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Boston Marathon False Flag Attack: Proof Positive It Was (Badly) Staged.... Where The Heck Were The Emergency Crews And Ambulances?

This Boston Marathon "bombing" truly stinks to high heaven... There, I have said it.... The more and more we look closely at this "bombing" the more we find even more evidence that it was a preplanned training exercise that was turned into a fraudulent "terrorist bombing" by both the criminals in our media and our own governments.....

One thing that we always see in real accidents, shootings, and "bombings" is the rapid response by emergency crews who quickly converge on the scene with fire trucks, emergency medical personnel, and of course... Ambulances..... But one thing that was overlooked with this so called Boston Marathon "bombing" was anyone asking a very hard question:  Where the heck were the Ambulances?.... It is startling that with all these supposed victims and "bodies" lying around in pools of "blood" that we do not see any AMBULANCES in any of the videos, or even the media reports!   Supposedly, the Ambulances were hundreds of yards away from the victims themselves.... And I thought...Come on now!....We have seen again and again in REAL bombings where not only the emergency personnel were everywhere right at the scene of the crime, but the streets would be absolutely choked with ambulances and fire engines as well!

To help answer the riddle of the missing ambulances, fire engines, and emergency medical crews, in this fraud "bombing"... I want to turn to an interesting article that comes again from Jim Stone's online website, at, that shows that the lack of ambulances and emergency medical crews at the scene of this "bombing" is the dead give away that this entire "terrorist attack" is a fraud.  Here is that important article for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have additional thoughts and comments to follow:

April 27 2013



Why no ambulances? Why no fire trucks? Why no stretchers? Why ZERO real emergency response?


Think about that.

The businesses lost a few windows, because the scammers were assholes about the drill. However, if it had been real, the smoke was there for SO LONG that there is no doubt the fire department would have been called long before it dissipated, and EMT's with their ambulances would have mobbed the scene. The fact that this did not happen proves the bombing to have been a drill all by itself. In fact, the fire department and medical centers would have HAD TO HAVE BEEN TOLD TO STAND DOWN AHEAD OF TIME TO AVOID REAL CITIZENS CALLING THEM IN.

Mister leg bone had his fake leg fall off in front of a private security camera and the police put it back on;
Bomber 2 was chased away from his own "car jacked" Mercedes,
Mother crying that it was her son totally naked in the video ALIVE after being arrested, and then obviously murdered by the police,
Bomber 2 gets out of the boat unhurt and then suddenly cannot speak,
All victims being treated at the same Jewish medical center,
A restaurant saying it did not happen as stated,
Older brother showing up in kraft uniform with younger brother in civilian clothes (how did THAT not make news? the older brother was a freaking AGENT at that bombing,)

No emergency response to the bombing, NO FIRE TRUCKS, NO EMT's NO AMBULANCE

DHS web page found with job applications for Boston bombing, including requests for amputee actors, and for people to arrive with shredded clothes.

Whistleblower saying ahead of time that this bombing was staged, and reloading powder and bullets would be restricted as a result.

Witnesses saying the police ran over the brother

Fake blood packs found at scene

Scene additionaly trashed afterwards to look better for the camera (look through the photos)

Mysteriously edited photos and vanishing evidence ongoing, even now (censorship)
And MANY more.

Paul Short posted the following to the forum:

@admin exactly, no emergency response. Why the heck would they take a guy with his legs blown off, sit him upright in a wheelchair and wheel him 50-100 yards down the street to an ambulance when there is a perfectly good paved roadway right there? Why would they let that young blonde woman in the blue shirt die on the sidewalk when ambulances equipped with defribulators, oxygen and jumpstart drugs were 50-100 yards away?

I've been at the scene of serious accidents and the like (never a bombing) and the roads are clogged with ambulances and firetrucks within minutes. I've actually seen an ambulance shove a car out of the way to get access to the scene. They don't take trauma victims on stretchers and wheelchairs and push them a block up the street to be treated, they bring the treatment units to the victims.

There was lots of opportunity for photographers and cameramen to get close to the gore in Boston though.
My response: It's worse than that even - Mister exposed leg bone was wheeled back and forth through the scene, as far as the cameras went that were covering it, NO FEWER THAN 4 TIMES, to make GOOD AND SURE he got his picture taken plenty of times. No nice photo of when his prop leg fell off though. And since I never saw a photo of ANY responding ambulance, even off in the distance, it cannot be said that they were 50 - 100 yards away. I don't think they were there AT ALL.

NTS Notes:  I want to also bring forward this very interesting video that shows that not only there were NO ambulances on the scene of this "bombing"... But the fraud in the wheel chair that had his "legs blown off" was wheeled again and again through the scene of the crime so that the cameramen could get a good image of him being wheeled away to an "ambulance" that was not even in the vicinity!  Here is that video:

When the Sandy Hook fraud operation occurred months back, we found images where roads were choked that prevented any ambulances from getting either to the phony school, or prevented any ambulances or fire engines from leaving that "school" as well.....  We also saw how rather than put the ambulances and fire engines into total disarray which usually occurs in a real shooting, the fire engines and ambulances were neatly parked in rows right besides the "school" itself!   How phony was that????

This should indeed have people asking more hard questions and have them finally realize exactly what this "bombing" was.... A phony operation to scare the crap out of the American public.

I for one am sickened by the ignorance of the general public that they have been fooled by the criminals in our governments and media into the false belief that this and others are "terrorist attacks"...... The brainwashing has been so intense that most are now absolute gullible fools that are like lambs heading for the slaughter.

Wake the hell up, everyone!

More to come


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