Saturday, June 29, 2013

Getting Back To My Roots: Exposing The Fraud Of Project Apollo

I have been tackling political and science issues for such a long time that I have not touched on the one subject that started me on the road to the truth... And that of course was finding out over 3 decades ago that Project Apollo and the United States putting a man on the moon was a fraud.   

It is a fact that once you do realize that NASA LIED their asses off and fooled the entire world with the fraud of Project Apollo, that you begin to see other aspects of our so called "history" in a completely different light... If they can lie about Project Apollo, then they can lie about EVERYTHING else that we have been taught as being factual!

Common sense seems to be lacking in people even today when you tell them that NASA fooled the world into the false assumption that they landed men on the moon.... NASA today cannot possibly duplicate the so called "moon landings" today with superior technology, which leads to the fact that if they cannot do it now, then obviously they could not do it then with the antiquated technology of the 1960's.   

I have already covered the fraud of Project Apollo in many previous articles.  I pointed out the severe inconsistencies of the audio time delays in the transmissions to and from the moon, the fraudulent pictures that were much too perfect and done with obvious studio lighting, and the fact that no man can survive the intense radiation of both the Van Allen Radiation Belts and that of both interstellar space and even standing on the unshielded lunar surface..... But it does seem that there are still those out there that stick to the lies of NASA and will not even look at the evidence..... Sadly, the American government performed a great brainwashing of the public into the false belief of America's greatness in being the first to land a man on the moon, and that intense belief prevents many from ever admitting the fraud.  

I have been in conversations with a friend of mine, Greg Kalina, who has been a true ally and friend in our Apollo Hoax exposure group.   Recently, Greg again asked me to look again at the Apollo 11 News Conference that was conducted about 2 weeks after Apollo 11 "returned" to Earth.   For those who have never seen this news conference, I have the Youtube video of that conference right here for your viewing:

One thing that definitely is shocking from watching this news conference with these three LIARS is the body language of Edwin Aldrin, Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong.   Common sense should dictate that these three men, if they actually did go to the moon, would be in a much more jovial and more enthusiastic mood.  But you see three individuals here that are fidgety, uneasy, and look absolutely solemn.  

What is also noted that I pointed out to Greg and others is the actions of Michael Collins while the others are speaking... He is constantly looking off the set, almost like he is looking for instructions from someone that is standing off in the sidelines who is giving Collins signals on how to act.... That, and when Neil Armstrong is asked about seeing stars on the lunar surface, and saying that he could not see any without the aid of optics, Collins states that he "didn't see any".... That is remarkable, considering Collins was NOT on the lunar surface, but was (supposedly) orbiting the moon in Apollo 11 Service/Command module!    THAT indicates that Collins was doing his job of helping to convince the audience of the authenticity of Neil's comment.  Few even realized at the time that what Collins was stating was clearly a ... LIE!

Psychologically, the knowledge of knowing that they were part of a huge lie weighed heavily on most of these men.... Neil Armstrong became basically a recluse after his "man on the moon" mission, while Collins disappeared into obscurity.... Aldrin on the other hand has still been out and about suckering people into attending his speaking engagements about him being on the "moon" and even selling his "memorabilia" of being on the "moon".... That makes Aldrin not only a liar and a cheat, but a swindler as well.....

I truly ask all of my readers to just take the time to look at the video of this news conference and watch the body language of these three liars..... There can be little doubt that these men reluctantly attended this conference and were coached heavily before hand on what to say and how to react to questions.   But knowing that they were to lie and perpetuate the fraud definitely weighed heavily on their hearts and especially their minds, and it showed......

As I have said many times.. I have known about this fraud for over 30 years, and originally it was rough for me to accept that fact that man's "greatest achievement" was a fraud...... But once you realize the truth and your eyes are wide open, it definitely gives you an entirely different perspective on the world we live in, and about how much we have been lied to all our lives....

Man has never landed on the moon.... It is time for people to live with that reality....

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Anonymous said...

good stuff, brian, the apollo fraud and holohoax would unmask so much ... jfk to 9/11, to Hook and the Marathon ... great work!

Unknown said...

I agree 100%.The book Apollo and The Whistleblowers sealed the deal.You analyzed the press conference correctly.If they had truly gone they would be grinning like idiots and giddy as shit.