Friday, April 12, 2013

The Horrors Of Facebook: You Are On Facebook Forever, Whether You Want To Be Or Not!

For quite sometime now, some readers of this site have been asking me where my "Facebook" account for this site is located... Personal friends of mine have also been constantly saying that I could have a greater following by using the social media Facebook to reach a larger audience... I have, however, through my research into Facebook thought differently....

I have long discovered the real truths about "Facebook", which I rightfully call "Facecrook"... It was built upon a spy program that is only for gathering personal data from its users.  To me, this is horrendous, and absolutely the reason why nobody should ever open up a "Facebook" account, period.....

I recently got into a bit of an argument with someone who has a "Facebook" account, where I stated that once you are in with "Facebook" you can never leave.   He laughed at me and said that the people behind "Facebook" would respect a person's privacy, and if they wanted out, they would delete their accounts and information... I said the truth is otherwise...

Well, it does look that I have been proven right again about the criminality of "Facebook"... I want to present the following interesting article from the website: "12160" at, entitled: "You Are On Fecebook FOREVER, Whether You Want To Be Or Not", that shows clear evidence that the criminals behind "Facebook" keep your personal information on file, even after you tell them to close your account!   Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Just a heads-up 12160 members about this DARPA site, you can't escape it. I joined this site in 2010, not yet knowing the hidden evils and real agenda of it. After doing the research and learning the truth behind this social spy-net, I took myself off of it spring of 2012 (last year)

 After following directions on how to disassociate yourself from Fecebook, it was also suggested that you should totally avoid the site, avoid logging in w/ previous account credentials and such for several months. Fine, this works for me & a done deal.

Yesterday, as I routinely hammer the sheep sites w/ educational (lol) comments, I ran across a site that would allow you to leave comments...BUT...only if ya logged into Fecebook. I said to myself, Oh well, guess I'm not leaving this current jewel comment for the morons. A separate window opens up, wanting you to put in your Fecebook log-in info. Now I have been off and away from fecebook site for close to a year now, my browser holds the log-in cookies, so my old credentials were auto-filled in. I thought, "Wonder what happens if I clikked "Log-In".....................................................

"Welcome back to Fecebook,

you've been gone awhile, catch-up now"

Unfriggin believable!!!! SO I thought I would mention this "glitch" to others who have walked away from Fecebook, YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE!!!! I am going to see if I can actually talk to a body and find out how to permanently remove one's self from the grips of DARPA's data snoops


NTS Notes:  I must apologize for the colorful metaphors that this author uses in this important article, but I do believe he has them there to give everyone the hint....

Lets get the facts straight... "Facebook" was created as a spy operation primarily to gather as much personal information from its users as possible.   It is horrendous to realize how freely people put up their personal data about their lives on this criminal "social network", not realizing that information is being passed on to nefarious organizations, including the Mossad, where it can be used against them.

It is also shocking that more and more businesses, online sites, etc, all demand that their users have a "Facebook" account for access.... To me, this is a violation of a person's rights to just say "NO", and people should not be forced to open a criminal "Facebook" account to comply....

Sadly, it now appears that once you are in "Facebook", you can never get out!   So the message I have for everyone still stands.... NEVER join this type of "Social Network", period!

More to come



Jody Paulson said...

This "Onion" video is *supposed* to be satire:
Facebook CIA Project

Anonymous said...

I never even considered opening a Facebook account. I read years ago it was an info gathering tool on individuals for various law enforcement agencies. I believe it very likely is. Hotmail's new format now links a person in my contact list with their Facebook account. This alone makes me uncomfortable. Does anyone need a Facebook account? Glad I never joined!


Anonymous said...

Friendica on Zuck
(site has only 50% hit rate, but got Zuck good)

Zuck's CIA medal says it all - recruit