Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Excellent Video: Truth About Libya

When the innocent nation of Libya was attacked and destroyed by the criminals in both NATO and the United States some two years ago, we were told by the liars in the mainstream media and our own governments that the destruction of Libya was "necessary" to remove the "dictator" Muhammar Gadaffi, and to bring "peace" to the Libyan people.   We now know differently... Libya was destroyed primarily to prevent Gadaffi from breaking away from the US "Petro-Dollar" fraud, and also to prevent his establishment of a new African Gold based currency that could have freed his nation from the evil clutches of the Rothschild private debt based central banking empire....

To help understand exactly what happened in Libya that brought about its demise, I want to present a new video entitled: "Truth About Libya" for everyone to see for themselves.... It definitely shows how just like the media and government lied to bring about the invasion of Iraq almost a decade earlier, Libya was also falsely portrayed in the media to convince the world that an invasion of that innocent nation was necessary, and why.  Here is that video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: It is so sad to see how the entire world was led to believe that Gadaffi was such an "evil dictator" when it is now obvious that he was definitely nothing of the sort.  He was loved by the Libyan people, and made Libya prosper.   Sadly, Libya now is nothing but a shadow of its former greatness, with its people suffering from horrendous despair!

It is sad that the lessons of Libya have still not been learned by everyone, because these same criminals have been portraying the leader of Syria, Assad, in much the same fashion as they portrayed Gadaffi.   There have been the lies about Syrian "weapons of mass destruction", and about  President Assad "killing his own people"... These are almost exactly the same lies said before about Hussein in Iraq, and Gadaffi in Libya, that were shown to be totally false but only after their nations were attacked and destroyed... History is definitely repeating itself, and the people are still as gullible as ever.... When will people finally put an end to the madness?

Please take this important video, and let everyone know the truth about Libya... As the old saying goes.. If we do not learn from History, then we are doomed to repeat it!

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