Thursday, May 30, 2013

Understanding The True Enemy Of Mankind: What The Heck Does It Mean To Be "Chosen"?

Ever since I was a young man who faithfully attended church services every Sunday (whether I liked to or not), I have always been perplexed by the Christian churches calling the Jews the "Chosen People" of "God"....  To me, there is absolutely EVERYTHING wrong with that statement, in that how the heck can some group of people be considered better than everyone else?   It has always troubled me that a supposedly loving "God" that has all living creatures as his creation and that all people are his children can be BIASED in having one group of individuals better than everyone else!..... It has also troubled me that so many people have been suckered in by that that outrageous assertion, that to me is a hypocrisy and an insult to all other people who are suddenly labeled "inferior" to these "Chosen People".   This is one of the main reasons that I, as a critical thinker, turned away from the total hypocrisy of religion itself.... I have never looked back....

For this article, I want to focus on the twisted logic of the Jews themselves and how they can possibly continue to claim themselves to be somehow the "Chosen People" and therefore somehow superior over the rest of mankind.... I came across the following video a few days ago, that I want to share with all of my readers.... It is entitled: "Are Jews The Chosen People And What Does It Mean?", and is a must see by everyone.... In this video, you will see the narrator ask the Jews living in Israel how they see themselves as the "Chosen People", and it is astounding to listen to each individual actually define that term!   I have that video right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is truly interesting to hear these Khazar mongrels see themselves as the "Chosen People" of their "God", and how they link that belief to one of their most disgusting and vile books, the Torah itself... The fact is that the "Torah" is one of the most disgusting supremacist books ever written!   But the "Torah" with all of its vile hatred for the rest of humanity is nothing in comparison to their even more vile "Talmud" which teaches horrific and disgusting practices including "Sex with children under the age of 9 is nothing!"....

It is a fact that the Jews of Israel do consider that they have the right to the land of Palestine due to their being the "Chosen Peopld" in their phony belief system and that the land of Palestine was "Given to them by their god, Yahweh, himself".... But I have shown evidence in previous articles at this site where these mongrels have NO historical right to that region at all!   Their own Judaic religion is a fraud, and was invented in the 9th century BC.... There never was an "Exodus", or a "Passover", or even a "Temple of Solomon"... These are all fantasies, and have been already been dis-proven through modern archeology that has found no evidence that any of these events or structures ever existed.... Therefore the entire premise of their Torah, or Old Testament beliefs is fraudulent....

I look upon all people as equal, and that NOBODY is superior to anyone else.... The bottom line is this: The entire premise of a "Chosen People" shows the entire fraudulence of the religion of Judaism itself, in that it teaches hatred and wrongful superiority over all other people on Earth.......It is time for these individuals to quit thinking they are better than all other human beings and actually try to join the human race!

One other note.... There will be many out there that will be shocked by my stance against religion... If they can somehow show that having a "Chosen People" that are better than everyone else, is not morally flawed, I am all ears....

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Anonymous said...

OH they're the "chosen" alright..
just not the way they tell it.

God first made the 3 archangels..
Gabriel, Michael..and the last and most glorious being he ever created..
and he was called "The Light of The Morning Star"..or as we know him...
Along with free will and ALMOST limitless power, God gave Lucifer
the "special" gift of song and music which is only to be used in praise of God Himself because of
it's incredible power over other beings. (watch jews ACDC doing
"Highway to Hell" in concert).
Jews are the descendants of Cain..
the first human murderer and the product of Lucifer and Eve.
Seth was the 2nd product of Adam
and Eve after Abel was murdered.
Thats why you see the ever present
"star" in everything they touch.
Movie star, sports star, porn star..military and police...national and state flags all over the planet.
They see themselves and their master as being heroic rebels and want everyone else to follow "rebelling" against God's rules.
Jew Crowley's "do what thou wilt
is the whole of the law" or jew John Milton's "better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven".
God's first false
The jews specialize in getting the cattle to worship their "superstars", or $$$, or anything
OTHER than God.
That is judaic satanism.
And they are really, really good
at it.
Ask Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz).
Or anybody else in the "music"

Franklin Ryckaert said...

Well, if you listen carefully to these interviews, none of these people comes across as arrogant or selfrighteous. None says that Jews are "better than other peoples", only that they have another task in this world. The idea that there are normal, good people also among Jews, only gets strengthened rather than weakened by this video. You may think that their religion is a fraud, but keep in mind that these people have not invented that fraud themselves, they merely inherited it, like in all other religions. You can't blame a Jew for having been educated in Judaism, as little as you can blame a Muslim or a Christian for having been educated in his religion. As such these Jews don't look bad.

Northerntruthseeker said...

The point of the video, Frank, was to show the perspective of the so called "Chosen Ones" in their own words..

The article itself is to expose the lies of the "Chosen Ones" and to show that term to be so evil and biased...

Enquiry 1 said...

As a Muslim I believe that God chose the children of Israel at a certain time, not because they were better than others, and entrusted them with a message to follow & to spread which was to worship Him alone & be thankful for His favour. The Jews did not stick to the conditional covenant and rebelled against God repeatedly, they were very materialistic, they always demanded material proofs to believe, that is why God punished them repeatedly. God sent Yeshua in a miraculous way as a last messenger to the children of Israel, he was the last chance for them to mend their ways & repent but they rejected him because he was honest in rebuking their evil stubbornness. They attempted to kill him but God saved him and raised him to His side, according to God's revelation in the Quran, which Christians hate.
Islam came as a balanced faith clarifying what happened before, rebuking the Jews for not honouring God's covenant & for turning away from God & killing any prophet who did not praise their wickedness but Islam rebuked them for rejecting the messiah Yeshua who Islam agrees with Judaism was a human being, not divine. Islam also agreed with Christians that Yeshua was the messiah but differed with Christianity on his divinity & the trinity pagan doctrine.
God (Allah) clarified in the Quran that there is no preference, to God, between His creation other than by how we obey Him & fear Him by doing what He adked us to do, not by our race, colour or nationality.
That's why both Jews & Christians hate Islam & Allah (God Almighty), because of politics & doctrines of men.