Thursday, August 22, 2013

Newest Syrian Chemical Weapons False Flag Attack: What Did The Terrorists Do To These Children To Make This FAKE Film?

As I stated in my previous article, I am one pissed off blogger these days.... I tried, and lord knows I did try, to actually watch the Jew run mainstream media garbage news telecasts yesterday concerning the obvious false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria that has supposedly killed over 1000 people....I could barely stomach the lies and innuendos promoted by the liars in the American media that continued to harp on the falsehood that this latest chemical attack was conducted by Assad's forces against his own people....

I was indeed bothered by all of the videos that have been flooding the so called news channels over the last day, and I was amazed and sickened by all of the pictures of dead children that the Jew news sources constantly played to garner support for an invasion of Syria. But something I did find peculiar was the quickness of all of these videos getting out of Syria and into the hands of the Jew media.....

Well, my good friend, Noor, who writes "Snippits and Snappits" over at, picked up some interesting information about these videos that I also want to cover here at this blog... According to this article originally from the website, Friends of Syria, at, it appears that these videos showing all these children may not be as they seem at all, and in fact, there is strong evidence that the murderous Syrian rebels may have done something horrific to children to make some of these films which are obviously FAKES!   Here is that Friends of Syria article for everyone to judge for themselves as to the authenticity of these films, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

What Did the Terrorists Do to These Children to Make This Fake Film

On closer inspection of the films that are flooding the internet of a chemical attack we have come to the conclusion these films are fake. It is not sure if the terrorists have used Sarin on these children, but the film leaves more questions than answers, as we are seeing the same tell tell signs that we have seen in the past and the lengths the terrorists will go to make these films.

Look carefully at this film and if any of you are doctors out there, we would love your input. It might be interesting to note that the only time you see a real hospital shown on western media, is when there is a car bomb. Syrian people get taken to a regular hospital by ambulance. If you search on Youtube, you will find that every terrorist video is set in a field hospital. These field hospitals seem to pop up over night just for the terrorists to use. We have actually seen in the past, a fake film of a bomb blast, where there was a field hospital in a shop a few metres away, where the so called injured were carried. Within minutes of the blast this shop was all set up with men in green operating gowns. There were no women in the film at all, just men. No ambulances, no sirens, no women screaming for loved ones as we see in the real films
Regular Syrian people go to a regular hospital and are usually accompanied to the hospital with their parents, if they are children. Mothers crying for their children and comforting them. Take a look carefully of the following film and see what you think.

  • Where did the attack Happen?
  • Where did the children come from?
  • Where are the Parents of the children?
  • Why are there no women in the film? There are plenty of nurses and female doctors in the real Syrian Hospitals.
  • Why are the children all placed on the floor?
  • Why are the children carried in by men have needles in their necks?
  • Why are all the boys undressed and the girls clothed?
  • Why do all the children look drugged?
  • Why are these men handling the children so badly, like they did in the Houla Massacre?
  • Why is one man pulling a boys nipples?
  • Why don’t they show the faces of the so called doctors?
  • Why is one man squeezing a child’s nose while another is pumping the heart?
  • Why do these people seem like they have no idea what they are doing?
  • Why is there no other story about this or where it happened except in these videos.
  • Why was this film uploaded onto the internet the day before it was said to have happened?
The US and western media are telling the world that the Assad Government have done this with no evidence except these films. The FSA’s one man band of the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights is also telling this story. Where is it? Where are the bodies? They are only in these films.

This was Obama’s next step to fool the world that weapons of mass destruction have been used in Syria.

Now here is another fake film showing the dead children from the so called Gas Attack. This film is self explanatory.

Please leave your comments and let us know if you can find anymore mistakes in the films.

We would like to think that all of these children have only been drugged, but if Obama has really killed these children to try and discredit the Assad Government, then he is the most evil man the world has ever seen.

NTS Notes:  After reading this article and by carefully going over the videos, there is definitely something not right here... I am now leaning towards the accusations made by the author of this amazing piece that what we are seeing here is a pre-planned and pre-scripted propaganda film... But the question is again... What about the children that are obviously used in this film production?

Yes, this latest chemical weapons attack is absolutely a provocation by the criminals in both the US and Israel to get their nice invasion of Syria off and running... But this revelation about them possibly using fake films of dead children to justify this new attack is most disturbing.... Did these murderous criminals kill these children well before this "chemical attack" to make this propaganda film? And in doing so... Does this not make the US Administration complicit in this murder as the last paragraph in this Friends Of Syria article suggests?   In my own opinion, I would not put it past the murderous and psychopathic Obama adminstration to consider this type of action......

Please take this important information and pass it around to everyone to decide for themselves..... The US and Israel want Syria destroyed, and I would not put it past them to do horrendous acts of murder to achieve their goals..

More to come



Penny said...


do you notice as the kids are brought in they are being injected with something?

what are they being injected with?

It is possible the Islamic NATO IDF used footage from their previous attrocities but it is impossible to know

Khan al Assal comes to mind and if I had more time I would spend a couple of hours looking through pics
then there is also the al houla (spelling?)

the Islamic NATO IDF have conducted numerous slaughters so no doubt they have ample video footage to use repeatedly..

Penny said...

al houla image


Is this where some of the images came from for yesterday onslaught of emotion inducing propaganda
It's possible

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks Penny for the links..

And thanks for bringing up the important information about the injections... I find that peculiar and indeed disturbing...

Use of fake imagery is standard practice with these criminals... We have seen it already in previous "massacres" as well as the false flags conducted in America...

The idea is obviously to tug at everyone's hearts by using children... To me this is sick, sick, sick!

Jody Paulson said...

I figured this whole thing was fake when I saw Arwa Damon was reporting on it.

Anonymous said...

Why would you doubt Obama did this to those children? He was behind the Sandy Hook massacre and didn't blink an eye. That is if you believe it really happened. I personally am on the fence.

Anonymous said...

I was reading about this gas and experts are skeptical because none of the so called doctors or anyone else in these films have any kind of protective clothing on themselves. They would also be affected by the gas if these babies had in fact been poisoned with military grade Serin gas.

I no longer trust the news media nor the government to tell us the truth about anything so I don't know what to think. It looks like more lies to me at this point. Will keep searching for the truth.

Anonymous said...

None of the Doctors or other adults have any kind of bio-chemical suits on and according to the experts they would have if they did not want to be affected by the poison gas too. I would have to say I think it is fake knowing this.