Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is The London Soldier Killing Another Staged Hoax?

I actually watched a bit of the so called mainstream media the other night and their "reporting" of a new killing...This time done by "Islamic Extremists" in an area of Southeastern London, UK..... But I did notice how the media continued to stress that the killer was an "Islamic Extremist", and automatically I began to smell a rat.... It just did not make any sense, and I began to realize that we are being set up again by another fake killing, this time in the United Kingdom!

I came across the following video this morning, thanks to John Friend, who writes John Friend's blog, at, and it is a must see by everyone.... I have it right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves, and after watching this, you too may have the same thought that I have that this London killing was indeed another staged event.   My own thoughts and comments will follow:

NTS Notes:  The lady with the shopping cart walking behind this supposed killer is a real laugher and the dead giveaway that this is indeed another staged event... But many might be asking...For what purpose?

I will state it flat out that horrible immigration policies, created purposely by criminal Jewish interests, have turned the United Kingdom into a cesspool of strife and racial disharmony.... It would only need a staged event such as this one to cause an explosion of  racial unrest and open racial warfare in the United Kingdom itself, which again these Jewish interests have long been planning!   Has everyone forgotten that it was outlined right in their twisted Protocols about the need for racial pollution and open racial warfare to weaken and then destroy their opposition?

Readers, we have now seen the false Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings, and the fraud Boston Marathon bombing in the United States....As well as the laughable "terrorist" train bombing plot here in Canada.... Just to strike fear into the public and to use that propaganda of fear to take civil liberties and rights away from the gullible public here in North America.... Now we have this fraud beheading in the UK to create racial strife there as well..... When the hell will everyone wake up and realize that this is all a dangerous con game and a series of hoaxes perpetrated primarily by criminal Jewish interests?

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Jody Paulson said...

Echos of Nick Berg.

Anonymous said...

Also, check out his rather different treatment of the same video (why the different editing?);

About 1:15 in, you see the woman continue to walk right by, followed shortly after by a guy acting as if nothing has happened.

Of course, the absolute lack of blood is an incredible give away. Even in a theatre, you know to use fake blood! What the hell.....

Diane Watt said...

Sorry NOrthern ( American) Yes folks he is American. He is seeing already edited tape from news. I suppose 9/11 was also a hoaX

Diane Watt said...

Mate your American! You using already edited news feed . I will assume that 9/11 was also a hoax.

andy Gerry said...

They dragged the body into the road, so the blood pool is elsewhere...the guy we see may not be the one who actually did the beheading, hence no splatter. Its the news that have edited the footage, they do that all the time so it proves nothing..and the two murders were not killed by the police and are alive in hospital.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Reich alerts my jewdar.

Anonymous said...

actually, there is blood on the sidewalk, there is an aerial picture.
they hit the man with the car, kill him on the sidewalk an then drag the body on the street.

Anonymous said...

the IRD or information research dept
wasa propaganda body set up for W W II to demonise germans
we are seeing the excat same thing now with muslims
its always the jews behind it, they are the enemies of both our peoples

Anonymous said...

You sick ignorant fucking twat. A father of a young child is dead and you spout you conspiracy bullshit.

You are as bad as the evil people that did this. If you lived in the UK you would have seen the full coverage; the crashed car, the helicopter shot showing a trail of blood, the live twitter post as the events unfolded.

Now fuck off back under you rock you piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why Britain opened up immigration to the Muslims. When time was ripe it was to use them in various false flags. How clever. Israel has owned Britain since the usurpation of the British throne from British Royalty, by the German interloper khazars bringing their barbaric and inhumane practices with them. They are hard core racists and murderers as we now know and are not one ounce British. They adopted the British name "Windsor" back in the early 1900s' hoping the British would eventually forget they are actually German khazars, or better known as black nobility since they married into that line. GET RID OF THEM AND YOU GET RID OF YOUR PROBLEM AND SO DOES THE WORLD GET RID OF THEIRS.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Muslim...
I am very glad that I found this website and moreover the video explaining the utter hoax! I noticed the same thing straight away, that the whole thing is staged mainly due to the male not having any blood on his clothes and the so called brave woman talking to a "butcher".

The whole plot is against Muslims as so many are coming to the religion, especially in London, most being of the black race which is very good, but not for this country or Government. Muslims have many races and welcomes all races as it is a religion for all and the Gov cannot accept this.

It is unfortunate for them, that however much they stage such things, it will always contain flaws as with everything manmade and if anything, when people realise this, more will accept and understand Islam.

Me as a Muslim, I practice and would only ever spread peace as that is what Islam means.

Open your eyes people - don't believe everything the media says, after all media does not mean 'truth' or 'fact' it simply means mass communication collected and distributed.

May we all open our eyes and not let the NWO blind us.

Related Incident said...

Anonymous said...
You sick ignorant fucking twat. A father of a young child is dead and you spout you conspiracy bullshit.

rant rant rant rant...

Now fuck off back under you rock you piece of shit.

May 24, 2013 at 2:57 AM

Maybe when you're a little less emotional you might want to revisit this one.

Have you spoken to any of the witness from Woolwich?

The British have a bit of history in beingtricked by the jew to kill their enemies, as they sit back counting the money they lent us to fight their war, laughing at the dumb goyim.

How did WWII work out for us so far?

It's pretty much destroyed the entire Western world and England today is just as filth filled as every other nation it helped destroy.

Anonymous said...

Very well said sir!