Thursday, May 2, 2013

State Of Texas To Enact "Texas-Israel Day" On May 8th... Yes, This Is NO JOKE!

I had closed my files of absurdity a few years back, and maybe that was a mistake... It seems that these days the lunacy of our society is becoming more and more pronounced!   What you will see in this article is a prime example....

I came across the following article from the website: Liberty Fight, at, and I seriously had to do a double take and read it again to realize it was no joke.... According to this article, that I have here for everyone to view for themselves, the criminal legislators in the state of Texas are going to honor (I really want to puke) the criminal state of Israel by pronouncing next Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 as "Texas-Israel Day".... As I have already stated, this is NO Joke, and I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

 Slavish Texas Reps to Enact Absurd Annual "Texas-Israel Day" May 8th
By Martin Hill
May 2, 2013

Despite constantly promoting a 'fiercely independent' public relations image, submissive Texas legislators will declare May 8th "Texas-Israel Day" in the State Capitol. Like their compromised counterparts in the U.S. Congress, the subservient Reps will pronounce the official resolution next week. State Senator John Carona and Rep. Stefani Carter have taken up the cause and will read the declaration.
Like so many U.S. politicians and Presidents, Texas lawmakers have taken "legislative trips to Israel" for years. On March 21 2013, they passed H.R. 44, "Commending Israel for its cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with the United States and the State of Texas and supporting Israel in its legal, historical, moral, and God-given right of self-governance and self-defense." 

A group called the "Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce" has posted an announcement on its website about the "Texas-Israel Day" event:
"On May 8th State Sen. John Carona and State Rep. Stefani Carter have each agreed to sponsor resolutions in the Texas House and Senate respectively that will proclaim May 8 to be Texas-Israel Day. Please plan to join us in Austin at the Capitol that day, as the Texas-Israel Chamber group will be recognized in each legislative chamber. A room is reserved at the Capitol convenient to both chambers where the meetings will be held with key legislators and hear speakers throughout the day. This is a great opportunity for us to highlight the many opportunities Texas and Israel have to work together. Our greatest opportunity right now is in Water Management. The state realizes that we have a big problem and Israel has invented the solution. Gov. Perry has decided to take $2 billion from the Rainy Day fund and spend it on upgrading water infrastructure in the state. The day will primarily focus on educating our legislators about Israeli water technology before this legislative session ends. CEO Clare Freeman is working with the Governor's office and the Water Management Board to plan the day for maximum impact."
Another page on their site, TEXAS-ISRAEL DAY AT THE CAPITOL MAY 8, notes:
"We plan to use this day as an opportunity to educate legislators and key stakeholders about the very close relationship between Texas and Israel. We will highlight Israeli water conservation and desalination technologies that can dramatically help the citizens of Texas solve the very serious water shortage problems we face in the immediate future. This day is a huge opportunity for Texas-Israel Chamber members to meet face to face with our legislators and educate them on the many ways Texas and Israel are so closely connected... I hope you will join us and contribute to our effort. The more people we have in Austin supporting Texas and Israel, the bigger an impression we can make on state lawmakers."
Reaction to the announcement of "Texas-Israel Day" was largely negative among Texans. North Texas resident Mike Devasher was perplexed. "I can't figure out for the life of me what Israel has to do with Texas or Texas history. This makes as much sense as declaring a 'Texas-Rhodesia Day'. I object to Texas being tied to that filthy terrorist nationette who threatens the world with their undeclared nuclear program that, to date, has Israel in possession of over 300 nuclear- warheads and has never been properly investigated by the IAEA or held accountable by any other nuclear watch-dog agency. It appears that jewish House speaker Joe Strauss has finally inserted the Zionist influence that every Texan has feared he would do once he became Speaker."

Investor Jim Lodwick, a long-time Austinite, was not pleased. "TexJiz is just too insane for words. Thank God the lege only convenes every other year." 

Russell Shipp of New Braunfels, who supported Ron Paul for president, said "What the hell?! An Annual Texas Israel day? Unless Israel is ready to recognize Texas as its own nation (and given their view on Palestine, I doubt that's the case) I see no point to this and I also see some Constitutional restrictions - given the fact that states can not engage in international diplomacy, and this is nothing but. How dare they waste our money and the people's time on something so frivolous and ultimately unconstitutional. A TX Israel day?... I had no idea."

Despite the cartoonish "Don't Mess With Texas" slogan which the state plasters all over billboards, the so-called political leadership in Texas is actually very sycophantic towards the Israeli lobby and tyrannical towards it's own people. It's armed revenue agents regularly engage in all sorts of barbaric intrusions, conducting obscene cavity searches of innocent women on the roadside, arresting veterans for legally carrying their firearms, waking up off-duty truck drivers in violation of federal law, shooting innocent family pets for no reason, killing innocent people in botched drug raids, stealing children from their parents and then and abusing them, etc. The so-called Texas Dept. of Children Services is particularly notorious for hiring perverts, who then abuse innocent children. Meanwhile the lawmakers, who supposedly represent the people of Texas, obsess on a warmongering foreign nation which should have nothing whatsoever to do with the Lone Star State. George Washington said it best in his Farewell Address, when he warned to "steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world." 

The two Texas state lawmakers who are spearheading the proclamation of the "Texas-Israel Day" Resolution can be reached here: Stefani Carter can be reached in Austin, TX at (512)463-0454 Fax: (512)463-1121 or Richardson, (972)661-9649 , (972)661-9679 and Fax (972)661-1338. Her e-mail is On her newsletter, Carter says "As always, I am honored to be your voice in Austin." John Carona can be reached by e-mail here or by phone in Austin: (512)463-0116 Fax: (512)463-3135 or Dallas: (214)378-5751 Fax: (214)378-5739

No word on whether the TX Reps will proclaim a U.S.S. Liberty Day, Lavon Affair Day, Jonathan Pollard Day, Salvador Smecke Day, or a 'Dancing Israelis Day' to follow up on next Wednesday's Texas-Israel celebration.

NTS Notes:  I have so many friends, contacts, and fellow bloggers, who live in Texas, and I can guarantee they are not amused by this action by these fools and idiots in the Texas state legislature in Austin... Seriously, this action does make me want to puke.....

As this Liberty Fight article states.. If these Israeli butt kissers that occupy the Texas legislature are so quick to kiss Israeli ass, and even suck Israeli dick (sorry about the profanity), then how about a day to honor the victims of the Israeli murderous attack on the USS Liberty?  Or how about honoring the victims of the Israeli mass murder of 9-11?

This shows how much now the United States of America is nothing more than Israeli occupied territory... It is bad enough that the federal government in Washington absolutely bows on command to their Jewish masters.. Now we see that control is even at the state legislature level with this criminal action by the idiots in Texas....

And where the hell are the people of Texas in all this?   I can guarantee that many are unaware of this horrendous action by their state officials..... These state officials are traitors and should be either thrown out of office immediately and/or told to surrender their US citizenship immediately and told to board the first available flights out of Texas to their cherished and wonderful hell hole called Isra-Hell.... America definitely deserves leadership that supports its own citizens first and foremost....

More to come



Greg Bacon said...

Between the holocau$t memeorial, better get down and grovel days and the 'Let's Kiss some Israeli ass days," there must not be a week that goes by without some sort of sick devotion being shown to that State of Hate, Israel.

But that tends to happen in a Master-Slave relationship.

America, guess which one you are.

Penny said...


I apologize for the off topic
but it's very important
the beef lobby in Canada is pushing on the Feds to allow food irradiation of the filthy beef produced here in Canada and exported to the US and elsewhere
I put up a big post on this and want to get it out to as many interested persons as possible

there is enough info there for people to start firing off emails and making calls
Like I said in the post silence is acquiescence

We have to stop being so f'n apathetic...

PS: I would actually be rid of government, Ideally
Until that day comes...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Absolutely no need to apologize, Penny... and thanks for the info... Interesting that is not in the Canadian mainstream Jewish media... but we know they will keep all underhanded and diabolical actions out of the public eye...

Northerntruthseeker said...

I knew this article would be right up your alley, Greg....

Seriously, it is bad enough that the Texas Legislature is now openly sucking and swallowing.... I surely would love to hear from someone who lives in Texas to hear their thoughts on this matter...

Anonymous said...

Hello, there is an update to this article:

Israel Is Pouring in, to Control Texan's and America's Water

Anonymous said...

Great comment NTS. One of your best in my memory. Israel and their damned lobby are simply a cancer. Glad to see America is waking-up, albeit slowly.


Penny said...

Hello Again NTS

"but we know they will keep all underhanded and diabolical actions out of the public eye..."

exactly why I put up the post.
asked some other people to send it out to their friends and acquaintances

I am not surprised this is under the radar, if they can sneak this in, the bastards most certainly will!

Thinking of the NAU, I saw one article that was like well they do it in the US so how can we not do it?
Pathetic: follow the leader?
I mean just pathetic

Sorry for the strong language, but, it is sick what is done to our food
We depend on food for our health, for our well being and these evil profiteering scum are depriving us all of vital sustenance
It burns me up

time for the back yard garden to come back into vogue
The victory garden against OWO tyranny...
what do you think?

Lisa Webb said...

Hi, NT! You are so dear to post this and give it exposure. You know how I feel about this, living in Texas...argh!

I did see in the comment section that "anonymous" posted a LibertyFight update. I found that one, too, and might highlight here that apparently, there are MANY places in the US and the world that are employing this Israeli company.

Something I did not mention when calling in to a radio program was that THIS IS A SERIOUS AND DANGEROUS RISK TO INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY! America is giving all sorts of sensitive contracts to Israeli companies, and obviously water is one of the most fundamental ingredients of life. This makes me VERY nervous, to say the least!

Then there is the maddening question: Surely, is there not ONE American company or technology group that would benefit from such a large contract?

I will be doing some more serious research into this, and will let you know what I WHO is donating to these two criminal legislators' campaigns!