Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Important Video: Comparing A REAL School Shooting To The Sandy Hook Fraud!

 It has been over two months now since the fake shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, and the mysteries surrounding this operation are still prevalent and have not been answered by either the clowns in the Jewish controlled media, or by school or government officials.  To me, this is appalling and definitely shows that Sandy Hook was indeed absolutely NOT as it seems...

Right now I want to present a very important video that I just came across thanks to my friend, Gregg Kalina, who has been researching the Sandy Hook Operation himself for sometime now.... It is entitled: "Sandy Hook vs REAL School Shootings, Comparison".   It is absolutely a must see by everyone, and shows again that what we have been told about Sandy Hook is indeed nothing but a pack of lies... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  What is indeed emphasized in this fabulous video is around the 4 minute mark where the author of this video shows the absolute lack of PEOPLE after the alleged Sandy Hook massacre of some 26 people... Where in the hell are all the people?  Where are all the officials?  Where are the medical staff?  Where in the hell are the emergency/fire/police vehicles?

If this was a shooting here, and my own son was involved, I would be at that school in a hurry and would be joining thousands of grieving parents in trying to find my son... Just as what happened in that shooting in Brazil!  But we see none of this anarchy and almost near rioting at Sandy Hook... And nobody sees a problem with this????

Again, Sandy Hook is exposed for the fraud it truly is..... I can guarantee that we have not seen the last of these "shootings" because the criminals are indeed desperate to strip Americans of their guns necessary for their own defense against tyranny!    Again, I say to the American people... Be prepared, and absolutely do NOT surrender your guns!

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting, NT.

A couple of questions. Any idea about the size of the 2 schools? Location is an issue, too.

There's one video which suggests that SH was not a working school based on cars in the parking lot. There are clearly some here but it's hard to tell how many and if they are where they should be if it was an operative school.

Pity the shot is not wider and over the whole complex.

i have no doubt it's a LIE of some sort. the "after SH" mantra is too strong for it not to be.

Patty said...

Most people in the truth movement, the overwhelming majority, know that Sandy Hook was a govt/media staged event, and a rather sloppy one at that, for the sole purpose of furthering gun control.There is a plethora of circumstantial evidence to prove the whole thing was a hoax. In our Orwellian world, lies, deception, false history and staged events is the new normal. Actually, I think it was always this way but, thanks to the internet, their crimes are exposed.

What disturbs me more than Sandy Hook, however, is the reaction of Mark Glenn and the entire crew at the Ugly Truth, regarding this event. I really need to get this off my chest. How is it that every single radio host affiliated with TUT believed the official story? Why did they viciously attack those who did not believe it? The name-calling, ridicule, and smearing of all of us in the "Sandy Hook cult" was akin to Mark waging psychological warfare against his audience. According to Mark and his posse, we are "mental cases, kooks, nuts, crazies,the lunatic fringe, irrational, mentally deficient, a cult". He said " We don't have enough proof to even theorize" which is like saying give yourself a lobotomy. The natural flow of our minds is to speculate and theorize about events, whether personal or political. Mark said "people who are emotionally invested in a Sandy Hook conspiracy, it's like dealing with a 5 yr. old child." He said "We have to deal with unstable people who let their paranoia get the best of them".

I could go on and on listing the over-the-top condemnations against truthers simply for not believing the official story. The unexpected, bizarre behavior by Mark Glenn is what I cannot understand and am still reeling from. These are people I respected, admired, considered friends until I realized I never knew Mark Glenn at all.

Mark performed his own little psy-op against his audience and now tries to make the victims of his tirade into the victimizers. When he uses the term "Sandy Hook cult" I wonder whether TUT has become a cult with all participants orbiting around the messiah-god, Mark Glenn.

Unlike Mark's prediction that the truth movement will never get its credibility back due to us lunatics, I believe the truth movement is alive and well, stronger than ever.

I have to admit, I am still traumatized by all of this.

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for your post!! I completely agree with you and actually tried to agree with one of your comments posted at theuglytruth, but Mark Glenn refused to post it (and I said nothing offensive or rude in my comment). Truth be told, I basically stopped listening to Mark Glenn and the Ugly Half-Truth crowd before Sandy Hook even occurred b/c I was sick of how they handled other obvious false flag shootings, like the Giffords/Roll shooting (Wayne Madsen reported it was a govt. hit b/c Giffords/Roll were trying to stop drug trafficking/guns going across the AZ/Mexico border), the Sikh Temple shooting (witnesses reported MULTIPLE shooters), and the Batman/Aurora shooting. Mark Glenn's behavior around the Sandy Hook incident is HIGHLY SUSPECT in my opinion.

And I have to agree w/you--I also think the truth movement is stronger than ever. In fact, I believe that TPTB did such a horrible job w/Sandy Hook that many people who were not previously politically aware or onto the false flags, were able to wake up to this one.

Also, Patty, I wanted to let you know that there are a number of people who listen to shows posted at who feel the same way about Glenn, Piper, and the rest of the TUT crowd. Also, many over there are aware of your brave call to Truth Militia, when you defended ZCF and were treated horribly. Anyway, if you ever stop by grizzom, I'm sure you'll find many of us in the chatroom are in agreement with your take on things!


Patty said...

Hi Amanda!! Thank you so much for your comments. I really appreciate it. I don't think TUT is a sleeper cell or the people involved, shills, but the fact that people are thinking this way is very significant. It means there has been a complete breakdown of trust between many people and TUT, a trust that can never be restored for many of us.

Personally, I don't care if Mark and his posse believe the official story. We are human and prone to mistakes. It is Mark's seething contempt for people with a different viewpoint that shocked me. That contempt continues to this very day. He cannot even temper his derisive ridicule. It just flows out of him uncontrollably. Some may have concluded he was a shill because of his bizarre behavior. I wondered whether he suffered from multiple personalities or an undiagnosed brain tumor or parasite.

I thought Rich and Keith's show on Truth Militia Radio might have promise when I first started listening to them but now I think they are crude, mean-spirited, nasty low lifes. A real dead end for whites but perfect for morally challenged whiners. Someday we're going to find out a lot of these characters, especially Mike Delaney, are actually FBI informants, like Hal Turner.

Life is terribly entertaining with all the intrigue.

A J MacDonald Jr said...

I agree with Patty: Glenn is running a pyop on his listeners.

I've written an article about this here:

I suspect Glenn and TUT is ADL.

Anonymous said...

Have to say I agree 100%.

And how sad it is.