Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sylvia Stolz: Reply To Holocaust Denial Accusations

I recently put up an article that contained a most amazing video of a speech given by a very brave woman, Sylvia Stolz, at a conference last November... In that speech, she explained why and how she defended Ernst Zundel at a kangaroo court in Germany back in 2008, on the trumped up charges of "Holocaust Denial".   For her proper defense of that brave man, she herself spent over 3 years in jail!   It was indeed a travesty of justice...

Now, I want to present the followup video where Sylvia Stolz defends her actions and speech at that November conference.   I have that video right here and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Again, because I live in Canada, I will not give my own personal thoughts about the entire "Holocaust", but leave it up to readers to research and investigate that for themselves so as to draw their own conclusions..

It is very amazing that Sylvia Stolz may be brought up on charges for "Indirectly" denying the Holocaust!   THAT readers is beyond ridiculous... It leaves open the ridiculous notion that almost everyone alive today can be brought up on charges for "Indirectly" not supporting any laws!!!!!

I have long said that if that part of history is so true, then why not allow investigation?  It does seem that the monsters behind the so called "Hate crime" laws do NOT want people to see something that they are hiding... And I do wonder what that could be???

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Anonymous said...

The Jews should want individuals to investigate the details behind the "Holocaust" to show that they (the checkers and doubters), are spinning their wheels and what the Jews have claimed all along is true. The Jews should want the doubters to investigate to ultimately confirm what the Jews claim. Why the barrier?