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Important Video: The Definition Of A Parasite

I have been constantly keeping track of articles from those who I consider as true allies in this, the REAL truth movement... It is so important that information that they present reaches as great an audience as possible, and I therefore have no qualms in posting their material here at this site...

One such person is Buelahman, who writes "Buelahman's Revolt", at, and he has just put out a very amazing video, entitled: "The Definition Of A Parasite".  It is an adaptation of a recent article from another great author, Greg Bacon, who writes the blog: Goon Squad, at   I want to present that fabulous video right here for my own readers to view, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Here is Greg Bacon's article that this video is adapted from:

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Definition of a Parasite


Reprinted in light of yesterday's brutal showing of force by the Jewish Lobby at the confirmation hearing of Chuck Hagel. The most noxious and corrupted of the Senators grilling Hagel is the clown from Texas, Chickenhawk Ted Cruz.

"The problem with parasites is not merely that they siphon off the food and nourishment of their host, crippling its reproductive power, but that they take over the host's brain as well. The parasite tricks the host into thinking that it is feeding itself."

Parasites are the HIDDEN DISEASE, they can occur ANYWHERE in the body, in EVERY organ, in ALL tissues, and in the blood. Parasites can cause problems that mimic other disorders and are not diagnosed as being parasite related.

Not only do they cause harm by taking nutrients away from their host, they also produce toxic waste (from their excrement and death cycles) that affects the human body including the central nervous system.

Was Hagel applying to be Secretary of WAR for Israel?

Parasites exist in huge variety, including animals, plants, and microorganisms. They may live as ectoparasites on the surface of the host (e.g., bipeds, such as bankers, loan sharks, ADL members, Spies, and many organisms infesting humanity) or as endoparasites in the gut or tissues (e.g., many kinds of worms, like AIPAC and AEI ), and cause varying degrees of damage or disease to the host.

Parasites have a known affinity for things that glitter and shine, like gold, silver, diamonds and rubies. These lethal organisms also enjoy killing some of their hosts, and like to laugh at their deadly work, especially if the victim is a child.


Parasites intuitively know that the best way to obtain their required daily nourishment of others wealth is to insidiously insert themselves into an organism's media, governing mechanisms and financial circles, insuring a never ending supply of well-heeled hosts.

To help ensure that the parasite's lock on those powers are absolute, parasites instinctively gravitate towards and take control of the host's media outlets, to help brainwash the host into thinking that it is an independent organism.

Parasites have been known to suck the lifeblood out of their hosts to the point of the host collapsing. At these times, the parasites will rouse the host, by appealing to the host's patriotism.
This is best accomplished by either the parasite having other parasites start wars, in which the parasite collective is responsible for, but for which the host is the one deluded into fighting, so that the parasite can feed off the extra energy exerted by the host.

Parasites have even been known to "mimic" other organisms, so that the replica can be used to launch attacks against the host's environment.

By launching attacks against the host's environment, the parasite knows that other hosts will come to the primary hosts rescue, thereby ensuring more opportunities for the parasite to latch onto fresh, vital hosts and gorge itself on those bodies.

Most known species of parasites are located in North America, specifically the country known as America, but there are active and flourishing colonies of parasites in Europe (Scientists have recently detected a particularly insidious type of parasite in Germany, that has been tentatively labeled "Merkel")

The main body of parasites (e.g. as in the "mother ship") is located on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in a strange and curious place known as "Stolenland."

This Stolenland is swarming with parasites of various shapes and sizes, but curiously, only one color, white--due to their ancestors being imported from eastern Europe--are allowed to govern that parasite collective.

Scientists are baffled as to how to rid a host of these blood-suckers, since the typical parasite is so thoroughly embedded with the host that to try and remove the parasite might result in the death of the host.

Scientists are aware of previous hosts breaking free of these parasites, but are also aware of the immense damage caused by this action, in pre-war Germany in the 1930's and the taking over of Russia in 1917 and the resulting mass slaughter of 66 million Russians, mostly Christians.

Currently, scientists have focused their studies on the main host of these parasites, that country known as America to see whether or not that nation of hosts can break away free from the parasites sucking the life-blood out of that host or whether the host will allow the parasite to feed on it until the point of collapse, then death.

Again I want to thank both Greg and Buelahman for bringing this important article and video forward for everyone to see for themselves...

Even though Greg does not call the parasites by name.. Everyone should know by now exactly who they are!

More to come


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