Friday, May 3, 2013

Very Important Video By Patrick Willis, AKA Snordster: Money Confiscation Legal? (The Facts Will Shock You!)

One very important subject that I cover here is of course our fragile and very criminal financial system.... I have long said that our present financial system is a fraud and has by design been doomed to fail.... Sadly, we are entering a new phase of monetary and financial uncertainty on this planet where global financial collapse is definitely approaching....

Recently, I and others living in Canada were troubled by the passage of the newest Canadian Federal Budget for 2013 that was just passed by the very criminal Conservative Government under the ultra Jewish butt kissing Stephen Harper... That Federal Budget contained several articles that called for the Canadian people to surrender their own bank accounts in efforts to save Jewish banking institutions if these criminal institutions were in the danger of collapse... This is what has already happened in the nation of Cyprus, where the Cypriots have been forced to surrender their life savings in banks just to prop up these criminal institutions.... I wondered if such an action by the Canadian government, which most Canadians are still unaware could actually happen here, is even legal?

I want to present the following very important video by Patrick Willis, that answers the question about the legality of money confiscation..... Believe it or not, but the answers presented in this video will indeed shock everyone, and calls into question the entire present banking system itself.... Here is that video, entitled: "Money Confiscation Legal?" for everyone to see for themselves.. And I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This video presents some amazing facts that even I was unaware of... I had studied business and finance as some secondary courses to the sciences that I studied in University decades ago, and even then I was never informed that banks had this ability to actually steal peoples' money just to keep themselves valid!

What the information in this video says is that the actions of our present governments to take its citizens bank accounts and use these funds to "bail in" banks is actually legal under the present banking laws.... And sadly few people are unaware of this horrendous fact....

It is indeed shocking to understand that banks are not as they seem..... The message that Patrick says again and again that everyone must get their money out of banks is so true with the threat of total financial collapse right around the corner.... It is imperative that everyone heed this warning...

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