Sunday, February 10, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, February 10th, 2013

First things first... I truly want to thank those who sent me messages and emails of condolences while I try to help out with family in taking care of my elderly mother...  She is presently recuperating, and the prognosis is that she will no longer be able to live in her residence and will be moved to a long term care facility shortly.....  It has indeed taken up a lot of my time, and also has meant that I have not been able to post many articles here over the last while....  But there was no way in heck that I was going to miss putting up my weekly Sunday rant!

First and foremost... I am still troubled that many cannot see the Sandy Hook shooting for what it really is... An operation conducted to push for gun control legislation and seizure of weapons from the American people.   This is so obvious, considering that we are indeed watching the American economy go to hell in a hand basket right now... People everywhere are finally waking up to the reality that their nations are being led to economic disaster, and are awakening to the true criminal Jewish power elite that have brought that disaster upon them.   These criminals of course want the guns taken away from the people, because the people will definitely be going after them for causing this mess in the first place very soon.  Taking their guns away will make that nearly impossible...

I have also seen the reports this week about the authorities admitting to a "possible second shooter" involved in that operation.   This alone will blow the lid off of all the so called "official reports" that concluded that the shooting was conducted by one "lone gunman"....  AND that admission will also show those who have thought that I and others were "tin foil hat" conspiracy nuts, that we have been right all along....

Yes, we are watching the world economies crumble right before our very eyes... Little reporting has been done in the criminal Jewish controlled lying media here in North America about the horrible situation happening in Europe right now.   The fact is, readers that the European Union is dissolving right now, as I and others have long predicted, with news coming out that France itself is teetering on full economic collapse.... With Portugal, Spain, and Greece already in insolvency, having France collapse as well will definitely end the fraudulent Economic Union, and force all nations of Europe to go it alone....

But the writing has been on the wall for quite some time when it comes to Europe... The so call European Union was the first experiment by the criminal Rothschilds in their attempts for their evil one world government, and it has indeed failed miserably.... First we have the fact that Jewish debt based Usury monetary systems have throughout history spelled the death of nations, because they have always collapsed, and second we have the wide diversity of both cultures and economies of the member states of such a Union that could never mesh together as the Rothschilds had hoped... The fact is that such a Union was doomed from the beginning and now we are watching its death knell unfold before our very eyes...

What is also not being told here in North America is that once Europe fails, which WILL happen very shortly, the ripple effect here will be catastrophic.  The collapse of the European Union will definitely see the financial markets here go into a tailspin, and I can see the economies here in Canada and the United States collapse very shortly after Europe goes....

Is there a chance of saving the world from full economic collapse?  I have always said that situation is not totally dire... People need to force their nation's governments first and foremost to dump their fraudulent debts period, just as Iceland has.... Next they need to end Jewish controlled private central banking and force their own governments to start printing their own currencies debt free.   In taking these steps, there might be an initial period of uncertainty and some hardship in nations, but eventually they all will recover, and almost certainly prosper under the new monetary systems!

I see that the American northeast is now slowly recovering from the massive blizzards that have just walloped that region.... I really wonder what the clowns behind the man made Global Warming fraud have to say about these recent super storms, and the fact that the planet is definitely cooling...Where is Al Gore when we need to here his infamous words of wisdom?... When it comes to man made Global Warming, as PT Barnum once said... "There is a sucker born every minute!"   

But in spite of the obvious that Global Warming is a fraud, we have the American Barry Soetoro government pushing forward for new "Carbon taxation"... That legislation is still in the works, and will be pushed on the American people very shortly..... I hope the American people will have the guts to tell these criminals to take their new Carbon taxes and shove them up their asses!

And speaking of Barry Soetoro... I see that he is due to go to the criminally insane state of Israel shortly for an official state shortly... Wonderful..  It has been stated that he is going to try to get the fraudulent Palestinian "peace process" going again, but it should be obvious that he is going on orders from his Jewish masters to receive his marching orders, and coordinate their efforts in trying to get their nice little war against Iran off and running...He will also definitely go and plead his allegiance to his masters, and I can guarantee he will do the usual photo ops at both the Israeli "Holocaust memorial" and the "Wailing Wall"....Barry will show how much he is indeed Israel's whipping boy...I can guarantee that it will indeed be a spectacle, and should indeed show the American people again exactly who controls their nation!

I also see that there have been recent polls and articles that say that Hillary the mass murdering blood thirsty vampire Jewess Rodham Clinton is considered by most Americans to be the one politician most Americans trust.... When I read these reports, I didn't know whether to puke or laugh myself silly... What are the people who conducted these polls smoking?  And where did they do these polls.. In Israel???  Hillary "Killery" Rodham Clinton is a psychopathic mass murdering monster that should be in jail, and absolutely not glorified in any poll by any means.... I can guarantee that these fake polls are being pushed at the American people as just the beginning in a long line of reports that will glorify Hillary, as the criminals begin their push to have her run for the US Presidency in 2016.... I just hope that America does not fall for this deception....

In other news.. I see that the war in Mali is going according to the evil American and French plans... That nation is now almost destroyed, and very soon we will see an upswing in Gold extraction from Mali's large gold deposits.... I stated it before in previous rants, that this may be just the beginning in a very long line of new wars for resources conducted by criminals in both the United States and nations of Europe...  And I am troubled that there is very little outcry in all of this!!!

There is still so much more to cover that I could go on and on with this rant alone... But again, I am limited for time, and will be leaving shortly again to spend time with family, and especially my mother.. So I will close this one with my usual last minute tidbits..... Yes, I have seen the recent videos and photos that show a "mysterious object" on Mars as seen by the Curiosity "rover". But considering that the rover is not on Mars, but is on Earth most probably in the southwestern United States, these objects are of course of terrestrial origin.  It is too bad that more gullible people cannot see the obvious....I see that there is again talk about an Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon, but I have long said that these criminals have wanted the waters of the Litani River for a very long time, and they are now going to use the instability of the situation in Syria as their excuse for such an invasion.... I also see that the Mossad Bulgarian bus bombing from last summer is now being conveniently blamed on Hezbollah.  Besides being another excuse for the Israelis to march into southern Lebanon as well, I wonder how much the Americans and Israelis have paid off the Bulgarians to make such a false statement!....One question for everyone that has always been gnawing at my inner being:  Why are criminal Jewish bankers that have brought destitution and grief to this planet allowed to continue to operate and ruin entire nation's economies?   Why are they ALL not in Jail for crimes against humanity? .....And finally, I see that according to reports, China is now the #1 trading nation on Earth, and has just surpassed the United States.  Saw this coming for a very long time as the Jewish banking criminals have purposely destroyed the United States economically with their fraudulent money and off-shoring of American industry through their equally criminal free trade agreements.  And where is the American public in all this?   I guess "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" is far more important in their dumbed down chemicalized minds, than actually doing something to stop their nation from crumbling on the road to oblivion.....And speaking of the Kardashians, I have been too busy with family issues to give a damn about these trollops.  And honestly, other than some very stupid and brain dead people, who cares?

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TheTruthCanSting said...

I am just curious,new cottage two is one of the most misleading and subjective "truth" sites there is, period. You seem to support this fellow who trolls the internet ver hard to grasp at straws to make blacks look like he personally thinks they are, dumb worthless pieces of shits. For every article he post you can find similar articles or stories showing whites doing the same. Not only that but the financial collapse is not being caused by blacks. The situation for blacks in America is a two wat street, just like the natives here. Just because you say equality and freedom, doesn't mean that all of sudden learned and ingrained/systemic behavior changes. You are quick to point out the flaws of the world, yet support one of the most hateful, racist blogs there is.
While I understand and respect that everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs, I thought your blog differed from the rest and was truth at its best, but now I see you for what you are a man who hopes the pre 60's north america returns and you can own slaves and have people beneath you. Bravo and good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mother. Hope she is doing okay. I also have older parents and have them on stuff for their brain health, including coconut oil, multi vitamin B, niacinimde (good for alzheimers prevention) and alpha lipoic acid (always good for older people to be on this--studies have shown that if they do have a stroke, this can limit the damage)

Anyway, I just wanted to respond to the part of your comment that expressed concern that some are still not seeing the truth about Sandy Hook. I live in the US and I've actually felt the opposite was the case. I've noticed a lot of people waking up to it as a hoax, or at least questioning the media, govt and obvious agenda behind it. In fact, I know of a number of people who are quite oblivious to political goings on (i.e. clueless about 911, 7/7, OkCity, etc), but are actually waking up to Sandy Hook and now starting to realize that the "crazy911 truthers" are actually probably right. I think the planners of this event did such a sloppy job, that even some of the clueless in this society have woken up to Sandy Hook, and this has led them to question the other false flags.

What I have a problem with, in terms of Sandy Hook, is Mark Glenn and Mike Piper, who recently did a show and are apparently continuing to bash those who question Sandy Hook. I used to follow both Glenn and Piper, but can no longer do so after how they have responded to Sandy Hook. They are no longer trustworthy in my book. Also, as if it wasn't bad enough that these characters have been using their ration shows to attack those of us asking questions, I have just learned from a recent audio that Ognir of that Mark Glenn also sent an email around to those in the so-called truth movement, basically telling themt hat it would make the truth movement look bad if they were to question Sandy Hook. So, it looks to me like Mark Glenn was trying to exert some kind of control or influence behind the scenes (I guess this is what they mean by controlled opposition).

Anyway, I greatly appreciate your blog and willingness to expose the truth on all issues, including Sandy Hook. Charlie mentioned that he was going to be having you and Greg on in the near future, so I'm looking forward to that. Also, if you need any more info on Sandy Hook, I and others have been posting a great deal here:

Anonymous said...

Some good cheer comes to a politically distressed America from Venezuela that is in the process of difficult times itself.
Venezuela Donates Free Heating Oil to 100k Needy US Households
By Brett Wilkins, Digital Journal
09 February 13

"Baltimore - For the eighth straight year, Venezuela's state oil company is donating free heating oil to hundreds of thousands of needy Americans.

The CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program has helped more than 1.7 million Americans in 25 states and the District of Columbia keep warm since it was launched back in 2005. The program is a partnership between the Venezuelan state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), its subsidiary CITGO and Citizens Energy Corporation, a nonprofit organization founded by former US Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II that provides discounted and free home heating services and supplies to needy households in the United States and abroad. It has been supported from the beginning by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez."

"Last year, President Barack Obama and Congress reduced Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funding by 25 percent, cutting off an estimated one million US households from desperately needed assistance just as winter's worst chill, accompanied by record heating oil prices, set in. Fortunately, the CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program was able to assist an estimated 400,000 Americanslast year."