Saturday, March 2, 2013

Important Health News: Video: Toxic Light - The Dark Side Of "Energy Efficient" Light Bulbs!

One very important subject that I continue to cover in this blog is of course Health related issues.  Again, we must understand that the criminals who are out to enslave us all have been poisoning our bodies and weakening our immune systems purposely to destroy our abilities to fight back against their planned tyranny. 

I have long stressed the absolute need to never, ever, put Mercury filled Compact Fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs into your homes.  These insidious little devices are absolutely deadly to human health due to the poisonous Mercury they contain.  It is a little known fact that if you accidentally ever break one of these devices within the confines of your home, you can not remove the deadly Mercury vapor properly from your home, and in most cases will require a Hazardous Materials team to do the job, which could cost thousands of dollars!  So much for "saving the environment" from that perspective alone..

But there is one issue about these deadly CFL bulbs that I have not covered in many of my articles, and that is the fact that the LIGHT that is generated by these devices is being found to be deadly to human health as well.   To show the dangerous effects of the light being generated from CFL bulbs, I want to present the following video, entitled: "Toxic Light - The Dark Side Of Energy Efficient Light Bulbs" right here in its entirety..  I do have some of my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have actually seen how the light from these deadly CFL bulbs effects human health, because some of my own co-workers have had to take sick leave out of our offices when my own corporation decided recently to "save lighting costs" by removing safe incandescent and older style Fluorescent light bulbs, and replace them with these new CFL style light bulbs... Many started suffering from nausea and headaches, and several had to take sick leave from their offices until these bulbs were actually removed!

There are still many studies that need to be conducted to study the adverse effects of the light generated by these horrible CFL bulbs on human health.  From what I have observed, those studies should have been conducted long before the introduction of these horrible devices into the home and work environment. 

Again, avoid CFL bulbs all together... We must put an end to our governments continued push to remove proven and safe Incandescent bulbs from sale to the public.   That time is now!

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