Sunday, March 3, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Yes, It is Sunday again... And of course it is time for my usual ranting and raving... Mostly ranting..

First, I really want to thank everyone for their patience while my family and myself take care of our sick mother who is now in a personal care facility and has been responding better to her stroke medication.  It is nice to have that concern out of the way so that I can finally return to my normal life...

I have been at this for over 6 years now, and periodically it is nice to summarize where I stand in my views of what I see is truly wrong in this world....Therefore,  for this rant, I want to present Northerntruthseeker's 13 truths that everyone should know....

1. What We Have Been Taught In Our Failed Education Systems About Our History Is Pure And Utter Bullcrap:

I consider our modern education system a dismal failure, especially when what they teach our children about History being nothing but pure propaganda and lies....For centuries now, we have been subjected to nothing but lies and untruths when it comes to what is passed off as history.  It is not only a fact that our history is based on wars, and the victors write the history books, but it is also a fact that criminal Jewish interests want to keep the true facts about our past hidden, and have even gone as far as to rewrite all of our so called "recorded" history to suit their own criminal agenda. It has only been through the internet that true facts about our real history can be seen by everyone... It is no wonder that the criminals are desperate to shut the Internet down as the last bastion of truth...

2. The Jews Are A Fictional People With A Fictional Religion:

It is so sad that in the last while I have been in a war with those who still blindly believe that the Jewish people are somehow a "race" and that they have a real history....But the facts can be seen that these criminals are absolutely NOT a separate distinct race at all, but a mixture of different races drawn together by the teachings of their evil and fraudulent Torah and Talmud, and by their own criminal interests.  The need for them to call themselves a "race" is for them to somehow lay claim to the stolen land of Palestine, plain and simple.  It is also surprising that many blindly believe these criminals are "God's Chosen People" when that moniker is a very recent invention by these invented people.   Yes, the Jews are indeed an invented people with no past other than what has been pushed forward through the "Bible".  Modern archeology has found not one scrap of evidence in the region of Palestine that can back the Jewish claims to that region, or to give any credibility to what has been taught in the "Bible".... There is not one shred of evidence that there was an "Exodus", or "Solomon's Temple", as the Jews claim... But there is some evidence that these criminals are based upon invaders of Egypt known as the Hyksos, who seized Egypt sometime in the 14th century BC and enslaved that nation through their monetary Usury system.   The Egyptians themselves eventually revolted against these Hyksos invaders, and sent them fleeing out of Egypt and eventually settling in the region of Palestine.  It is my belief that the Jewish past and the teachings of their Torah are loosely based upon the history of the Hyksos themselves.

3. Jewish Usury Debt Banking Systems Are The Scourge Of Modern Mankind:

There is a famous saying and it must be repeated again.... Throughout history, all financial and banking systems based upon Jewish Usury Debt have always collapsed..... What we are witnessing today is just history repeating itself, but this time on a world wide scale.   There is no way that modern society can survive unless we break the centuries of Jewish debt based usury and take back control of our monetary systems away from the criminal Jewish bankers.  The question is are we too late now?  Europe right now is dissolving and a massive world wide depression that will definitely dwarf the Great Depression of the 1930's is rapidly approaching.   Governments are refusing to stop their own nations' collapse due to the control over those governments by the same Jewish criminal banking interests.   The result of this folly and stupidity will shortly be worldwide strife and despair.  And it could be avoided by just saying NO to Jewish bankers and their debt!

4.  All Wars Are Jewish Banker Wars:

I have seen recent articles stating that "All Wars Are Banker Wars".   That may be true, but the vast majority of the bankers are Jewish, and that fact must never be overlooked.  Everyone forgets that several centuries ago, one of the Matriarchs of the Rothschild criminal Jewish family stated how all wars are only as her sons dictate.  Such is the power of the Jews that they basically have caused all wars in our modern history and cared not about the outcome other than to bleed the warring nations financially and make themselves rich off the conflicts.   People forget that wars are extremely expensive to fight, and financing of all conflicts is done primarily through these same greedy and selfish Jewish bankers...

5. The Large Majority Of Jews Have No Rights To Palestine, Period:

This one is tricky.   I have already stated that the Jews themselves are an invented people with an invented religion.   It is primarily through their fraud religion that they have laid claim to the region of Palestine.  But again, without one shred of evidence ever found through modern archeology to back their biblical claims, they have no rights to that region at all.   Yes, there are some Sephardic Jews that are actually Semitic and have been in the region of Palestine for centuries, but the other 95% of the alien races that call themselves Jews that are presently occupying that region have absolutely no claim to the area at all.   It is sad that many still cannot see how these criminals have stolen that land from the true Semitic people of that land, the Palestinians themselves.

6. Israel Did The Attacks Of September 11th, 2001:

Over 11 and one half years since that fateful September day back in 2001, and there are still many that have been blinded by the Jewish propaganda through their brainwashing media that some 19 "A-rab terrorists" pulled off the greatest "terrorist" attack on US soil.   Anyone can discover the truth in just a few hours by looking at all the evidence and dispelling all the propaganda that has been shoved into their brains for over a decade.  I do not want to go into details here, because it could constitute several rants into itself, but Israel did the assault on 9-11 through their Sayanim/Mossad agents operating in America, as well as counting on their helpful slave puppets in the US Government itself.  I have stated it many times that it is indeed sad that those 3000 innocent lives murdered by criminal Jewish interests have still not had any justice to this day...

7. ALL Vaccines Must Be Avoided:

It is hard to believe that we have been brainwashed for over a century with the false belief that vaccinations are essential to "immunize" our bodies against diseases.  Now we know better.... Modern vaccines contain a myriad of different poisons, especially Mercury, and rather than work against disease, they actually weaken the body's immune system and pave the way for these diseases to attack and kill us.  I have long been a proponent of alternatives to vaccinations, including proper diet, supplements, and hygiene... These are far better alternatives than to roll up your sleeves and allow criminals to inject poisons into our bloodstreams.

8. There Is An Agenda To Poison Us Through Our Food And Water:

This is one that I used to never believe as being true, but the evidence is now overwhelming that there is an agenda to weaken or kill us through the very food and water we consume.  First, there is of course the Fluoride that has been added to our drinking water over most of the last century that does damage to our brains and weakens our resolve to fight back against these criminals.   Then there are so the so called "sugar substitutes" such as Aspartame and Sucralose, that have now been found to cause serious damage to our bodies, and is now prevalent in the majority of the foods we consume daily.  And we cannot forget about other dangerous chemicals that not only weaken our bodies, but have been linked to increasing human sterility.   Few are aware of the UN Agenda laid out in the 1970's that called for a massive human population reduction by some 90% of our present population level.    On top of that there is the increasing problems with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) that has not only poisoned our food supply but could potentially lead to mass planet wide starvation..... I ask everyone to look at what they are doing to our planet wide food and water supplies, and tell me that there is not a hidden agenda!

9.  Man Made Global Warming Is A Fraud:

Beyond the evidence presented back in 2010 about how the fraud artists were caught red handed in pushing their equally fraudulent Global Warming agenda, we only need to look at what is happening on this planet right now.... We are NOT heading to a period of "Global Warming" at all, but are heading for a period of Global cooling instead.   The fact is that this planet goes through natural cycles of heating and cooling which is generated by the fluctuating energy output our Yellow Dwarf Star, Sol, or the "Sun".    Right now, Sol is generating less solar energy, and the result is our planet is cooling.  But people should fear not, for this cycle has been going on for billions of years, and should continue for at least a billion more.... The fact is, readers, that the fraud artists behind the Global Warming scare have been using their propaganda and brainwashing methods to scare people into accepting criminal Carbon Taxes, so that they themselves can both get rich off the con in the process, and push for a "One World" government agenda.... I have always said that it is time to call out all these con artists and put them out of their misery...

10. The World Is Not Running Out Of Petroleum Anytime Soon:

It has been a while since I discussed in this blog the "Peak Oil" scam, but readers, it is indeed a scam....The fact is that Petroleum is absolutely NOT a so called "Fossil Fuel" but is a natural substance that has been created by trapped methane gases from the time of this planet's formation that has, over the period of billions of years of being exposed to both high pressure and high heat, transformed and evolved into more complex hydro-carbons including...Petroleum itself.... The Russians first discovered the nature of this natural Petroleum when they began deep drilling back in the mid-20th century and found that as they drilled deeper... They struck oil!   It is amazing that we have long been swindled in believing in the scarcity of Petroleum and it has been partially through that false belief that criminals in charge of oil companies have kept us all at their mercy through their outrageous pricing for their products....It is also sad that people have been kept in the dark about real alternative FREE energy sources, that have been kept hidden from all of us, but I will leave that subject for a future rant.....

11. Our Media Lies To Us:

Is this not obvious?   We turn on the idiot box that I call the "Talmud Vision" and all I see that is passed off as "News" to the public is nothing but lies and seems to follow an agenda.   We already know that almost all media outlets today are controlled by Jewish interests, and we see that in the news that is heavily censored and always seems to have a pro-Jewish bias...It is also very evident in the crap that is presently produced out of Jewish controlled Hollywood itself.  More and more of their so called "movies" are pro-Jewish and definitely vilify Muslims every chance they get....It is no wonder that these media outlets are now losing their audiences in droves as people turn to alternative media sources for real news, and avoid their crap propaganda movies now more than ever.....

12. Our Governments Do NOT Have Our Best Interests In Mind:

This one is also obvious.. Our so called "elected" officials do not have the interests of the public that actually elect them to office.   Most are driven by their own selfish greedy self interests and are also at the mercy of other interest groups, such as the powerful pro-Israel lobby that controls the United States government.  It is sad to see government officials, especially in America, constantly grovel to their Jewish masters that pay them handsomely for their subservience.... The net result has always been a pro-Jewish and pro-Israel spin in all government policies, especially foreign affairs.... It is also sad to say that most of those elected to higher office have so called "skeletons" in their closets, which keeps them in line and at the mercy of the pro-Israel/Jewish lobbies that call on them for constant support.  If they ever do turn against their Jewish masters, then their hidden dark secrets are revealed to the world as blackmail.   It is sad to say that honesty and integrity is no longer part of any politicians' vocabulary....

13.  We Have Been Lied To About Our "Greatest Scientific Achievement", Landing Men On The Moon:

I saved this to the very end....And indeed, it was this discovery years ago that propelled me into my course of discovery into the true criminality that is out to enslave our planet today...I have said it before and I will say it again... NASA's Project Apollo is and always was a massive fraud and swindle.  These criminals knew full well that they could not realize President John F Kennedy's dream of landing a man on the moon by 1970, so rather than even attempt to make it to the moon, they decided to launch a clandestine program of fraud to fake it to the moon.   The biggest obstacle to any space flight above what is called Low Earth Orbit has and always will be the Van Allen Radiation Belts around our planet as well as the dangers of radiation in interstellar space.   To say that they sent 9 Apollo space craft through intense belts of killer radiation between 1968-1972 in so called space craft that were nothing more than unshielded aluminum cans is an insult to anyone's intelligence.   The craft alone were a joke, and all photos, videos, and even the so called "moon rocks" that have been brought back from the "moon" have all been found now to be both frauds and were never taken on or from the moon itself.  It is so amazing the power of the media even in the 1960-1970's that they were able to con most of the people on this planet to this being man's "greatest achievement".... Now common sense and a bit of research shows differently.

Yes, I could go beyond these 13 points.... There are plenty more that I have not discussed, and I will leave those for future rants....In the meantime, here are some of my usual last minute tidbits of what is happening in the world right now..... The US and Israel are escalating their push for war on the innocent nation of Syria.  I hope that everyone can see that this is the so called back door method of getting their war on Iran off and running since Syria has a defense pact with Iran itself.... Sequestering that just went on in America is indeed just another tax grab, and I am troubled that more of the American public is not up in arms about this latest swindle.  I guess the chemical dumbing down of the American sheep has done its work..... Yes, Europe is coming apart at the seems with Italy about to declare national bankruptcy.  When will people ever learn that Jewish debt usury systems are a con and never succeed?....I see that the situation at Fukushima Japan has not changed, and while people are beginning to die from radiation exposure there, the world media has stopped reporting it!  That is not only sad but down right criminal!...There have been reports that the war on Iran is to begin this coming June.  That gives us less than 4 months before the world goes to hell and nobody is talking about it??? I guess it is more important to talk about that skank, Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, than to care about the prospects of World War III this coming summer!....

More to come




Anonymous said...

If there was ever a doubt about how close the Harper regime's lips are to the Zionist regime's anus, this dispels it once and for all:

O Canada! What have you become?

Anaughty Mouser said...

All true.

I'd add:

No planes on 9/11 at the twin towers or pentagon.

271,604 deaths total of khazarian "jews", due to disease and starvation, zero gas chambers, at all concentration camps during WW2.

Bolshevik "jews" genocided 66 million Russian orthodox Christians between 1917 and 1953 after dissarming them.

Patty said...

This was an excellent essay and your 13 points covered all the major problems we face today. A society based on lies cannot progress. It only leads to stagnation and decay which we are experiencing today. The lies of history, current events, false flag operations, all need further lies to be piled on the old lies in order to sustain the whole farce. An example is an article in the Sunday NY Daily News entitled "Holocaust worse than we knew" by Michael Walsh. It states "According to new research, Germany's systematic, state-sponsored murder, persecution and abuse of millions took place in about 42,500 camps and ghettos stretching from Nazi-controlled France to Russia between 1933 and 1945. ... You literally could not go anywhere in Germany without running into forced labor camps, POW camps and concentration camps" says researcher Martin Dean.

You see, new lies are needed to reinforce and embellish the old lies, all of which is forced down children's throats in the schools. It is very hard to undo this indoctrination later.

This fraudulent history and reality in general also serves to erase the real history of the white race and it's real accomplishments from the ancient Greeks onward. If you remove a person's history and memory, you destroy the person or the race.

The big question is why does the entire Gentile world make it so easy for the Jews to destroy us? Why do we cooperate so willingly in our own destruction?

Anonymous said...

As Patty lamented: "The big question is why does the entire Gentile world make it so easy for the Jews to destroy us? Why do we cooperate so willingly in our own destruction?"

'Cos if you complain, identify the obvious culprits, and stand up for your own dignity, you'll be vilified, isolated and persecuted as the most vile and crawly creature alive (according to Them), a filthy, rotten Anti-Semite!

We have GOT to break those imaginary chains! And imaginary they are....