Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Marathon False Flag Attack: Proof That "Craft" Security Firm Did The Bombing?

I received an email from a friend just a few hours ago that contained an important video that I find very intriguing, and may show proof positive that the two brothers that were fingered (wrongly) for the Boston Marathon bombing are indeed innocent and have been set up as the patsies to take the fall for this clear false flag operation!

I want to share this important video with all of my readers right here for their viewing.... Please watch this video closely, and feel free to send me any comments in the comment section below... I have my own thoughts and comments following this video:

NTS Notes:  What do I think?  This shows clear evidence that the "Craft" security firm that was found wandering around the bombing scene of the crime, did the bombing as part of the pre-arranged false flag operation... That, or someone indeed has some serious explaining to do...

Again, take this important video and spread it around for everyone to see for themselves...I do suspect that the criminals behind Youtube will definitely want to have this video removed and quickly before everyone gets wind that this is the evidence that clearly shows exactly WHO did this bombing!

And take the time to leave any comments you want about this important video find....

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Anonymous said...

i can set you straight on dzhokhar's capture - i live in cambridge and was listening on the police scanner.

From sunrise friday morning the police had setup a 20 block perimeter in the neighborhood of Walnut st, Dexter st, and Mt Auburn st. Dzhokhar was eventually found on franklin st - one block outside the west of the perimeter.

the lockdown or 'shelter-inside' order was lifted at 6PM. (this was for the towns of boston, belmont, cambridge, newton, waltham, and watertown).

at that point, on Franklin St., boat owner David Henneberry, went out to have a smoke and walk his dog. he noticed one of the loops on the boat's tarp was loose, he may have also noticed blood - but he got a ladder, lifted the tarp, and found a semi conscious dzhokhar tamerlan laying a pool of blood. he then called the fbi.

thermal helicopters were called in around 6:30 PM, and they flew overhead confirming that there was a body in the boat. it was also occasionally moving. apparently dzhokhar had sustained wounds from an earlier shootout with police @ 1AM in the vicinity of Dexter st and Quimby st.

at that point the police were instructed to use dummy rounds and flashpoints in an attempt to intimidate dzhokhar and coax him out of the boat - he was still believed to be armed and dangerous.

eventually, they sent another bomb-difusal-robot over to the boat and it ripped the tarp off exposing a very weak dzhokhar tsarnev, who had multiple bullet wounds in his body - eventually dzhokhar was taken to beth israel hospital where he lay in critical condition for several hours.

Anonymous said...

and a few more things i left out:

- the dummy rounds were believed to be rubber bullets (videos do exist of these rounds being fired on youtube)

- it was announced that the suspect was captured at 8:42 PM. Upon seeing his condition, a medic was immediately called for - he was very weak. He was found in the boat @ 6:10-15 PM. The intent was to get him alive and it took some time to do just that.

- the state police announced at 8:55 PM that the one remaining suspect (dzhokhar tsarnev) was officially in custody.

gotta agree with you tho. - looks like special ops/craft/blackwater all the way. nice job!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I appreciate the info, "anonymous"... but it seems now we are dealing with an innocent individual that was set up to be the fall guy for this false flag!

Have anything pertaining to the video?

Anonymous said...


(and of the early morning shootout:

Anonymous said...

Dzhokhar's capture as "heard" from police, but not seen by this person posting? Not a reliable witness, especially as we know the authorities have been lying all along. The one photo of Dzhokhar shows him climbing out of the boat, on his own strength. No bloody evidence of being shot multiple times--not even once. Not until he is outside, lying on the ground held down by police is there any blood.

Greg Bacon said...

Now Americans are starting to find out what the Pakestinians have been dealing with for decades; a ruthless, take no prisoners terrorist occupation.

And it will only get worse.

Hans Zelfde said...


The younger brother wears a light colored / grey backpack. He is wearing it on right shoulder only. See 1:10 into this video: http://youtu.be/Sqjt9vOJ1eA

When he's leaving the scene the backpack could be:
1) in his right hand, hidden behind woman
2) on his right shoulder, hidden from our view
3) photoshopped away. There are photo's / videos from CNN that appear doctored (1:36 into http://youtu.be/Prk9V8vDiJA).

Because of the above mentioned option 1) and 2), the 'leaving the scene' photo does not proof anything. But unfortunately the sheeple only need to hear their Media say that he was spotted without a backpack on his back to believe it and be happy all is quickly fixed.

Photo's from the agents are ignored. One agents is clearly seen with and without the black (+white square) backpack. But the sheeple do not care or realize the should care and rather accept bad evidence to get a quick simple fix.


Greg Bacon said...

Judge Napolitano On Government Faking Terror Plots


No wonder this guy got fired from FUX.

Dylan said...

I watched this video a couple of days ago, an feel that I should clarify some things. The men at the marathon appear to be a CST (Civilian Support Team). They may have been trained by Craft International (which is what Craft does), and the Craft hat worn by one of them is available for purchase from their online store. The CST guy shown with a similar backpack to the bomb pack still had his backpack on after the explosion. The picture of him standing next to another of his team, with backpacks, and talking on phones, was taken after the explosions. That pic was cropped from a much larger image~ showing the pair standing in the middle of Boylston street with the aftermath of explosion #1 to the left in the frame. That simply means that it wasn't him, but if they all had the same packs, it could have been another CST guy. The younger Tsarnaev brother had a tan backpack slung over his right shoulder (evidenced in pics not in the video). The video claims he still had his backpack after the explosions. If that is indeed a backpack, and not his elbow, then its a black one, which isn't the one he was seen with earlier. I am by no means trying to defend the 'official' story, but false claims are bad for both sides of this attack.

Anonymous said...

Re Dylan : There was a photograph of the Craft guys standing together by their van after the explosions--without their backpacks. Where were they? What are the timestamps on the photos of these men? Also question not asked and probably will never be answered truthfully, if at all. Will any DNA tests be done on the alleged bombing backpacks? The Tsarnaev brothers were wearing their backpacks quite intimately on their bodies. Now that I have mentioned this here and elsewhere, maybe we can expect a lying, FBI forensics expert press release.

Anonymous said...

Boston Marathon Bombing Drill Conspiracy Cowboy Hat Guy Legs Blown Off Guy - MUST SEE!


Published on Apr 22, 2013

This time lapse shows the legs blown off guy being wheeled out of the area, but they have to stop to put his phony legs back on as they start to fall off.


Anonymous said...

Boston Bombing - guy with legs blown off returns and is wheeled through scene again!

Published on Apr 23, 2013

The original video is "Bostom Bombing Finish Line Time Lapse" - this clearly shows around minute 3 legs-blown-off-guy being wheeled out, but his phony legs are falling off, so they wheel him through again...1 minute later, hoping to get a better shot..but the dude who pushes him goes WAY too fast so they have to use the original shot taken right after yellow vest guy puts legs-blown-off-guys blown off legs back on. whew! trying saying that fast 3 times! :)

Later: I think the second guy getting wheeled out my be the guy in the 'hood' in this series of photos who was obviously helping the first blown off legs off guy in the very moments after the explosion. In the photos, you can see there is nothing wrong with him, but he is wearing a shirt (gray with black sleeves) that looks a lot like legs blown off guy. I still see more evidence supporting that this was a drill, except for the fact they have used some very realistic make-up. And dont forget, people with unlimited funds, access and power can pull off things that would make our heads' spin..and they do...regularly.

Anonymous said...

This comment is for blog author.

On April 23 we accquired a document concerning the court hearing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and in it we found some pretty serious discrepancies which could assist in the clarification of the whole event. Details are at this link => http://www.zhn.cz/en/world-developments.htm#attack-at-the-Boston-marathon.