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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Dangerous Levels Of Radio-Nucleotides Appearing In Drinking Water - US Government Solution: Raise The Permissable Level Of Nuclear Radiation In Drinking Water!

With all of the news the last few days around the world focused in on the Boston Marathon false flag attack, it is important to realize again that there is some very important news happening elsewhere in the world.

One news story that has been ongoing now for over 2 years is the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Japan.   It is surprising that there have been few reports anywhere in the Jewish controlled media about this horrific situation that has no solution in sight, and it does fall on us in the alternative media to bring any new reports to light...

I came across a most disturbing news report just the other day about this horrific disaster that I want to bring to my own readers' attention.  It seems, according to the Global Research website, at, that the US President, Barry Soetoro, has decided to raise the permissable levels of nuclear radiation allowed in drinking water in the United States.   This is primarily due to the increasing amounts of dangerous radio-nucleotides that have been appearing in US water supplies, primarily due to fallout from the still ongoing disaster at Fukushima, Japan!    I want to first present this important Global Research article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket

Rollback in Nuclear Radiation Cleanup

Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket Following Radiological Incidents

The White House has given final approval for dramatically raising permissible radioactive levels in drinking water and soil following “radiological incidents,” such as nuclear power-plant accidents and dirty bombs. The final version, slated for Federal Register publication as soon as today, is a win for the nuclear industry which seeks what its proponents call a “new normal” for radiation exposure among the U.S population, according Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

Issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, the radiation guides (called Protective Action Guides or PAGs) allow cleanup many times more lax than anything EPA has ever before accepted. These guides govern evacuations, shelter-in-place orders, food restrictions and other actions following a wide range of “radiological emergencies.” The Obama administration blocked a version of these PAGs from going into effect during its first days in office. The version given approval late last Friday is substantially similar to those proposed under Bush but duck some of the most controversial aspects:

In soil, the PAGs allow long-term public exposure to radiation in amounts as high as 2,000 millirems. This would, in effect, increase a longstanding 1 in 10,000 person cancer rate to a rate of 1 in 23 persons exposed over a 30-year period;
  • In water, the PAGs punt on an exact new standard and EPA “continues to seek input on this.” But the thrust of the PAGs is to give on-site authorities much greater “flexibility” in setting aside established limits; and
  • Resolves an internal fight inside EPA between nuclear versus public health specialists in favor of the former. The PAGs are the product of Gina McCarthy, the assistant administrator for air and radiation whose nomination to serve as EPA Administrator is taken up this week by the Senate.
  • Despite the years-long internal fight, this is the first public official display of these guides. This takes place as Japan grapples with these same issues in the two years following its Fukushima nuclear disaster.
“This is a public health policy only Dr. Strangelove could embrace. If this typifies the environmental leadership we can expect from Ms. McCarthy, then EPA is in for a long, dirty slog,” stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, noting that the EPA package lacks a cogent rationale, is largely impenetrable and hinges on a series of euphemistic “weasel words.”

“No compelling justification is offered for increasing the cancer deaths of Americans innocently exposed to corporate miscalculations several hundred-fold.”

Reportedly, the PAGs had been approved last fall but their publication was held until after the presidential election. The rationale for timing their release right before McCarthy’s confirmation hearing is unclear.
Since the PAGs guide agency decision-making and do not formally set standards or repeal statutory requirements, such as the Safe Drinking Water Act and Superfund, they will go into full effect following a short public comment period. Nonetheless, the PAGs will likely determine what actions take place on the ground in the days, weeks, months and, in some cases, years following a radiological emergency.

NTS Notes:  This is just perfect... Rather than actually put in any effort to fix the horrific disaster at Japan that has caused this rise in dangerous radiation in drinking water here in North America, the US criminal President has decided to ok the raising of permissible radiation levels in that water instead... The consequences will be horrific for years to come with terrible increases in Cancer, weakened immune systems,  and radiation sicknesses, due to consumption of this radio-nucleotide laced water!

I am truly shocked that more people are not in arms about this.... Our drinking water is a necessity for life itself, and now we see the US government showing its true colors and its unwillingness to fix what has caused the rise in radiation in drinking water, the Fukushima disaster itself, and instead use this immoral act that will put peoples' very lives at stake...

Again, as I have stated many times, the Fukushima nuclear disaster is far from over.... As more reports come out about this disaster, I will continue to present as much information here for everyone to see for themselves.. Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

"I am truly shocked that more people are not in arms about this...."

They would first have to know about, and they don't. Americans have the attention span of a flea. No one -- and I mean no one -- talks about 9-11 anymore. That is now ancient history. Even though the attacks changed America for the worse in many ways, Americans have lost interest in discussing the issue and who was responsible.

I think people becoming pessimistic (I know I have), and that effects their interest, or lack of it.

And I don't think the vast majority of Americans realize how bad Obama is. He is a criminal.

The good days -- if there ever were -- are over.