Friday, May 3, 2013

They Can Not Get Their Wars Against Syria Or Iran Going, So They Are Again Trying To Demonize North Korea!

We have all seen over the last week as the US State Department in Washington has been trying desperately to find Syria guilty of launching "chemical attacks" on its own citizens... However these criminals are failing miserably due to the facts that the Syrian government has the full support of its own citizens in its battle against the so called "Syrian rebels" ...But the facts have all shown that the "chemical attack" that happened near Hons in Syria a few months back was actually conducted by these same murderous "rebels" to have the blame put on the Syrian government ( a false flag attack ) just to try to convince the world that the Assad government itself was gassing its citizens.... These attempts have all failed miserably, and on top of that, the Assad government is winning its war against these "rebels"... It is indeed back to the drawing board for the criminals in Washington and Tel Aviv in getting their nice little war on Syria off and running..

And of course, these same criminals in Washington, and especially in Tel Aviv, are running out of excuses for getting a war on Iran going... The entire world is waking up to the fraud claims by the monsters in Israel that the innocent nation of Iran is building "nuclear weapons"....More and more people are now alerted to the fact that same tired excuse for invasion of Iran has been ongoing now for over 30 years at least... And again and again inspectors in Iran have found NOTHING that shows that Iran is in the process of building nukes... On the contrary, Iran is developing peaceful nuclear power stations which is totally within international law.... It does seem that again, just like Syria, this latest push for war against Iran is doomed to fail, unless the criminals in Washington and Tel Aviv are able to pull off a new "false flag" attack and have it blamed on Iran itself... But to do so with everyone knowing it is coming,and that the perpetrators will not be the Iranians, is beyond ridiculous and could spell suicide for the criminals in Washington themselves...

The fact is that war is momentarily off the table when it comes to both Syria and Iran... And out of desperation, and their lust and need for a new war somewhere, these criminals are now turning their attention back to.... North Korea!   According to this latest article by Jason Ditz, who writes the blog: Antiwar, at, the North Koreans are still trying to make a nuke to reach the United States itself.... I have that article right here in its entirety for everyone to see and laugh at for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Pentagon Report: North Korea Still Trying to Make Nuke to Reach US

Nation Might Eventually Figure Out How, Report Warns Congress

by Jason Ditz, May 02, 2013
A new Pentagon report on North Korea, coming weeks after everyone was seemingly all North Korea’d out, comes with the same ominous but ultimately vague warning that the nation is still “working” on a nuclear missile to reach the United States.

Of course, North Korea doesn’t have the missile part down, and the administration seems pretty split on where they have the nuclear part down. The report, which was mandated by Congress for public release in the last military spending bill, provides no timeline for anything.

But they could “eventually” come up with a missile that has that long of a range, since it is something within the realm of human technology, and they also could conceivably figure out how to miniaturize the warhead. Efforts to put satellites in orbit are a big part of learning how to fire a rocket that far.

North Korea’s ability to put satellites up is slap-dash at best though, with the people who recover the rockets often shocked by how primitive they actually are, though they did work at least one time. Accuracy is expected to be a huge problem for them, and the re-entry technology needed for a missile would be another, though, so eventually could well mean quite a long time.

NTS Notes:  This is so ridiculous, and I can not believe that the Pentagon would actually put out this report and expect the American public to swallow its lies...

North Korea has been barely able to build a small stockpile of nuclear arms.. And now we are to believe that they will be able to take leaps and bounds in missile technology and be able to place a nuke on board a missile and have it hit the United States itself?   It took over a decade for the United States to master that technology back in the 50's and early 60's, and other nations still cannot do it with far greater technology than North Korea has today....And here we have in this report a backward country like North Korea, which is suddenly a threat of "eventually" being able to do it now?  How preposterous!

Lets face it... The only reason why the US has even demonized North Korea in the first place is due to the fact that China, which is allied to North Korea, has been moving away from the US dollar as its reserve currency, and that scares the hell out of the US Government.   This move against North Korea is therefore not about any phantom nuke on a missile, but about a vain attempt to contain China itself!

The fact is that North Korea may be the new "flavor of the day" when it comes to phantom threats against the United States, due to the US unable to get wars against Syria and Iran going... It is time for the American public to finally wake up and see their own government for the criminals they truly are...

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