Monday, February 4, 2013

Important Health News: Great Video Exposing The Dangers Of Fluoride - Fluoridegate, An American Tragedy!

There are many that constantly ask why I put so much emphasis in this blog on health issues instead of concentrating on the criminal Jewish elite... I say to these people that Health issues are absolutely tantamount in this war.... It is important that everyone understands the fact that one of the key weapons used by these criminals against us is to have our bodies and our minds destroyed by the many poisons they have introduced in our food and water, so that we unable to put up a fight against their criminal activities!

One key issue that I have constantly covered in this blog is the importance of everyone getting dangerous fluoride out of their drinking water and the foods we consume.   To show how  the criminal Jewish elite have used Flouride as a major weapon against us, and primarily right in the United States itself, I want to present the following video, entitled: "Fluoridegate, An American Tragedy" right here for everyone to see for themselves.... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  What must be understood is that the Fertilizer and Aluminum industries during the early part of the 20th century had a major dilemma on their hands... Fluoride was a major waste product that they could not properly dispose of!

For years, these industries tried an assortment of different ways to dispose of the dangerous and deadly Fluoride waste... One idea was to bury this deadly chemical in the ground, but many of the buried containers leaked and destroyed much of the surrounding environment... Another method had to be found rather quickly, because thousands of tons of Fluoride was building up at their chemical and Aluminum production facilities...

It was around 1930 that someone came up with the "novel idea" of taking the poisonous Fluoride and dumping into the municipal drinking water supplies... These lunatics actually sold the idea to the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association that Fluoride in drinking water was good for public health and could be used to prevent tooth decay.   No major studies were conducted that would have clearly shown this assumption to be false... Sadly, the US government was already in the back pocket of both ALCOA and major fertilizer production companies, and went along with this plan....And according to this video, we see the results today...

What was discovered by the Soviets early on, was that by just adding a small amount of Fluoride to the drinking water of their Gulag prison camps, this poison would affect the prisoners' brains making them docile.... There is also speculation that this same process was done by Germany in its work camps, and I can guarantee that it was also not overlooked in America as well.  

It should be no wonder that there has not been a major revolt against the American government today if you consider the numbing effect of Fluoride in most municipal drinking water supplies in the United States... That combined with the other toxic chemicals that are in the American diet today, such as mercury in vaccines, and Aspartame and Sucralose in the food, and we have a completely dumbed down American populace that is absolutely ripe for enslavement....

Again, I can not emphasize enough the need to get all of these deadly chemicals, especially Fluoride, out of our bodies by all means possible.   Take this video, and spread the word to others to see for themselves..

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