astounding that now, 12 years after the fact, that most Americans and still many around the world are under the false believe that this pre-planned and absolutely horrendous attack on the United States was conducted by "19 A-rabs hijacking aircraft using box cutters".   I for one have long hoped that America would have finally awakened to the truth that their so called "ally" Israel did the deed....

For this article, I want to present the following new report from my friend, Whitewraithe, who along with being my collaborator at this site, also writes her own blog, "Pragmatic Witness" at   It is entitled: " 9/11: 3000 Innocent Victims, And Other Random Thoughts 12 Years Later", and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

9/11: 3000 innocent victims and other random thoughts 12 years later

On this 12th anniversary of September 11, 2001, I am oddly reminded of one of the very first paranormal television shows, The Twilight Zone, created by Rod Serling.

A ‘twilight zone’ is broadly defined as an ambiguous region between two categories or states or conditions usually containing some features of both, the lowest level of the ocean to which light can reach, and no man’s land.
The state of post 9/11 America is an ambiguous country populated by those that know the truth, and those that cannot see the truth regardless of the amount of rational, logical evidence placed before them.  These Americans reside on the bottom of a metaphorical ocean where the light of truth cannot penetrate – a “twilight zone.”

9/11, though, is another 800-pound gorilla in the room that refuses to retreat until the deaths of 3000 innocent Americans are posthumously rewarded with the justice they so richly deserve.  These innocents were sacrificed on the altar of the most recognized buildings in the country for the sake and security of the most evil, vile nation on the planet: Israel.  For now, what we can do is to assure that their lives were not given in vain and provide a worthy meaning to their deaths.  We owe them that much and so much more.  The innocents of 9/11 actually hold the keys to the kingdom, a.k.a., the truth.  There is only one truth behind 9/11, and it is this -

9/11 was a false-flag operation brilliantly planned and orchestrated by members of both the United States and Israel along with their security branches the C.I.A. and Mossad for the sake of drawing America into a war with the Arab world to destabilize the middle east both physically and financially so that Jewish usury could be set up in those nations that previously declined a central bank, and for the hegemony of Greater Israel.

Syria and Iran are the last two countries without the IMF’s central bank.  Why do you think Obama wants to attack Syria and destroy that country too?  At the heart of the Syrian Crisis are the machinations of Israel, and they are ready to pounce by any means necessary even it means exploding a nuclear weapon.   Only when the middle east is completely cleansed of the true Semites will Israel feel safe in that region.  Plus the size of Israel will quadruple a couple of times over.

Twelve long years since that tragic day and there hasn’t been one culprit arrested, brought to trial or convicted for the deaths of 3000 innocent Americans.  Is that not in itself somewhat strange, even bizarre? 

Ask yourself; why would the United States deny justice to 3000 taxpayers murdered in a terrorist attack? 

What we do know is that the families of the innocent victims were paid for their silence, drugged, and some even disappeared never to be seen or heard from again.  The answer then should be obvious: certain factions within the U.S. government wanted this unfortunate circumstance of 9/11 silenced – for good.

I’m surprised that we haven’t heard something about New York city being utterly haunted with ghostly apparitions appearing before visitors at the former Ground Zero.  Whatever the afterlife holds I know in my soul that these innocents are not at rest, and never will be until they are vindicated by the country that betrayed them.

So, post 9/11 America rages on in a silent war of ideas and differences largely based on religious dogma.  As it turned out, religion was Israel’s trump card for their mass mind-control of Americans; especially through the fundamental, or charismatic faiths that staunchly believe “Jews” are God’s chosen people.  Numbering in the millions they would never betray their faith for a bit of secular truth no matter the cost, and they would die to defend that faith.  So engrained is their faith that they shun every road that may lead to reason and logic to explain the world as it really is, therefore, 9/11 is a moot point.

9/11 remains the great divide in a national melting-pot of humanity that is being slowly disenfranchised and relegated to the dust bin of history.

Other more alarming truths have emerged since 9/11, as well.

The awakened learned that America is not a democracy and hasn’t been since 1871.  America is a corporation, and further, still a British colony.  The elected officials are not elected at all, they are bought and paid for with Jewish blood money to do the bidding of their masters on pain of blackmail and even death.  The halls and bowels of Washington, D.C. are filled with cowardly, self-absorbed vipers that care nothing about their alleged constituents, or the nation.  The Jewish oligarchy that actually operates the United States enacted a slow-kill process decades ago to deplete the population from water fluoridation, later chemtrails, and now the food supply which has been heavily poisoned by Monsanto.

With the passage of not one, but two Patriot Acts, America is effectively a ‘police state’ run by a corrupt para-militarized law enforcement that would rather kill you than give you the benefit of doubt.  Our national airports are now legalized Gestapo check points where crude TSA agents can legally molest you, your children, and your grandmother all for the sake of alleged security reasons based on a tumultuous lie that Arabs hate our freedoms all courtesy of the Jewish Homeland Security.  All “civil liberties” are gone with the wind, the only thing Americans have left are their weapons and the Jews want those too…..from my cold dead hand!

The Jewish entertainment industry deliberately undermined the moral fiber of America and effectively destroyed the Christian institutions of marriage and family so that our children could be raised by the state ‘village’.  The CIA Jews continue to ply city streets with deadly drugs, the fraudulent Jewish medical industry unceasingly vaccinates our children with additional toxins, and the government further allows its corporate Jewish allies to outsource American jobs.  Dare I say, they’ve done a bang-up job at wrecking a once great nation.

However, even with fluoridated brains, chemical laden lungs and invalid sustenance the truth managed to burst through like a lightening bolt.  Brought on with the rise of the internet, a truth apocalypse exploded in cyberspace.  For the first time in decades, maybe centuries, Gentiles learned just how much Jews loathed and hated them through the vile writings of the Jewish Talmud.  With time, though, truthers had the unpleasant awakening that to know the truth is to walk alone.

Americans live in a virtual ‘twilight zone’ somewhere between reality and lies trapped in an unending dimension of subterfuge at every level.  Just thinking about it is maddening at times since it cannot be spoken of in polite company.  This did not happen overnight, and Christ, you cannot make up this stuff.  This reality, as horrible as it is, is better than any movie or television show dreamed up by Hollywood.  It is real life and sooner or later it will have to be dealt with.  And 9/11 is the catalyst to understanding the world, especially in America, as it truly is and not the way we would wish.

Once the realization hits a large majority of the population with the uncomfortable truth that America is being operated, and at the same time, diligently destroyed by dual citizen traitors loyal to Israel, then we can move forward and bring justice to 9/11′s innocent victims.  Their cries will never cease, never surrender and never give in.  They will haunt us, forever, until that day arrives.


NTS Notes: It is great to see Whitewraithe back after a long hiatus.

I do have some of my own thoughts about 9-11 that I need to share with everyone...

First, I am sick and tired of all the bickering going on in the so called "truth movement" where we have two sides arguing "plane" or "no plane", or "missile" or "no missile"  when it comes to the means of the attack...Honestly, I don't give a damn about this stupid argument about the HOW of the attack, and would rather focus on the facts about the targets themselves, WHO did the deed, and WHY!....  It does seem that these stupid arguments are done purposely to divide our efforts in getting to the culprits behind this assault, and people should be asking themselves who would want to keep our efforts to get to the truth so divided?

Second,  with 12 years now having  passed since that fateful day, I too am so amazed that the American public has not demanded a real investigation into the attack... Oh yes, we have seen the so called "9-11 Commission Report" on the attack that is a real laugher....And we of course see the Jewish run media and the American Jewish run justice system do their utmost to prevent such a true independent investigation...Common sense should have already prevailed here in telling everyone that these criminal Jews are blocking a real investigation because it would expose their criminality to the world!

Third,  I wish that people would get off the "Arabs did it" lies... It is bad enough that the US Government and Jewish criminals fingered a very innocent and very long dead Osama bin Laden for the Israeli Mossad attack, but the vilification of the Arab people has been used to brainwash the American people into the need to invade and destroy Muslim nations.   People should be asking exactly who benefits from the US destroying Muslim nations, and the answer is obvious... Israel!

12 Years, and the criminal  Jews responsible are still out there and still very much in control of US foreign policy.   Now they are going into overdrive in trying to get their American puppets to attack and destroy both Syria and Iran.  When the heck will Americans finally wake the hell up?

More to come



Anonymous said...

Osama Bin Laden was not exactly innocent. Not by a long shot. He was a donmeh Jew. A donmeh Jew in service to Israel. He worked for the Mossad. He was Mossad to-the-core.

Donmeh Jews and Sunni Muslims have a long history of working together to wage war. That's why we call Jews and Arabs habiru-sagiz. The term is appropriate for either one or both together.

Islamic Jihad ultimately serves Jew Zionism. That should be especially obvious to everyone now as Uncle Sam actually wants to go to war in Syria in-alliance-with Islamic Jihadists ; Even if it means starting WW3 and destroying the USA, as the USA is in NO shape to win a World War, doesn't matter to the Jews [ maybe doesn't even matter to the Zionist "Christians", considering how they dote over the Jews].

We are now allied with Islamic Jihadists -- as per the Jews and the African-born donmeh Jew Obama. Obama is NOT a Muslim as many say. His heart is with the donmeh Jews. He was raised from birth to be a donmeh. Even the first black first-lady Michelle Obama comes from a long line of black Jews, by the way .

Donmeh Jews are Jews pretending to be Muslims -- but are really Jews in their hearts* working for the Jew New World Order: Bin Laden worked for same, however covertly.

* If they have hearts, I really don't think so.

I don't want leave the impression I don't care for the article or your analysis because I mentioned Bin Laden was not innocent as he was a donmeh Jew working for Israel. Excellent article by Whitewraithe. Excellent analysis also, except for the part about Bin Laden. He was NOT innocent.

The only thing saving this country right now are those patriotic Americans in the US military and those patriotic Americans in the US intelligence services. They're the ones who nipped the attack on Syria in the bud, not Kerry's "gaffe", not Putin, not the UN, certainly not Obama, not anyone but The US military and the US intelligence services -- they know Israel was involved with 9/11 up-to-their-jew-sheenie-beanies.

Of course, the mainstream media is never going to tell us there's a type of war going on in the US military/intelligence services between the Israel-Firsters and the American-Firsters. And the mainstream news is not going to tell us the war was put in holding-position because of the great resistance by the American-Firsters in our military/intelligence services. The American-Firsters in the US military/intelligence services won this last round. They possibly saved us from WW3 and the destruction of the US. They have my highest respect.

They have a tremendous battle ahead of them. The more Americans who wake up to the truth, the easier it will be for the patriotic Americans in our military and intelligence services to save this country from WW3.

From : Vinny

Anonymous said...


Northerntruthseeker said...

Vinnie: I do not do this blog 2/47.. I do have a life.. I take a look at all comments on a regular basis, but sometimes not daily...

If I like the comment and if it is not from a troll, I usually post it..


Northerntruthseeker said...

And BTW... I am posting your comment, even though I do not like the false text that the "muslims" did the attack... That is a Jew ploy and has been their ploy for decades.. Blame the Muslims for their own crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned that the Jews/Israelis were involved in 9/11 up-to-their-jew-sheenie-beanies. And just the other day, I sent you a post with a website link to 9/11 being a Jew attack and War Crime against the United States. You put my post on the commentary board ;

"Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday Sept. 8th,2013" :

Also, other informative articles :

Excellent video about the Jew War Crime against America on 9/11, the wars in the Middle East, all of them ultimately for Israel's benefit, and the New World Order. It's an hour and eighteen minutes. If you have the time, it's worth listening to. It's a radio broadcast video :

"9/11 : An Israeli Operation From Start To Finish" ;

I was against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq because I knew 9/11 was a Jew/Israeli Job. I figured that out about 3 or 4 days after 9/11.I'm also against the possible war in Syria.

I notice, however, the Muslims are no longer angry with Uncle Sam now that Uncle Sam is on the side of Islamic Jihadists in Syria, and the Islamic Jihadists are targeting Christians most intensely. I notice the Sunni world, overwhelmingly, wants the USA to attack Syria -- even if it means starting WW3, and possibly the destruction of the USA. They don't care about that, they just want Uncle Sam to go to war in Syria in-alliance-with the Islamic Jihadists.

So the Muslims are not exactly innocent. They also fully well know that Jews lead the Islamic Jihadist groups. They don't care about that. So they are not exactly innocent. I don't give the 501C3 Zionist "Christians" a break, or consider them innocent, so I don't see why I should consider the Muslims innocent, as most of them support Islamic Jihad.

Islamic Jihad is a type of Zionism for the Muslim world. Jihad ultimately serves Jew Zionism, and the Islamic Jihadists fully well know it -- so do all the Sunnis who want Uncle Sam to go to war in Syria.

I also notice that neither the Sunnis nor the Shias ever protest in any way the Islamic Jihad going on in Europe against WHITE Europeans. Never. Not even the supposedly peaceful Shias.

The Shias, by the way, are allies with the Sunnis in Europe as the Islamists wage their Jihad in Europe. So no, the Muslims are not exactly innocent.

It doesn't make me a "Jew troll" or any other kind of troll because I notice the Muslims are waging Jihad in Europe against WHITE Europeans, our culture, heritage, and especially against Catholicism. The Faith that originally united the White Race in the very first place, gave us our common language of Latin, and built Western culture and Civilization. Western Civilization being built on Catholic principles/ontology to an extremely large degree.

The Islamists want to destroy whatever is left of Western Civilization in Europe. And they were waging their Jihad against Europe before Uncle Sam ever attacked any Muslim country. Doesn't make me any kind of "troll" because I know my history.

Because of all of our White sell-outs throughout history, those of us of the White Race are now stuck right dab in the middle of a war between our enemies the Jews and our enemies the Muslims. Throughout history, the Muslims always wanted Europe, and the Jews living in Europe always tried their hardest to hand Europe over to their cousins-in-the-blood, the Mohameddeans.

It will be a complete and total disaster for White Americans if Uncle Sam goes to war in Syria on the side of Islamic Jihadists, in service to the Jews. In other words, we will be fighting alongside two of our historical enemies ; Figuratively speaking, both the Jews and the Muslims will turn around and collectively stab us White Americans in-the-back, big-time : So much so, White Americans will lose America for good.

From : Vinny

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, "Vinny" but again, your constant attack against Muslims that had NOTHING to do with the Israeli attacks of 9-11 are ridiculous...

Muslims are not the problem.. Jews are!

It does annoy me and others that we get these interesting comments about the evils of Muslims, when I have spent years searching for such evil and find nothing... However, my findings always find Jews at the bottom of any trouble!

Islamic Jihad? Sorry, but I find nothing there as well, other than Jewish propaganda to again vilify the Muslims...

Anonymous said...

All Americans who have learned the truth must work together and support military and FBI. The Israeli Jews and AIPAC are planning a big campaign that is suppose to target anti semitism but it is going to be used to attack the truth movement. AIPAC also put online that the FBI considered truthers terrorist only the FBI did not say that. Call your local field office and confirm. Also keep reporting your 911 facts to the FBI. A group of truthers reported the links between 911, Kenya mall and Mumbai Marriott. All owned or co owned by Frank Lowy and Larry Silverstein. The military and FBI need to know the American public stand with them. Israel is destroying us and AIPAC are traders and they buy presidents and politicians. Jews live in states with the most electoral votes that is another way they cheat our system! Fight back hard Patriots! It is for our children and grandchildren!