Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Canada Is The Worse Israel Butt Kissing Country On Earth... This Video Says It All!

When I saw the criminal Harper(stein) government in Ottawa throw Canada's support behind the murderous psychopaths in Israel that had just nuked the innocent country of Syria that killed thousands of people in the process last week, I wanted to throw up.   I have long said that this country is no longer free and is in fact the most Israeli occupied country on Earth.... I have seen absolutely nothing that has ever changed that analysis...

Now I want to present a very revealing short video that I came across recently that tells the truth about this nation and how it is nothing more than Israel's b*tch.....  This video is entitled: "Canada, Most Pro Shit On a Stick Country On Earth", and is a must see by everyone, especially those in Canada that know the absolute truth about the criminal terrorist state of Israel and are truly sickened by what Canada has now become... I have that video right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Again, It came as no surprise to me last week when the Harper criminal government in Ottawa was one of the first nations to support the murderous criminal state of Israel in their unjustifiable attack on the innocent nation of Syria, considering what I have seen in the last few years by the total subservience of this horrid government to their Jewish masters.

I call on all freedom loving Canadians to take a stand against the actions of the Harper regime in Ottawa, and to make them accountable for their Jew butt kissing ways.... Canada needs leadership that supports Canadians and their wishes first, and not the wishes of a foreign evil entity.   To me, that is treason and should have these treacherous individuals thrown out of public office immediately and be put into jail!

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