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Newest Syrian Chemical Weapons False Flag Attack: UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors Shot At By Snipers! (Now WHO Would Do That?)

Continuing with my reports about the chemical weapons assault in Syria by the US/Israeli bought and paid for mercenary rebels, I have been appalled by this sudden onrush to war by the criminals in the US government.  As I am typing this latest article, the United States, and now the United Kingdom as well, have begun to move more forces around the innocent nation of Syria, in full preparation for an attack that will happen most probably later this week.... It will be genocide and a definite war crime based on lies and inunendos!

I have long said that this chemical weapons attack was indeed a false flag to be blamed on the good guys, the Assad government forces, as a pretext for direct intervention.   But last week, luckily, the United Nations sent a team of experts to examine all of the false claims that the Assad regime has been gassing their own people.  Now suddenly this morning I came across a very startling report that I want to share here with my own readers...It comes from the Telegraph Online news service out of the United Kingdom, at, and reports that these UN chemical weapons inspectors have now come under sniper fire while on their way to the supposed site that this chemical weapons assault has taken place!  I have that article right here for everyone to see,and I have my own comments to follow:

Syria crisis: UN chemical weapons inspectors shot at by snipers

UN experts looking into claims that Syria has deployed chemical weapons against its own people have been forced to abandon their investigation after they were shot at by snipers near Damascus.

UN experts looking into claims that Syria has deployed chemical weapons against its own people have been forced to abandon their investigation after they were shot at by snipers near Damascus.
Black columns of smoke rise from heavy shelling in the Jobar neighbourhood, east of Damascus Photo: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar
UN experts were 'deliberately' targeted as they travelled in convoy to the site of the alleded atrocities in Syria. One car was damaged but no injuries was reported. 
The inspectors were travelling to the site of the attack in a suburb of Damascus after the regime - which blames any chemical weapon use on opposition forces - gave its permission almost a week after the incident.
Despite a temporary ceasefire being agreed, their first vehicle was "deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentified snipers in the buffer zone area" , a spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.
"As the car was no longer serviceable, the team returned safely back to the government checkpoint. The team will return to the area after replacing the vehicle," he added. 
The UN appealed for co-operation from both sides to allow the team access to the site.
It comes as William Hague today said that Britain faces a choice between military strikes against Syria or allowing tyrants around the world to use chemical weapons "with impunity." 

The Foreign Secretary refused to rule out bombing Assad regime targets within days as he warned that diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis had “failed”. 

He denied any difference in approach between Downing Street and the White House, insisting that Britain, America and France were united in their determination to act. 

However, Mr Hague risked angering MPs by suggesting that it may not be necessary to recall Parliament prior to launching military action.

His comments came as the crisis deepened in the aftermath of what is believed to have been a chemical gas attack on a suburb of Damascus last Wednesday. 

Britain and the United States believe it is all but certain that forces loyal to the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, carried out the atrocity, which is reported to have killed at least 355 people and wounded 3,600 others.

As Britain and the US finalised preparations for a possible cruise missile strike on Syrian targets, which could begin within days, President Assad warned in a Russian newspaper that military action against his forces would not succeed.

However, in an interview with BBC Radio, Mr Hague warned that the west was considering military strikes and that diplomatic efforts at the United Nations had failed.

“We have tried those other diplomatic methods and we will continue to try those, but they have failed so far,” the Foreign Secretary told the Today programme.

He suggested that it was possible and legal for countries to take military action in response to chemical weapons attacks without securing agreement from the UN Security Council first.

“Here is a large scale chemical attack for which there is no possible explanation other than that it has been carried out by the Assad regime,” he said. 

“Certainly, we and the United States, and many other countries, including France are clear that we can’t allow the idea in the 21st century that chemical weapons can be used with impunity.” 

Mr Hague declined to discuss “the military options” that the government is considering but refused to rule “in or out” a strike within days. 

He said taking military action or doing nothing in the face of a gas attack "may be the choice" that Britain faces.

Military commanders are preparing plans which could see Royal Navy assets in the region used for a cruise missile attack by the US, Britain and France on targets inside Syria. 

British government sources said on Sunday that such a strike could take place within the next week. 

The Prime Minister spoke from his holiday in Cornwall with President Obama, the French President, Francois Hollande, and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor over the weekend. 

He is due to hold further talks with President Obama in the next 48 hours and a meeting of the National Security Council, including senior Cabinet ministers and military commanders, is also expected imminently. 

Some reports have suggested that the White House is cooler on the likelihood of military action against Syria. 

However Mr Hague insisted that there was no difference between Britain and the US and France on the prospect of military action, insisting the three countries’ approach was “absolutely the same”. 

Mr Hague insisted that the Coalition had a “good record” of consulting Parliament before taking military action. 

But he stressed that the decision on whether to recall MPs from their summer recess, which is due to end next week, would depend on the “timing and nature” of the response.

NTS Notes:   Is this not obvious?  Only a blind man cannot see what is happening here.... The criminals in the United States and Israel already have their agents in place in Syria, and it is these agents that are now taking pot shots at the UN inspectors !!!!  They want to make sure that the United Nations team is slowed down as long as possible, and does not find out the TRUTH about this latest chemical weapons attack before they are able to launch their assault on Syria itself!

I also wanted to present this article to show everyone how Jewish controlled news services, such as the "Telegraph" out of the United Kingdom are spewing absolute lies about Syria and the Assad government.  The evidence of propaganda and bias to somehow sway public opinion to support a genocidal war against Syria is seen here in all its glory.

People everywhere must finally understand that the governments of the United States and Israel are totally psychotic and out of control.... They want nothing but WAR against the innocent nation of Syria, and these blood thirsty maniacs want it this week.....  They do not care if the truth about this chemical weapons attack comes out, as long as it is delayed as long as possible....By then, they will have had Syria destroyed much like they destroyed other nations such as Iraq, and Libya. 

This madness and rush for a new war of conquest must be halted before it is too late.... Everyone must do their part in getting the truth out and to force our governments to halt this insanity immediately.  

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