Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Great Video Narrated By Snordelhans.... Wargasm!

It definitely does appear that we are on the eve of another war against another innocent nation... This time the psychotic warmongers occupying the American government are about to go to war against the innocent nation of Syria based only on lies and falsehoods..... It is so amazing to see the American public do almost nothing to stop their so called "elected" criminals in their insane lust for war and bloodshed...

I have long been a fan of the fine works that have been narrated by Patrick Willis, aka.. Snordster, or Snordelhans, and I have a brand new one to present here for all of my readers to view for themselves... It is entitled: "Wargasm" and I have it right here in its entirety... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  First, here is that fabulous piece by "Publius" for everyone to read:


By Publius

Mesmerized as if by the nastiest pornographic abyss stare into TV news each night waiting to see a new war in full throated hell. Even more than with the usual not so subliminal sexual and obedience programming America observes with barely repressed excitement the rulers Satanic desires unfold on TV. A wet, wonderful Syrian wargasm is only an image away. Economies fail to remain erect so the rulers of the Patriarchy go on TV and ritually chew and swallow an economic performance enhancement pill of dung called war. These are the war masters of the Western universe on the evening news with their predatory great white capacious enormous mouths gaped wider still by Saudi, Qatari and Israeli houri. As I contemplate this war I do not support, I am struck by a simple observation from nearly a century ago: "The war of 1914-18 was imperialist (that is, an annexationist, predatory, war of plunder) on the part of both sides; it was a war for the division of the world, for the partition and repartition of colonies and spheres of influence of finance capital." Lenin, Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism.

Wargasm is always emboldened by public figures crying havoc and danger preaching a crusade against the infidel.

Masters of war use arousal of sexual energy, human life energy, to bind the partner to perverse wargasm. 50 years after the Civil Rights movement co-optation of leaders or creation of astro-turf movements by interested outsiders is a constant. Nor are our social movements able to bounce back from murder of leaders and terror against their organizations by agents of the state. 50 years after Martin Luther King we have our black non-President of the United States non-Constitutionally sworn into public office both in public and in private by a non-Justice of a non-rival party.

Our elections are non-contests between non-disguised non-political parties. One represents oligarchs and imperialists. The other vice versa. Wargasm is the Dionysian dream date with Thanatos and Eros. Lurking deep in the collective American mind the nuclear wargasm in the Holy Land reeking of Armageddon and prophecy is a potent erotic symbol represented by Divine mushroom clouds and sleek yellow submarines designed by Louis Vuitton.

I have long been trying to reach as many people as possible over the last few weeks in what may be a vain attempt to try to get common sense into people so that they can stop this impending war on Syria.

But it does look now that I may be too late, and I fear for what will happen after the first American cruise missiles hit targets within Syria itself... This attack could quickly escalate and we could indeed be looking at a major World War against Russia and China....

I again ask everyone again, especially those living in the United States, to do what is necessary to stop this insane rush by the US government to attack and destroy another innocent nation.   Wars for Israel must end immediately!

More to come


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