Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Video From Anthony Lawson: Another War For Israel - Featuring America's Newest Allies: Al Qaeda (An American/Israeli Invention!)

It does seem that this rush to war against the innocent nation of Syria has momentarily hit a few stumbling blocks for the lunatics in both the US and criminal state of Israel's governments.   The so called "speech" a few nights back by the criminal US President has definitely not swayed American opinion, and in fact has made that criminal himself look like a liar.   It now appears that short of a new Israeli false flag attack on the United States to be conveniently blamed on Syria, the long sought attack has been "postponed"...

For this article, I want to present the newest video by Anthony Lawson.... It gives his perspective of this insane push for war in Syria, and is entitled: "Another War For Israel - Featuring America's Newest Allies: Al Qaeda" and is a definite must see by everyone... I have it right here, and of course I have my own thoghts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is so amazing that the criminal US government is supporting this "Al Qaeda" in Syria, considering that they pushed the lie for years that it was "Al Qaeda" that did the murderous attack on the United States on 9-11 that killed some 3000 innocent Americans.   And most Americans cannot see the hypocrisy in that???

What everyone needs to understand (again) is that Al Qaeda itself is a fraud.  It is the creation of the Mossad and the CIA to have an "enemy" for their war on terror and their excuse to wage war on innocent nations.  Al Qaeda is in fact a horrible joke on the American people, and is always used by the Jew media and the Jew controlled US Government to strike fear in the public to get them to support wars of conquest.... The only nation that benefits from this phantom Al Qaeda organization and the destruction of nations is the criminal state of Israel!

I for one have long wished that the American public would have awoken by now to this facade, and realized that their criminal government will continue to push for an invasion of Syria to satisfy their Jewish masters unless they are forcibly stopped.    That time is woefully long overdue!

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Anonymous said...

More about the Islamic Jihadists, the Jihadist groups are owned and controlled by the Mossad :

Article dated : September 12, 2013.

The Jihadists are especially targeting Christians in Syria.

There will be outright genocide of Christians in Syria if Uncle Sam goes to war in Syria on the side of the Mossad owned-and-controlled Islamic Jihadists. The Jihadists will only be emboldened to commit even more mass-murder, especially mass-murder against Christians.

Noor has at her website Snippits-and-Snappits BlogSpot, a letter to the world from Catholic nuns in Syria. Dated Sept. 11, 2013. It's a very moving letter :

" Letter from Trappist Nuns In Syria"

Syria has a large Christian population, always did. Oldest Christian community/Christian Church, in the world.

An article about Israel/Jews owning and controlling the Islamic Jihadists :

WAKE UP, Christian Zionists. The Jews are using you. If the Jews ever do take over the Middle East, the Jews will then turn around and persecute you, just like the Christians are being persecuted now. Except the Christians in Syria never started any wars against anyone -- including the precious Jews you love so much. Jews are NOT your "brethren in the faith", Christian Zionists. They will go after you Christian Zionists if they ever get their Eretz Israel.

"God blesses those who support Israel". For all the support you gave the Jews, Christian Zionists, the Jews turned around and committed The War Crime Against The United States we call 9/11. This is NOT any kind of "blessing". It is, in-fact and in-spirit, a curse.

While simultaneously killing 3,000 Americans on September 11,2001,the Jews attacked us on 9/11, the same Jews you love so much, Christian Zionists, are doing everything they can to make Christianity illegal in the United States and punishable by death. The Jews are NOT giving the USA any kind of "blessings". WAKE UP, Christian Zionists.

And wake up Leftists. You too, Leftists, fully support the Jews. I notice the Left is all-of-a-sudden pro-war, or at least extremely silent [ a very loud silence ], now that Christians are being killed in Syria.

" Why does America Want All Christians Out Of The Middle East" :

From : Vinny

Anonymous said...

Crypto Jew Hillary Clinton - We Created al-Qaeda

Anonymous said...

NTS, Thanks again for posting the latest kick-in-the-pants from Anthony Lawson. The U.S. sheeple refuse to wake up. Many of our fellow Canadians are also somnambulistically wandering through their lives. We know that atheistic 'jews' and their sayanim actively planned and executed 9/11 and other such attacks, especially the economic meltdown. Maybe you'd like to post this in its entirety? Your choice entirely, of course. I refuse to get into the 'my god is better than your god' hogwash, but this entire post shows, without a shred of doubt, just 'whodunnit'. It most certainly was not Muslims.

Without getting into theology or quoting any scriptures, I know your position on religion. In the same way that 'W's' and Obama's actions have nothing to do with the historical character of Jesus or the Christian faith, neither 9/11 or the acts of lunatics shouting, "Allah uh Akbar" while head-chopping people or dismembering children while they're still alive have anything to do with the Islamic faith or the man called Mohammed ﷺ. Both are abhorrent deviations in the extreme, and each is a crime against humanity. Or what's left of it. All deserve being brought to justice.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

By all right, they should take Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and give it to you -- as you really take the cake. And also it would be in keeping with the bullshit Nobel Peace Prize tradition of handing out The Prize to Janus-faced jackasses, as well.

Too bad you can't get enough reader interest in what you have to say, you actually are reduced to writing comments to yourself.

From : Joe

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Geez.. I went a bit overboard and erased a ton of comments....Mostly troll comments, but a few legit...

Anyways.... Joe... I have told you that you are doing your usual as a hasbara troll...

If you really believe what you are saying.. then why are you commenting at all?

Go back to troll college, "Joe".. You have flunked out again