Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Important Article: Mike Delaney Of Prothink Betrays Zioncrimefactory, Seizes!

I really have missed a lot over the last week with all of my attention focused on my family issues, especially the well being of my mother.... It does seem that over the last few weeks, there have been concentrated efforts to ruin what I call the REAL truth movement, by individuals bent on destroying our websites and our efforts....

I have been absolutely shocked by the content of the following important article that comes from the the website,, that gives a disturbing revelation by "Zioncrimefactory" himself in his recent dealings with a certain individual that has gone out of his way in recent days to absolutely destroy his former website, and his credibility.   I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves... And I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Mike Delaney of Prothink Betrays ZionCrimeFactory, Seizes

Most people in the real truth movement know that my former website is hosted by Mike Delaney, also known as ‘Prothink’. In September 2011, Mike offered to host a website for me where I could post my written work, which had been consistently censored from free Blogspot and WordPress sites for over a year. Since I began working with Mike, he gave me full control of the Zion Crime Factory website, and only ever went into my control panel to fix some technical issues that we’ve experienced from time to time. He told me it was my site and that I could do whatever I wanted with it.

I conversed regularly with Prothink on Skype and Teamspeak and we had a sizable following of like-minded people who would also participate in discussions with us through these outlets. On Skype, somebody created a chat room called “Jew Watchers Anonymous”. There were about 25-30 participants in this group. Prothink did not create this chat room nor did he set the rules for it – no clear rules were actually set in place for this room, and it was pretty much a “discuss what you want when you want” type of thing. In fact, I was the one who brought Prothink into that chat room. On February 3, 2013, I saw some discussions going on in the room and I simply remarked that “Yahweh = JWO (Jew World Order)”. Some of the people in the chat who are of the Christian Identity (CI) persuasion reacted negatively to this statement because they hold the Jewish God Yahweh and the Jewish Old Testament of the Bible dear to their hearts. The fact that they have an affinity for a Jewish deity and a Jewish ‘holy text’ is not my problem, and I refuse to be held back from criticizing Judaism because some fringe Christian extremist sect have incorporated Judaism’s fundamental doctrines into their belief system.

After a bit of a back and forth debate about the Jewishness of the Old Testament with another zealous CI person in the chat, Prothink returned later and wrote (clearly directing his comment at me): “Only a kike would have such a hard-on to bash CI (Christian Identity).” This is the height of his intellectual capacity, resorting to a typical ad-hominem personal attack, essentially calling me a Jew for allegedly “bashing CI.” By reacting in this emotional and childish way, calling me a Jew because I am a critic of CI, Prothink clearly threw the first punch in this dispute. I did not respond directly to Prothink’s slanderous attack, and let it be. The next day Prothink returned to the chat and promptly embarked on an angry tirade, telling us non-religious critics of Christian Identity in the room to “shut your damn ignorant mouths,” essentially forbidding any further criticism or discussion of Christian Identity and its bloodthirsty tenets. He accused me of trying to divide some vague ‘alliance’ between pro-CI and anti-CI Whites.

On that same day (February 4, 2013), in a hissy fit of uncontrollable religious rage, Prothink locked me out of my site by changing my log-in password because he took offense to what I had said the previous day about Yahweh representing the ideological foundation of the Jew World Order. Since Mike is a fervent devotee of Christian Identity, he decided to “punish” me for what he considered to be an affront to his religion by preventing me from accessing my website. Shortly after barring me from my site, he maliciously redirected my domain to Christogenea for several days, a website run by CI cult leader and convicted murderer psychopath William Finck. Prothink associates closely with this animal, and I suspect Finck played a substantial role in the seizure and redirecting of my domain to his pathetic site of ridiculous gibberish. Like a typical scheming snake, Finck apparently was gloating about the substantially increased traffic to his trashy website of fanciful delusions of grandeur. This treasonous act of betrayal by Prothink was obviously an attempt to rattle my cage and “get at me,” so to speak.

Mike knew I was anti-religion, and even anti-CI, from the get-go of our collaboration, but didn’t seem to care as long as we were on the same page concerning the Jewish question. Lately though, he had become more sensitive about the topic, ferociously attacking anyone who criticized this bizarre dogma of Jew-imitating madness. Prothink’s religious beliefs are obviously more important to him than getting the truth out there about the Jewish question. In my experience, all religious fanatics react in a childish and emotional way when confronted with criticism of their dogma. They may appear to be your friend one day and then stab you in the back the next, as this episode illustrates so well. These types of people simply cannot be trusted or relied upon for anything.

As of today (February 12, 2013), Prothink still has control over my website and I am still locked out. It appears that he is going to use the site as a cash-cow for donations (shortly after he locked me out of the site he changed the sidebar by placing his paypal donate button at the very top and links to his other websites underneath it). Essentially all of my work is being held hostage by deranged religious radicals who believe that White people are the “real Hebrews.” These Jewish supremacist imitators are a dangerous liability. Many of them engage in gang-stalking type behavior and will harass you endlessly if you do not accept their beliefs or if you dare to challenge their views. Most of them are ex-felons. It is very likely that many of them, especially the leaders, are Federal informants and agent provocateurs working for ZOG. In just about every way imaginable, Christian Identityists are the flip-side of Jewish supremacism – imitating the exact behavior, demeanor, attitude and over-the-top extreme worldview of the Jewish supremacist psychopaths.

Like the Jewish-owned mass media, Christian Identityists viciously slander and lie about anyone who criticizes their ideology, and even besmirch their own cult members with whom they have disputes. They fight with each other like angry little children on the playground. In the tradition of their vengeful and vindictive God, Yahweh, Prothink and his cabal of nefarious CI friends have been trying to smear me by claiming that I am “a non-white” or “not 100 percent white.” These lying imbeciles don’t even know much about my background, as I was careful not to reveal too much about myself to them, suspecting something like this might happen eventually. Everyone familiar with the machinations of the Christian Identity movement understand that these schizoid trolls use this defamation tactic against anyone and everyone who rejects or criticizes CI, and even libel their own members in this way if these members are not as extreme in their hatred and malice toward all non-whites as they are. In the under-developed brains of these lunatics, if you reject CI you “must be non-white.”

Despite the comical slander of these spiteful maniacs, I am indeed White — of fully European descent. It wouldn’t be some horrible aberration if I wasn’t White as these crazies seem to be implying, but I am definitely White. As someone of European descent I am strongly pro-European, and wish for all European and European-majority countries to be preserved as such, just as I support the right of all non-white countries who wish to preserve and protect their unique cultural, ethnic and racial heritage. Every race, ethnicity and nationality has the right of self-determination, but it seems that only Whites are shunned for demanding this same right. With that said, I am not, however, a White supremacist fanatic who believes that non-whites are worthless trash that deserve to be subjugated or wiped out, which is a position held by Christian Identity – a preposterous view that is endorsed by Prothink and his crooked camp of CI psychos. Nor do I believe that non-whites deserve to be constantly mocked, ridiculed and put-down as inferiors and savages compared to Whites. You can love your own people without having hatred toward other peoples, which is something that Hitler understood and put into practice during his righteous rule in National Socialist Germany.

I cannot maintain any credibility as a critic of Judaism and Zionism if I associate with people who adhere to a belief system that attempts to mimic Jewish supremacy by applying a superior “chosen” status to White people. I did not get involved in this fight against Jewish domination to become exactly like the very people who I have vowed to resist and expose for their corruption and their supremacy. To do so would be hypocritical, wrong and stupid. How can I credibly condemn Jewish supremacy but be a supremacist myself? Christian Identityists don’t see a problem with this contradiction because they never have and never will have any credibility. They want to place us in the furthest of fringes and completely discredit us with over-the-top extremist rhetoric. CI extremists attach themselves to well-meaning anti-JWO fighters in order to discredit us as lunatics and maniacs who want to exterminate everybody on earth who isn’t White. They also fiercely propagate the cartoonish line that “every single Jew on earth is genetically evil and must be eliminated,” an outrageous outlook that cannot be demonstrated to be true, and certainly doesn’t stand up to any serious analysis of evil on this planet. 

Their psychopathic dreams of genocide are a hindrance to all rational discussion of Jewish subversion, deceit and criminality. I hereby denounce these deranged zealots and their ridiculous views, and disavow any relation with them, as well as those who support them or make excuses for them.

I began my quest for historical truth about five years ago, and have dedicated much of my free time to researching and writing about what I have discovered. I have also wasted a lot of time fighting and bickering with people about different ideas. Everybody tries to impose their views on others — that is a natural tendency of human beings, and I am not immune from this. At times I have been unfair to others, and when involved in heated debates have engaged in name-calling as we all have. I may rub some people the wrong way with my sometimes condescending tone but most people know me for my sarcasm, wit and humor. I joke around a lot and make fun of things because I genuinely enjoy a good laugh (if I didn’t do this I’d have surely gone crazy by now). Sometimes I’ve been harsh, sometimes I’ve been brash. I’ve definitely gained a lot of enemies for this but also a lot of supporters who appreciate that I’ve always stated my honest opinion about things, no matter how unpopular that opinion is or who it might displease (can’t please everybody, right?). In hindsight, over the past few years I’ve said some things that I probably should not have said and degraded some decent people that I probably should have just left alone. I do sincerely apologize to anyone in the real truth movement that I might have unreasonably castigated.

I will, however, never apologize to Prothink or his CI associates for allegedly “bashing their beliefs.” As a free thinker, I reserve the right to criticize whatever I want to criticize and do not bow to the arrogant demands of corrupt tyrant wannabe’s who wish to take that right away from me. Moreover, I have nothing but contempt for the backstabbing traitors (you know who you are) who have jumped on board with this malicious CI-led slander campaign against me, cheering the destruction of my website and thus years of hard work and dedication to the cause of truth going down the drain. These are the people who, at one point, either called themselves my friend or praised and promoted my work and efforts when it suited them, then drove a knife deep into my back, and twisted it for good measure, when my site was subverted earlier this month. These people have solidified their guilt as the most disgusting betrayers and opportunists. They will never be forgiven for their vile treachery.

As for me, I do not wish to continue participating in this so-called “truth movement.” I have come to believe that much of the time and energy that I’ve sacrificed to firstly discern the truth, and then expose it in a comprehensive way with the intention of bettering the world, has been in vain. The mental fatigue that develops from being consistently engaged in this type of activism, and the extreme negativity that inevitably overtakes a person constantly studying and thinking about this kind of dark and depressing subject matter, has made me realize that perhaps I could be doing something more positive with my time which doesn’t cause stress and negative emotions. I recently completed my first actual book about the 9/11 attacks, but due to the sordid events described herein, I do not intend to release it to the public. You can thank the individuals named in this article for their successful derailment of that project and my enthusiasm for it.

I want to thank all of the people who have defended me against these sick and demented scumbags who have attempted to smear me and harm my life on a personal level. They have done what our common eternal enemy was unable to do thus far. Specifically, I’d like to extend thanks to Deanna Spingola, Mark in New Zealand, E_Smith, Veritas, JP, Zan Overall, LordLindsey, Leon in California, Charles Giuliani, Fredrick Töben, Incog Man, Arthur Topham, Hans Krampe, Keith Johnson, Jonathan Azaziah, Charles Steiner, Z.O.G., Pas in Holland, and all others who have supported me in this struggle for truth and freedom.


NTS Notes:  I truly am shocked that this fight for our survival and against the criminal Jewish element has come down to this horrible division in our efforts....

I personally had a falling out with Mike Delaney some years back, because I was worried that he was going too far overboard in his methods of tackling the Jewish issue....We decided to part ways, and I have never looked back in taking that decision...

My approach has always been one of education first and to have people think for themselves and rationalize about exactly who the criminals are.   People have been brainwashed for decades and it takes time for them to understand and comprehend the criminality of the Jews, and Judaism as a whole.   To spew pure hatred for these criminals would only make myself look like a "hater".

It is bad enough that in recent weeks other individuals have attacked myself, Whitewraithe, and several others in calling us "tinfoil hatters" for questioning official stories....Now I can see that there are those who want to stop our efforts by drawing in Christian Identity and Christian Fundamentalists into this war.... There is only one group that gains by this diabolical action, and that is the criminal Jews themselves.... I hope that people like Mike Delaney, if they truly want what is best for all of us in this battle, can rationalize that for themselves and stop their agenda.....Do these people not see that it has been written right in the criminals' own Protocols about the need to control or to divide all opposition against them?

And in terms of religion... Many who read this blog know my views on religion as a whole... I look at all religions as detrimental to the development of mankind, and a means of enslavement of the masses.  If any of the religious zealots do not like my views, tough luck, they can leave at any time... There are many religious blogs where they can go to!

I want to say to "Zioncrimefactory" that you do have friends in myself and many others.   This is a setback that many of us have endured, and you will bounce back.

And as for the Zioncrimefactory site that has been seized by nefarious individuals... I will be delinking that site from my blog, and I do recommend that everyone else do the same!   They do not deserve the time of day...

More to come



Anonymous said...

Watch out, next you will have Wickstrom and his 17 followers after you.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Honestly, that would be laughable...

I have no time for graduates from clown college.... Unless they are really angry clowns!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Mike Delaney is so anti-Jewish power, why does he ridicule obvious truth and play gate-keeper for the Jewish control of the US government/US military agenda of weather and earth warfare that is causing so much harm and disaster around the world and in the US, too. He joins Michael Rivero and Ryan Dawson in this sneering ridicule. It is quite possible that Delaney as Rivero is actually of Jewish descent. Perhaps Dawson is too. The motto "By deception" is the operational basis for hard-core Jews, which does include the US Military's/Israel's collusion, as in 9/11, and as is verified by JINSA. Any time critical subjects are re-routed,censored, or ridiculed by anyone claiming to represent truth, that person is quite suspect! Perhaps the snarling dog-fight is actually staged subterfuge being used for a psy-ops purpose.

funky d said...

with regards to your comment "I look at all religions as detrimental to the development of mankind, and a means of enslavement of the masses". as a muslim i can guarantee you that islam has not been detrimental to my development. for example, islam STRICLY FORBIDS INTEREST/USURY as it destroys societies; something which if followed would be for the betterment of mankind.

i understand you have issues with religions but that is your perogative and as such i have every right to disagree with you; as long as we can both discuss it in a polite and respectful manner.

one more important point i'd like to make is that people often blame religion for wars/mass murder. but in the same way that GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE BUT PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, RELIGION DOES NOT KILL PEOPLE BUT PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. religion is often used as a smokescreen.

Anonymous said...

Notice Delaney's latest post on ZCF's original site, now hijacked and ZCF's original work stolen and now being profited off of.

Delaney showed himself for the thief and dumbass he really is.

I want nothing to do with him or that type. If that is what CI represents, they can keep it.

Quex said...


And i am not glad saying this, believe me.

Northerntruthseeker said...

funky d.... I stand behind my convictions...

I have always looked upon religion as a crutch that has slowed and hindered mankind's development..

All the so called "Gods" are inventions of man... And I do stand behind the idea that there is no "Man in the clouds"

I have nothing against anyone else's convictions...That is their own choice.. I am against the ones who take their fraud religion, aka.. Judaism... and use its sickening aspects as a method of control and enslavement...

Northerntruthseeker said...

So let me say... I welcome your comments, funky.. And you are indeed entitled to your own choices in life.. If you want religion, then that choice is yours and yours alone...

And about Mike Delaney.... I cannot figure him out one bit... He is showing all the earmarks of being an agent, and now he is indeed showing his true colours..

Again, I do advise delinking from any of his sites.. His kind that promotes absolute hatred with no rationality should not have the time of day!

Anonymous said...

I stopped listening to Prothink once i investigated a newly found friend he hooked up guy who used to be with the white power movement named Quest(Real Name Evren Hun Welshons).

Did some digging around and found out that Quest indeed is a Jew

here's some more of Quest:

To me Prothink is nothing more than a useful idiot.

The real string puller is Quest.

Let's ask this question why is it that Prothink stays up


The Anti-Defamation League pressures webservers to drop and cancell Judical-Inc which had the best investigative reporting ever.

Sure Prothink gets dropped once in a while but not a fifth of what Judical

Anonymous said...

when exactly did the Children of Israel turn into "Jews" ?

be specific like in the movie phenomenon where John Travolta says "Be specific Bob"...

seems like the whole western civilization thingy has been hijacked by the "Jewish" narrative identity theives, fraud artisits and currency printers ...

seriously, if there really was/is a "Jesus" and he admonished even the money chnagers and pharisees to 'Know the Truth" and their religion is to hate the Jesus and the truth..."Religion" being defined as a belief system...despite the Truth.

why let all that effort go to waste, argue with reality...keep climbing...

Just as an affront to those CI people, just prove them wrong...

look for that priceless polaroid of a Dallas Cowboy at the Alamo, or a Yiddish speaking Khazar in the Old Testament...

then do a word search for Sepharvaim, and see who lived in Samaria, and who the Kenites, and Amorites, and Jebusites, and the stool sculpture deity cult leaders that Elijah confronted...put those CI people in their them a thing or two..

while you're at it, be sure and check out the Mackeys Encyclopedia of Freemasonry...specifically the words ASSASSIN, BABYLON & CAPTIVITY...and don't pass up THE SECRTE TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES by Manly P Hall, see if you can spot the IDENTITY THEFT MO of these so-called "jews" who can transport "PROSELYTES" from Khazari [740AD] back to [1700BC] Egypt...

sure does seem to be a bumper crop of WHITE PEOPLE who are in a GENUINE America

the good news is multilayered..

the best news is No One on Earth HAS to be a "Jewish"...

and with think Tanks like a peasant @ twelfth bough, and people in the north who are looking for truth...

well eventually as you might have heard even blind hogs find an acorn

when you get tired, rest

Anonymous said...

Delaney is a White Shylock. When asked to remove the intellectual property of ZCF from his website, instead of scrubbing it clean, he merely hid ZCF's treasures behind the search mechanism that anyone can use and profit from, including Delaney himself.

Delany is only interested in the appearance of propriety and the appearance of being a good Christian and a man of his word.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

Star-Ledger, The (Newark, NJ)

Prison term for guards caps quest for justice

Published: October 25, 1996

He was only 27 years old when he was brought to the old Hudson County Jail in Jersey City to await trial on a minor burglary charge.

But for Arnaldo Ortega, it was to become a sentence of death.

In the early morning hours of March 9, 1989, Ortega asked for headache medication. In response, he was dragged from his cell and subjected to a series of unprovoked beatings that left him bleeding, broken and pleading for help. Two days later, after slipping in and out of consciousness and calling for his mother, Ortega died from his injuries.

Yesterday, after a protracted journey through the criminal justice system, the two jail guards responsible for the fatal beating got their own punishment in Newark federal court prison sentences of 14 and 15 years without parole. For the family of the victim, it was a moment of quiet satisfaction.

"I know he's not going to come back to us," said the victim's brother, Louis Ortega, "but wherever he is, he sees that he got justice, too."

Outside the courtroom, Magdalene Negron, the victim's mother, searched for the words to describe her feelings at the conclusion of the federal civil-rights case against the guards.

"I have waited for seven years for this justice," she said softly.

For the guards, David Dumers, 43, and William Finck cq, 35, who had been a sergeant at the time, the sentences mean that two men who so brutally abused their authority as prison officials will spend the next decade and a half as inmates themselves.

U.S. District Judge John Lifland ordered Dumers to serve 15 years and Finck imprisoned for 14 years.

A third prison guard, Thomas Murphy, 36, who pleaded guilty to failing to report the ongoing brutality, was sentenced to a far more lenient term of four months, although Lifland noted that if he had acted differently, "Mr. Ortega would be alive today."