Monday, February 18, 2013

Northerntruthseeker On Truth Hertz Radio, February 18th, 2013

This morning, February 18th, 2013, I was on Charles Giuliani's "Truth Hertz" radio show, on the Oracle Broadcasting Network (, along with my friend, Gregg Kalina, aka.. "Pt1Gard", to discuss a variety of subjects, especially the fraudulent Sandy Hook Operation.   Here is the link to that show:

NTS Notes:  I do believe that I did a pretty good job overall....The show flowed pretty consistently, and Gregg, Charles, and Mr. Sammo who called in, made for a great roundtable discussion of present events, and how we are indeed dealing with illusions instead of reality....We even touched on the ongoing war with Christian Identity nutters who are out to destroy our efforts!

Feel free, readers, to add your two cents worth via my comment section about what you think about this broadcast.  It will definitely give me ideas on what to bring forward, and any improvements, when I am a guest on future shows...

I will most definitely be on future Truth Hertz shows sometime in the near future, and will let everyone know when they occur so that they can tune in live... Stay tuned...

More to come



Carol A. Valentine said...

Hi Northerner
I think you have got guts taking on with the volume of information that there now is on Sandy.
Well done I appreciate your efforts - it is a battle that must be fought
Carol x

Anonymous said...

Hi NTseeker-

I just finished listening to your show with Charlie and Gregg and thought you all did an excellent job in going over the main problems with Sandy Hook. Also, I just wanted to let you know that I completely agree w/your take on how jewish controlled media realized that they totally botched the Sandy Hook job and needed to unleash their sleeper agents to disrupt the alternative media, which has been exposing the truth about what really happened in Newtown. I also think it's really important for people in the real truth movement to completely disconnect from those who are continuing to promote or associate with CI. And I truly believe that it's time to question what's going on with others in the so called truth movement who have been attacking the rest of us who have been diligently researching and exposing the Sandy Hook Hoax. Either these guys have a bad case of letting their egos get too big or they are working for the other side. And I have to say that one particular group of so called truthers, who have attacked those of us questioning Sandy Hook, have a pattern of endorsing the official story in other shootings, including the Batman/Aurora and Sikh Temple shootings, both of which had some signficant problems.

Thanks again for continuing to expose the hoax of Sandy Hook!