Sunday, August 25, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday August 25th, 2013

It is Sunday.... The world is definitely going to hell in a hand basket... And time again for my weekly rant.

First and foremost..... What the hell is wrong with the American people that they are doing absolutely NOTHING to stop their criminal government from going to war against another innocent country, Syria?  The  Jewish run mainstream media is indeed doing its usual dirty work, this time in going now 24/7 with the lies that the recent so called "chemical weapons" attack was conducted by the Syrian Assad government forces.   But all of the evidence now clearly points to it definitely being a false flag attack conducted by the US/Israeli bought and paid for mercenary "rebels".

Lets face the facts... This Syrian chemical weapons attack was obviously done to try to get Assad vilified and to call for an immediate invasion of that innocent nation.  The attack was also PERFECTLY timed with the recent arrival of UN officials to investigate prior "chemical weapons" attacks allegedly done by the Assad government against his own people.   And to boot, we find the reports that the US and Israel are already conducting operations into Syria that were launched from neighboring Jordan on the 17th of August, a full 4 days BEFORE this "chemical weapons" attack.   All this evidence that we are being played as suckers again by the media, the government, and the Israelis, and yet people in America cannot see that they are again to be nothing but fodder for criminal Israeli interests?

The facts are clear now that Assad has now won his war against the mercenary invaders of his country.   These so called "rebels" are now almost completely wiped out everywhere in Syria, and many have given up the fight and have now sought amnesty from the Syrian government.    But of course the US/Israel are absolutely sore losers and have turned to their only trick left up their sleeve.. The supposed "red line" where if Assad uses "chemical weapons" on his people, they would use it as a  pretext for invasion.

I hate to say it, but unless there is a massive outcry from the American people within the next few days, the invasion of Syria will be on.... The US will of course start by declaring their "no fly zone" over Syria.   Then they will conduct air operations against Syrian targets which will include using cruise missiles.... Then they will conduct ground operations in coordination with NATO and Israeli forces launched into Syria itself.   Thousands of innocent Syrian civilians will indeed die in this act of genocide.

Of course the wild card in this impending Syrian debacle will be what Russia will do.    I doubt if the Russians will sit idly by while their ally, Syria, is destroyed.    I have long wondered if the lunatics in the Israeli and American governments have contemplated a war against Russia.   Sadly, it does appear that this Syrian episode could rapidly deteriorate into a world war against Russia, with the consequences being the deaths of billions of people.    Is everyone ready for this?

Of course while this Syrian debacle continues, there has been problems elsewhere... It seems that while the world has been focused on Syria, there has been some serious activity happening in nearby Lebanon.   The Israelis used their usual agents in Lebanon to recently lob a few bottle rockets back into Israel itself.  Of course as usual these rockets never seen to hit anything (what lousy shots these "Hizbollah" are indeed!).   The Israelis of course have now "retaliated" against this Lebanon "rocket attack" by attacking targets in Lebanon itself, and some innocent civilians have again died..... And to boot, the Israelis are of course threatening "operations" against Lebanon itself, which could include a land invasion of southern Lebanon.

People need to understand that the Israelis have always wanted back into southern Lebanon, simply because they desperately need the water of the Litani River.   The criminal state of Israel has for decades now sucked all the water out of the Palestinian area with absolutely no thought about water conservation.   To meet their increasing water needs, they have also now completely drained all the aquifers of the occupied West Bank area, but are now at the point of desperation.   Their nation needs water, and the closest sources are the Nile river, which is too far a stretch for their forces to reach, and of course the Litani River which feeds fromthe snows of the mountains of Lebanon, and flows through southern Lebanon to drain into the Mediterranean Sea.   An invasion and conquering of southern Lebanon would allow them to grab the Litani River and thereafter have its cherished water sent south into Israel itself.

While the criminal Israelis have long been looking north to solve their water problems, they have also turned their attention back onto retaking the Sinai Peninsula from neighboring Egypt.    The recent Egyptian debacle with still the chances of a civil war in Egypt itself were absolutely created by Israel and the United States.   These criminals have long sought the breakup of Egypt itself into smaller nations that the Israelis could either conquer or control.   A united Egypt with its large armed forces are also the only stumbling block stopping the criminal Israelis from marching back into the Sinai....

Why does Israel want the Sinai?  All that anyone has to do is understand the Zionist sick dream of a greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers.  Even the Israeli flag itself has two blue lines... Both supposedly represent the borders of the Jewish state.. From the Nile to the Euphrates...That and the importance of the Sinai in the sick and twisted Judaic religion.   I will bet anything that the Israelis will continue their operations to destabilize Egypt, and use that "instability" as their excuse to re-invade and conquer Sinai.

Of course with world attention again focused almost entirely on the Middle East, people are again forgetting about the life or death disaster still happening in Fukushima Japan.   Yes, I have seen all the recent reports about rising radiation levels in and around the failed facility.   It does appear that TEPCO can no longer lie and has indeed called on the entire world for help.

I have always said that the Fukushima disaster is out of control, and there is no way with any of our present technology to fix or to alleviate the situation.  The facts again, readers, is that nobody can get close enough to the reactor cores without getting a death sentence due to radiation exposure. This is reality, and this disaster will continue into the near future, with no hope of a solution without the entire world changing its focus from war to saving the planet itself.

On to other matters.... I must reiterate what I have said many times... I will NOT open a "Facebook" account or any other phony "social media" outlet to convey my messages..... I will repeat again that "Facebook" and its other social media clones are absolutely un-social, and are only used as spy operations to obtain person information from those people gullible and stupid enough to use them!    "Facebook" itself is based upon an Israeli spy program for data mining that the criminal Jews could not get going, until their agent, Zuckerberg, convinced them that he could get the stupid Goyim to sign up for it "free" and give their information away freely.   I am shocked that there are some 3/4 BILLION people on this planet that have signed up for a fraud social network where they have given all their personal information away for free.   Are people truly this gullible?

I have recently been asked why I have such a horrendous hatred for the criminal state of Israel... To which, I reply that someone please give me one decent thing to say about Israel at all..... Is there one?   I am still waiting for any thing good to say about a state that was formed off of stolen property, practices horrendous apartheid against people that have every right to live in its land, murders people wholesale, has intense hatred for its neighbors, and threatens the world with nuclear annihilation. I will leave that open to anyone to comment if they actually can find one decent thing about this horrid state.   It has been my opinion for a long time that the world would be much better off if Israel never existed.

I guess that is enough for right now, and since I have covered many important subjects already, I will close with my usual last minute tidbits.... I see that the lunatic behind the Global Warming fraud, Al Gore, has gone out and called those who oppose the Global Warming fraud artists "racists" along with other superlatives.  Al is definitely either insane, or knows that he has been caught in his own lies......The criminal President of the United States is continuing with his intense spy operations on the American people.  For those young enough that live in America that can still leave, I would suggest getting out of that corrupt country before it is too late... People have been asking about my views on "multiculturalism" and so called "racism".  I keep telling them that these are Jewish inventions to fuel discord and division as part of their ultimate plans for control.  I will cover these subjects in full in future rants......Friends have been asking about my cohort, Whitewraithe, and how she is doing.  She is doing so much better now, and has found a great job finally.  She will be restarting her blog at a future date when she finds the time......I have been asked about if I would put up any more articles about the lies of NASA.  Patience, because I have been very busy with work and this course I am taking.  But fear not, because there has been nothing that has shown that NASA has ever been telling the truth about any of its missions to the moon and to Mars......I see my favorite sport and possibly one of the only things I ever watch over the Talmudvision, English Premier Soccer, is back on.   I have always been a soccer fan, having played that sport in my youth.  Go Arsenal!........For those commentators that continue to put garbage up in my comment sections, and expect me to publish it.  Good luck to that, and get the hint that you are wasting your time and efforts.  Go back to your Jewish handlers and come up with something new and original for a change.....And finally, the great news about America's number one family and my favorite target, the Kardashians! It appears that Khloe's marriage to Lamar Odom is on the rocks, and this news was on American headlines everywhere this last week.  This figures, since like I said in my last article, most Americans' minds are now nothing but mush and not worth the effort for any enlightenment to reality.  This again shows that this skank family comes first and foremost in the zombified American minds, above and beyond possible war on innocent people in Syria, and life threatening radiation coming from Fukushima.  And people wonder why I see America as a failed state?  I rest my case...

More to come



Anonymous said...

"I have recently been asked why I have such a horrendous hatred for the criminal state of Israel..."

Your brain wouldn't be functioning if you didn't.


Anonymous said...

NTS, I love it! And Matthew's comment posted here is pure 100% kosher GOLD!

Check out Norman Finkelstein asking if there REALLY is a new anti-Semitism (Ans: NO!)
There IS, however, a new wave of anti-Zionism....every human's duty I say! Could (Germany) finally be waking up?

Also, (odd-ball character) David Icke hits it square on the head here: Well worth the watch. Grab a cold one, it's 20 mins long.

Funny, isn't it? The only adults in the geo-political parlour today are China and Russia?

As always NTS, great stuff indeed.

A Canuck in exile.

Anonymous said...

"I have recently been asked why I have such a horrendous hatred for the criminal state of Israel......."

NTS, your reaction is a natural one for a decent person; your anger is righteous and justified.

I agree with you 100%.

- Truth4ever99