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The (Still) Upcoming War Against Iran: Here We Go Again With The BS - Report Says Iran Has "All The Ingredients Necessary" To Make A Nuclear Weapon (!)

Readers, repeat after me......"Iran is absolutely not building any nuclear weapons, and is absolutely not a threat to anyone"... Ok, got that.. Good.... That statement has been said over and over again, and has been backed up solid evidence and fact....

However, the criminal and insane state of Israel is not going to give up yet in trying to convince a very skeptical world that Iran is somehow building their non existent and imaginary nuclear bombs.. For according to this new article, from the Telegraph Online news service out of the UK at www.telegraph.co.uk, Israeli "Security Advisors" are stating that Iran has "All Of The Ingredients Necessary" to make a nuclear weapon.... Before you all start rolling your eyes, here is that article in its entirety, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Iran has 'all the ingredients necessary' to make a nuclear weapon

Iran has "all the ingredients necessary" to make a nuclear weapon but is holding off production to stave off military action, Israeli security advisers said on Monday.

Iran has 'all the ingredients necessary' to make a nuclear weapon
Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi at a foreign policy thinktank in Berlin Photo: AP

The country has enriched more than seven tons of uranium to a low grade of five per cent, pure enough for a nuclear reactor, which with further enrichment could create five atom bombs, the Institute for National Security Studies, a think-tank with close government ties, said.
"They have all the ingredients necessary to make a nuclear bomb," said Major General (ret) Amos Yadlin, the institute's director, who recently retired as head of military intelligence for the Israeli Defence Force.
"The main challenge for 2013 will be for Israel to decide when is the time to do something."
However, he added that Iran was not currently prepared to risk taking the process further. "It would take four or six months for Iran to enrich enough military-grade uranium, and in their eyes this is too long," he said. "They don't think they can get away with it.
"They are waiting for some international crisis, a distraction big enough to draw the eyes of the world away from their nuclear activity."

The institute's analysis suggests that Iran has set a "hold" on its nuclear programme at a spot on the edge of Israel's so-called "red line", the point at which it will take military action.

Israel set its "zone of immunity", beyond which it would be impossible to prevent Iranian nuclear development, at a threshold of 3,000 centrifuges, the instruments that carry out the enrichment. At least 2,700 are in place.
Its red line is reaching "breakout capacity" – where it has enough enriched uranium and weaponiseing capacity to rush to build a bomb before anyone could stop it.
Iran has enriched to 20 per cent, and could easily enrich to the 90 per cent purity needed for weapons capability. But it recently diverted some of that stock to a research reactor.
The institute's assessment suggests that Iran reacted positively to new offers of talks – both with its customary negotiating partners, the five permanent members of the security council plus Germany, and one-on-one with the United States – because of a belief that it was in a position of strength.
It also believes that President Barack Obama will be more amenable to making concessions that would tie Israel's hands after his re-election.
"I am optimistic," Ali Akbar Salehi, the Iranian foreign minister, said on a visit to Berlin yesterday. "I feel this new administration is really this time seeking to at least divert from its previous traditional approach vis-à-vis my country."
Mr Obama has previously indicated that his "red line" is the actual production of a bomb, rather than the so-called "breakout capacity" to make one.
The institute, for its annual report, also studied the implications of an Israeli attack. Gen Yadlin said it would be "doable" for Israel to tackle the Iranian threat alone, but that he had advised the government it should act only backed by the understanding of the international community – at the very least the United States – that all other options have been exhausted.
He said the response would not be as catastrophic as many feared. "We are of the more moderate school of thought," he said. "We do not predict World War III with Iran destroying everything. There will be a reaction – they won't be surprised like Saddam Hussein – but it will be calculated and efficient, because they know there will be a reaction to their reaction."
On Sunday, Mr Salehi indicated the next round of "P5+1" talks with Iran would be in Kazakhstan on February 25.

NTS Notes:  I first thought this entire article is a joke and a waste of time... But believe it or not, they are actually trying to sell this bull crap to the general public!!!

What is skirted around in this article is the fact that yes, Iran does have Uranium enriched to 5%, which is absolutely required for their civilian nuclear power reactors... And they have enriched some material further to 20$% for medical isotopes..  However, They absolutely have not built the necessary centrifuges and equipment to enrich it beyond that point and have no intention of ever doing so in the near future!

The real laugher is how these criminals are trying to sell the idea that Iran has "all the ingredients" to build a nuclear weapon... Besides the fact that Iran does not have the proper amount of enriched Uranium to build a bomb, is the fact a lot of other nations have "all the ingredients" as well, but you don't see them going out and building nuclear weapons with their ingredients!

The IAEA has also inspected Iran's facilities constantly, and they have found nothing that shows that Iran is considering building nuclear weapons....That also flies in the face of the criminal Israelis' constant bullshit claims that they are secretly doing so....

And of course, what is again never stated is the fact that we have the rogue and criminally insane state of Israel with its 300-400 nuclear weapons and a multitude of delivery systems... The world is again supposed to ignore this evil nation with its vast nuclear arsenal that could destroy 1/2 the planet, and instead we are supposed to again focus on the innocent country of Iran?  Can anyone else see the hypocrisy???

As I stated many times, Israel is absolutely desperate to get their next war of conquest off and running and have the Americans doing all the fighting and dying in a war on Iran.... It is my hope by now that the message is reaching people, and they will be able to stop this madness before these lunatics consider going to war against another innocent nation!

More to come


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