Thursday, May 9, 2013

Did Israel Nuke Syria? "Nuclear Rogue" By Jim Stone

Anyone with 1/2 a measure of intelligence knows that Israel indeed is a nuclear weapons nation, and that it would use these weapons in an instant according to its INSANE Samson Option against most nations on planet Earth in a true holocaust where they clearly state that "If We are ever in danger of going down... We will take 1/2 the world with us!"....  Such is the insanity and immorality of this dangerous terrorist nation...

Recently I came across several videos that were sent to me, asking for my honest opinion, and I was truly shocked... The evidence presented in these videos shows clear evidence that the criminal and psychotic state of Israel most probably used several tactical nuclear weapons in its  blatant attacks on targets in and around Damascus, Syria.    I am shocked that the Jewish controlled media has never shown these videos, but it makes sense when they want the dumbed down masses to not see the real picture of the murderous campaign that Israel has now launched against the innocent nation of Syria.. They would not want the world to see anything that would paint their cherished and sick Israel in a negative light!

I want to present here a great article from Jim Stone, through his website:, that shows clear evidence that Israel has indeed launched a nuclear attack on Syria that his killed at least hundreds and most probably thousands of innocent people... Here is that article, entitled: Nuclear Rogue, for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

May 7, 2013

Nuclear rogue


Those of you who are new to this site probably do not realize exactly how censored your news is. I suggest you read the following to find out. Yes, they absolutely WILL try to hide a nuclear blast, provided Israel did it and the target was Arabs.

"The real issue at hand now is that Israel has proven itself out in the open, under documented irrefutable conditions, that it considers nuclear aggression acceptable policy. This means that for as long as Israel exists it is a menace to the world. It is fairly well proven that Israel caused the Indonesian tsunami, nuked Bali, caused the Japan tsunami, nuked Fukushima, and FINALLY, because an Arab set a decent camera up at exactly the right place and time, and had the balls to post the video immediately, it is proven and not a guess that Israel is a nuclear rogue.
I did not get the best screen grab for what I showed in my initial analysis, and when I was doing further work on this report, I landed on the holy grail - the moment of criticality. I did not know the camera captured this.

Here you can see that even in the part of the frame that was not the sky, even in the shadow areas, there was so much light that the camera sensor clipped to it´s maximum value at all sensor sites. You can extract this frame from the cleanest version of the original video, Here is the most pristine version of the original video ever posted by the man who shot it. I made sure this got preserved. A powerful computer or advanced video editor will help. You won´t be grabbing this frame with an old Celeron.

I cannot begin to emphasize enough how impossible it is to clip a camera sensor to maximum, even in the shadow areas. This means that even the windows in the buildings took in so much light that the normally dark area inside the buildings which would make the windows appear dark got so much light that even the super dark areas clipped the sensor. The sun will not do that, even with a massive over exposure. The only thing that will do that is a nuke, which is well known to be brighter than the sun.

This is the proverbial "no damage from a 9.0 earthquake, other than tsunami damage" proof that is needed to show this was a nuke. Anyone should be able to understand this, and you don´t need to know photoshop, you don´t need to know focal lengths and lens behavior, just look at the frame grabs below. They say it all and you do not need to be an expert to see it.

The following captures give you a clear reference for what is happening in the frames above. Put your finger on one of the flames in the frame above to see where it is in the picture while the light of the nuke is still overwhelming the camera so badly it cannot see that flame. How bright is the sun? Would that camera be able to see a fire at high noon? Obviously yes, and this proves that even after significantly fading, the nuke is STILL brighter than the sun.


We now know what a nuclear attack looks like for real, and it is surprisingly Hollywood. We also know now that EMP is B.S., and that an ordinary camera can survive filming it. As I have always said, nuclear EMP is a HOAX that is going to be used as an excuse to get rid of technology via Intel CoreVpro processors, other 3g enabled processors, and via the 3g connections ALL AUTOMOTIVE CONTROL COMPUTERS AFTER 2004 HAVE ON ALL THE TIME, as well as smart meters which can probably command appliances to auto destruct, which will be used to fake the public into believing a nuclear EMP wiped everything out when in fact it was only the zionists using decades old 3g technology to tell everything to self destruct with a system we all forgot about. And THAT is how they will throw us back to the stone age, and accomplish our final enslavement. 

This video is proof positive that our electronics are NOT susceptible to nuclear EMP, a fact I have been harping for a long time now, and all it took for me to know was to put pen to paper and calculate it out.
EMP fear mongering is a mind game, to get people to waste their efforts on that which is irrelevant. EMP from a nuke is a threat to ONE thing - a device hooked up to a wire over a mile long that has no protection circuit. Nuclear EMP needs a conductor with a cross section a mile long to couple with, it´s all very easy math. Your car, your laptop, your cell phone is immune, simply because it is too small to take in the signal. Power distribution systems, phone systems, ethernet computer networks with no fiber optics, and cable TV systems can be damaged but even then it is not likely, the nuclear tests of the 40´s 50´s and 60´s took place amidst power lines and phone networks, and the ONE time anything did get blown out it was a rotary multiplexer at a small local phone provider. Our modern stuff is far more robust simply because over time it was improved to survive lightning strikes.

But nuclear EMP is not the issue here, IS IT?

I´d say NO. The real issue at hand now is that Israel has proven itself out in the open, in documented irrefutable conditions, that it considers nuclear aggression an acceptable policy. This means that for as long as Israel exists, it is a menace to the world. It is fairly well proven that Israel caused the Indonesian tsunami, nuked Bali, caused the Japan tsunami, nuked Fukushima, and now, simply because an Arab set a decent camera up and had the balls to post the video immediately, it is PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT AND NOT A GUESSING GAME THAT ISRAEL IS A NUCLEAR ROGUE. I gotta laugh - it was their "eternally illiterate mud hut goat herder" patsy that nailed them. Hey Israel, WHO ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BE TRUSTING WITH A BOMB?? Looks like the movie Airplane and many others were nothing but kike fantasies. The damage you caused to the reputation of others while being even WORSE filth yourselves is the pinnacle of all hypocrisy. 

Even more damning is the blackout in the media - all forms of it. I can excuse some of the alternative media that has limited staffing for missing this, but CNN, FOX, AlJazeera, ABC, NBC, CBS, ALL latino news outlets, EVERYTHING "mainstream" has staffing good enough to know what went on, and their silence is absolutely DAMNING. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all wrapped up in a blanket of zionist lies, disinfo, and SILENCE.

NTS Notes:  Jim Stone has indeed done his homework and presents the evidence in a format that everyone can comprehend...

I have long said that Israel is a criminally insane nation that wants a new regional war for its sick aim of a "Greater Israel" and total hegemony over the entire Middle East.... This blatant, cruel, and unjustifiable attack on another innocent nation, Syria, shows what kind of true evil we are dealing with..

And again, so much for the false claims that Israel is not a nuclear nation.   That lie has to be perpetuated due to the US Symington Amendment of 1977 that states that the US is to not give aid to any nation that is not a signor of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaties, to which Israel has never signed onto!   Thus the need to keep Israel's massive nuclear arsenal a poorly kept secret and to keep ambiguity when any US congress-critter is ever asked about it being a reality!

As more reports about the truths about Israel's aggression against Syria become available, I will do my best to place these reports here for all to see... Stay tuned..

More to come



Greg Bacon said...

The Zionist MSM outlets are ignoring Syria like it doesn't exist...maybe that's a poor choice of words.

ZNN, FAUX and BSnbc are running with the Arias slop or the Ohio kidnapping or the Benghazi affair. Syria has dropped off their radar and that too is a sign that something horrible, most likely a mini-nuke, was used by Israel against Syria last weekend.

The sleazy MSM talking heads and their bosses should be rounded up and replace those poor souls at Gitmo, who have also dropped of the screen from RT, which shows one how deep the Zionist corruption goes.

Anonymous said...

Jim Stone has just posted a source of verification about the nuking at his site. His information seems to get censored by others, as he does not conform the gate-keepers' standards of actually hiding critical information.